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A Proposal on Establishing

a Chain of Holistic Fitness Center

Mission Statement

The present human world is fragmented artificially by human notions which are stubbornly held onto by people living at different levels of spiritual awareness. Human conflicts manifest in all aspects, causing stress responses within the human physical body and causes severe illnesses that cannot be easily treated with chemical drugs. Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center aims to bring to the world a brand new approach to health and fitness, through the offering of the most profound teaching of an ancient cultivation practice: Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa. The Center aims to be the platform for people from all walks of life, with different ethnicities, from different nations, to come to enjoy the learning of Falun Gong and achieve total health and fitness of mind-body-spirit, and go even beyond, for those who are capable. The Center aims also to introduce the profound wisdoms from the divine culture of China of the five thousands of years of ancient civilization. Such efforts will bring people together to break down all artificial barriers and work for a common goal of health and fitness of individual, family and the entire society.

General Description

Falun Dafa and CCP’s On-going Campaign Against Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa is an ancient cultivation practice, first introduced to the Chinese public in 1999, by Mr. Li Hongzhi. The term “Cultivation” may not be very familiar to the public in the West, but is a very familiar concept engraved into the culture of the East. It refers to the process of working on the nature of one’s soul, mind and body to achieve true enlightenment. In the traditional Chinese culture, the best-known cultivation methods belong to two schools, the Buddha School, which cultivates Compassion, and the Dao School, which cultivates Truthfulness. Falun Dafa is a very high-level cultivation way. Practitioners are guided by the fundamental nature of the Universe, Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, to cultivate both the mind and the body. Falun Dafa has been offered to all people free of charge ( At present, there are practitioners all over the world, from all walks of life, with all age groups and ethnicities. The profound health benefits of this practice have attracted more and more people to do this practice, although Falun Dafa is not limited for healing and fitness, but aims to achieve the ultimate goal of spiritual return to one’s high origin.

However, since China is a nation ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), whose power over the Chinese people has been maintained through systematically destroying the Chinese traditional culture and moral principals, through nation-wide controlled media that serves to brainwash Chinese people with the CCP Party Culture, through depriving Chinese People from private ownership using deception, killing and robbing, and through controlling Chinese people’s mind with hate propaganda and lies. Since Falun Dafa is deeply rooted in the Chinese traditional culture, the innate goodness in Chinese People heart was awakened and nurtured by the practice, and therefore, in a short period of seven years, around 100 million Chinese people practice Falun Dafa by 1999. The former head of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, out of his personal jealousy, decided that this practice threatens the leadership of CCP, and decided to eradicate the practice within three months. However, he failed to do so, and because of this, he initiated nation-wide hate propaganda against Falun Dafa, and also officially outlawed the practice on July 20, 1999. To justify the CCP’s brutality against this practice in the international community, Jiang started to use Chinese Consulates all over the world to spread hate propaganda against Falun Dafa. In the past ten years, Falun Dafa practitioners inside of China have been suffering from the most evil and inhumane persecution. The practitioners and their families and friends are targeted for persecution. They are forced to denounce the practice. Anyone who refuses to denounce the practice is facing the loss of job, taken to detention centers, labor camps, prisons, where they are subjected to brainwashing and the most brutal torture methods, which have been broadly applied towards the practitioners and have taken away their lives. Many families have been broken; many family members have been forced to coerce the persecution; many children have been forced out of school just because of their parents are practitioners. Of course, many children have become orphans, because their parents were tortured to death. Since the start of the persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners inside and outside of China have been risking their lives to inform people in the world the truth about Falun Dafa in a hope to stop the persecution. Although more and more people in the international community are now informed with the facts of the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China, still very little is done to stop the persecution through international pressures. Furthermore, the persecution in fact has been spread into outside of China. In America, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners are manifested through the constant interference of the truth-clarification work of oversea Falun Dafa practitioners, by the CCP-bought Oversea Chinese media, CCP Consulates, and the various American medias, Organizations, or Cooperation, who are poisoned by the hate propaganda and therefore joined in the persecution.

Traditional Chinese Devine Culture

China is a land known for her amazing tradition and culture. It is called the Devine Land (神州) by Chinese people. On this land history has recorded the colorful display of many different dynasties with totally different culture, unfolding the splendors of the divine creation of the Cosmo. Three main schools of spiritual teachings are central to the divine culture: Taoism which cultivates Truth, Buddhism which cultivates Compassion, and Confucianism, which sets up moral standards for worldly practices. Chinese divine culture provides the fundamentals for human world to understand the position of humanity, the relationship of humanity with the physical world and the spiritual worlds, and contains tremendous knowledge and wisdom of human body, time-space and the universe. For example, Taoism teaches that the human body is a universe and the goal of being a human is to return to one’s original true self. Buddhism teaches cultivation ways to transcend human world sufferings through reaching nirvana. The Confucianism teaches “Kindness, loyalty, Etiquette, Wisdom and Faith”, which allows an individual to live in harmony with the rules of a normal society. The culture contains ancient science of human health, emphasizing that all illnesses are rooted in one’s desires and pursues. To achieve health, one shall work on attaining a state of tranquility free from excess desires. All negative emotions harm vital organs of the human body, and the negative emotions originated from the various human desires for name, profit and sentimentality.

Modern life science considers human body to be not qualitatively different from animals and hold the notion that human body is simply more complicated in its “machinery”. Such research of the cures of human diseases is based upon the studies of animal models. Ancient Chinese Culture, on the other hand, considers the human body to be a universe and places human spirit to the center of attention when approaching the understanding of the origin of human diseases.

Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center is therefore unique in directly applying such wisdoms in accomplishing the goal of helping people to reach holistic fitness.

Objectives of the Center

1.        Provide a wonderful environment and expert instructions for those who are interested in learning Falun Gong (Falun Dafa)


2.        Provide modern people facing various stressful aspects of life with the Chinese ancient wisdom of handling stress, thereby accomplishing holistic fitness


3.        Provide a platform for people from all walks of life, with different cultural heritage and ethnicity, from different nations, to join hands to break down artificial barriers that create unnecessary human conflicts

Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis (PEST Analysis)

Political Analysis

Although Health and Fitness shall be far removed from political agenda, Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center will face some political issues. Due to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is evil in its very nature and is still controlling the entire political machinery in China and the fact that Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) has been a target of persecution by the CCP for the past almost ten years, this center will most likely encounter harassment and threats secretly imposed onto the center. However, the center will take any negative political influence as an opportunity to spread the truth about Falun Dafa and promote the practice to the general public.

Economical Analysis

Since people’s needs for health and fitness are persistent, especially when economical pressures increase in one’s life, the need to find a fitness center where one can obtain timely help will be increased. The globalization of business also allows people from different cultural backgrounds to work together. Thus the need for people to better connect and breaking down artificial cultural barriers are also increased. The Chinese Communist Party has purposefully painted a fake pleasing image of the outlook of Chinese economy for attracting foreign investments. The Center’s offering the truth of Falun Dafa and the traditional Chinese culture will provide the business community the much needed immunity to avoid major downfalls, thus positively feeding back to the America economy. It is important to note here that Falun Dafa is offered to all people free of any charge. Therefore, the Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center will not charge any fees for those who want to learn Falun Dafa practice alone. For this reason, the funding for setting up the Center will be generated from grants and thus operates in a non-profit fashion. Other services in the Center will be charged individually.

Social Analysis

The rises and falls of human society are determined by the rises and falls of human moral levels. Throughout human history, we can see that when the human society’s moral level drops down to a very low level, calamities arrive in all different forms. Ancient Rome’s downfall is a good example. Some of the elites of American public have the fear of America repeating the fate of ancient Rome. To avoid the downfall of a society, the fundamental solution is to elevate the moral level of the general public. Falun Dafa is known for the amazing power of elevating people’s moral level. Cases of practitioners on the topic of quitting drinking, smoking, drugs, or totally ridding of negative behavior patterns are countless. Thus, the Center will be offer major contribution to the society’s moral wellness and fitness.

Technological Analysis

Different from other conventional fitness centers, Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center is not applying man-made machinery for training one’s body, but instead directly work on the highest instrument of human being, the spirit, to achieve the goal of health and fitness. Thus, the center’s advancement is not dependent upon modern technology of instrumentation. Experienced Falun Dafa practitioners will be the “High Tech” driving the success of the Center.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT Analysis)


Most of the current fitness centers available are all focusing on the work of the human body, through physical exercises. Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center, however, offers a comprehensive set of programs centered at the profound teachings of Falun Dafa. The profound health benefits of Falun Dafa have already been validated by millions of Falun Dafa practitioners all over the world. The information on the practice of Falun Dafa has already made available to the public free of charge, through a comprehensive website: The international community of Falun Dafa practitioners has already been working together for the past ten years in an effort to end the inhumane persecution ongoing in the Communist China. Practitioners are from all walks of life, with different cultural heritage and ethnicities, from different nations, and through the practice of Falun Dafa, already have achieved total health of mind-body-spirit and now are ready to deliver this precious teaching to the general public. Thus, the Center has the tremendous strength gained from the practice of Falun Dafa by the international community of Falun Dafa practitioners are the most important assets for the overall success of the programs of the Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center. Since the Center will offer a comprehensive set of programs of traditional Chinese Devine Culture, which contains the profound wisdom in all areas of human culture, the Center will natural harvest the advantages over many physical exercise-based fitness center in helping people to achieve holist fitness and health. 


Falun Dafa practitioners available to work for the Bridging the Gaps Fitness Center at current stage are primarily Chinese in ethnicity. In order to effectively provide the teachings of Falun Dafa to all people from different nations of the world with different ethnicity and cultural heritage, the center has to overcome the cultural barriers and pay attention to the internal trainings of personnel to gain personal skills in communication. The ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa in the Communist China and the hate propaganda spread by the CCP will present a major obstacle in the successful operation of the Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center.  


Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center will enjoy the vast opportunities provided by a large network of international Falun Dafa practitioners. The success of this community of Falun Dafa practitioners in breaking down the artificial barriers created by conventional notions is a solid foundation for the center to reach out far and wide to the general public. The fact that the teachings of Falun Dafa are made available to the general public free of charge allows those who do not have any financial resource to be also able to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the practice. The profound health benefits of the practice of Falun Dafa, upon being experienced by new Falun Dafa practitioners who learn the practice from the Center, will carry the innate power to drive the spread of this practice to friends and families and have the innate potential to positively affect almost every aspect of human practices of the modern world.


The greatest threats facing the Bridging the Gaps Fitness Center will be the Chinese Communist Party, who has been brutally persecuting the Falun Dafa practitioners in China and has been attempting to extend the persecution to international Falun Dafa practitioners. The CCP has been using hate propaganda to demonize the practice of Falun Dafa in the international communities. The Chinese Consulates stationed in all major cities of different nations serve as the extension of the CCP’s evil operation overseas. Through the use of “large market” and “cheap labor” to lure the business communities overseas, the CCP has been taking full advantages of the financial resources provided by foreign investment to further the persecution of Falun Dafa in China. Even the 2008 Olympics was used as an excuse to arrest and murder Falun Dafa practitioners in China. The oversea Chinese language newspapers and television stations are mostly affected and controlled by the CCP, except two independent media who are brave enough to be independent from such controls: the Dajiyuan Daily (大纪元时报) and the New Tang Dynasty Television (新唐人电视台). The hate propaganda has severely affected the overseas Chinese Communities who are still living in fear of the CCP. The temptations by the CCP towards the overseas business community and other profit-driven entities are corrupting them and some of them are even helping the persecution unwillingly or without awareness. Such threats must be exposed extensively to the general public of the international community for the success operation of the Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center.

 Design of Programs

1.        Free Instruction of Falun Dafa

Everyone will be offered free instruction of the five sets of exercises of Falun Dafa. Since the key of Falun Dafa is the profound teachings embodied in one book, Zhuan Falun (see, the center will provide the space and atmosphere for the daily study of the teachings of Falun Dafa and provide veteran Falun Dafa practitioners to help the new Falun Dafa practitioners in the process of understanding the various aspects of the teachings.

2.        Chinese Language Programs

Chinese language is believed to be originated from the high spiritual realm for the purpose of spreading the divine culture of China. The language is a golden key for the gate of five thousands of years of Chinese civilization. Each Chinese character is an image and contains profound inner contents. The writing of Chinese character with black ink brush is an art on its own and the practice of Chinese Calligraphy is a wonderful start for young children for building endurance and training of mental focus. The programs will be tailored into the special needs of various professions and age-matched. Beginning level, Middle level and Advantage level programs will be offered in a systematic fashion to allow gradual advancement in this area of trainings.

3.        Chinese Ancient Wisdom Programs

The over arching philosophy for a person to achieve holistic fitness and health, according to the ancient Chinese wisdom, is to first cultivate one’s mind and body. This program will provide a comprehensive introduction of different schools of cultivation practices from Chinese history, including Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism. Special programs will be designed to tailor into the interests and acceptability of different groups of people with different professional needs and different age ranges. The programs will be offered in a format of classes, seminars, workshops and conferences. The harmonious human relationship builds a foundation for the reduction of stress.

Three separate programs will be offered:

A.    Mind fitness program


Programs to teach five types of music instruments that target the health of five vital organs of the human body;


Programs to teach Chinese chess as a way of mind disciplinary training;


Programs for Chinese calligraphy;


Programs to teach the art of Chinese traditional paintings


B.      Body fitness program

Martial Arts;

Chinese Dance;

Chinese Culinary Art;

Chinese Traditional Medicine;

Ancient Chinese life science on human body

C.      Spirit fitness program

In this program, the essence of three main schools of ancient spiritual teachings will be offered to interested clients to help them achieve holistic fitness.

Confucianism 儒教


The essence of Confucianism relevant to holistic fitness will be offered in the program:


Kindness, Loyalty, Propriety, Wisdom, Trust 仁义礼智信


Cultivate the body and mind 修身


Harmonize the family 齐家


Bring peace and prosperity to the world 平天下



Buddhism 佛教


The essence of Buddhism teaching relevant to holistic fitness will be offered in the program:


Kindness will be rewarded and evil will be punished 善有善报,恶有恶报


Six-folded reincarnation 轮回转世


Value the virtue and do good needs 重德行善



Daoism 道教



The essence of Daoism relevant to holistic fitness will be offered in the program:

Man shall be one with nature天人合一

Cultivate truthfulness and nurture one’s true nature 修真养性

Return to one’s true self 返本归真


Human is ruled by the law on the earth人法地


Earth is ruled by the law of heaven 地法天


Heaven is ruled by the Dao 天法道


Dao is ruled by Nature 道法自然

D. Family fitness program

Family is the cell of human society. Women play key roles in building a family. Modern human society is facing great challenge in the health and wellness of family. Modern people are living a life which violates many of the fundamental principles key to the successful establishment of stable family structures. Stress from broken relationships in the family structure is the one of the key contributors to all types of human diseases. To help clients to achieve holistic fitness of mind-body-spirit, the Center will offer the knowledge of the ancient Chinese wisdoms for the following aspects:

a.        Man-Woman relationship

b.        Marriage

c.        Child Birth

d.        Children’s Education

E.       Social fitness program

a.        Stress Management Wisdom Programs

A comprehensive set of wisdom programs will be offered to help those who need helps with stress management. The programs will be tailored into the different types of stresses created by different professions or social issues. Specialized staff members who have personally achieved a total mastering of stress management from different professions will be the Program Directors who will design and implement one-on-one training of clients in stress management. This program will serve an important role in helping clients to fundamentally change life styles and live a stress-free life, thus effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases stem from living a wrong life style full of stresses.

b.        Addiction Elimination Wisdom Program

Many modern people have fallen into victim of addition to drinking, smoking and drugs. The solution will not come from medical manipulations, but from the fundamental changes of one’s mental state. Ancient teachings, holistic practices, wisdom from the Chinese traditional medicine will be offered in this program for the elimination of addiction.

c.        Health management Wisdom Programs

When diseases already manifest to the level of physical body, current common solution is limited to seek medical attention. No matter what type of medical intervention is applied, the cause of the illness is simply being pressed back into the physical body, instead of being eliminated. Side effects of drugs are a major concern of modern Western Medicine. The Center will offer health management wisdom programs tailored into different types of illness.

Obesity: Chinese food preparation based upon the health wisdom of Chinese traditional medicine, in combination of the application of the knowledge of mind-body-spirit, and holistic practices, will be offered to correct imbalanced mental state and thus caused poor eating habit. Special programs will be designed for each individual according to the recognized cause of obesity. Different from other centers or health facilities, the starting point is not the body, but the spirit and mind.

Eating Disorders: Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia as well as other forms of eating disorders cannot be effectively managed by medical intervention. Emotional and psychological issues have long been recognized to underlie such disorders. Special Programs will be offered to clients suffering from such disorders, based upon the wisdom and philosophy of the ancient Chinese science of mind-body-spirit.

Depression: Current medications for depression are primarily focusing upon the symptom and apply the methods of tranquilizing the mind through chemical manipulation of the brain. However, if the cause of depression is not removed, the client will soon develop addiction to the medication, and the side effects of the medication will start to take a toll onto the client’s physical and mental health. Depression is primarily rooted in the inability of a client to let go of the negative feelings caused by a major loss of something or someone dear to his/her heart. Ancient Chinese wisdom teachings mentioned above will be applied by expert staff members in this area to help the client to exit depression.

Cardiovascular disorders: cardiovascular disorders are considered to be system diseases by modern life science and the treatments are primarily through western medication that manipulates the physiology of the heart and the blood vessels, with various side effects. However, the ancient Chinese life science contains many teachings about the mystery of human heart, which is not merely an organ for mechanically pumping out blood. Special programs will be designed to tailor into the interests and needs of different clients to identify the root cause of their cardiovascular disorders and methods of holistic practices will be offered for the clients to recover.

Diabetes: modern life science considers Diabetes to be a system disease. According to modern life science, the type I Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin while the type II Diabetes involves the inability of cells to use insulin. Different theories have been proposed for the cause of Diabetes. Autoimmunity is considered to be one of the potential causes. The immune cells target the beta cells of the islets in the pancreas and thus prevent the normal production of insulin, leading to Type I Diabetes. According to the study of the immune system of Falun Dafa practitioners, drastic changes of molecular phenomena were detected among Falun Dafa practitioners’ immune cell, providing a scientific validation of the intimate connection between mind, body and spirit. Dr. Wang proposes that the autoimmunity of the immune system is associated to the lack of tolerance of one’s mind and spirit. Thus, special programs will be designed for clients with Diabetes based upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese culture for building tolerance of mind and spirit. 

Cancer: Cancer cell is different from normal cell in that it no longer follows the law of life. It tries to outsmart nature for its own immortality. The consequence is the death of the whole body, thus its ultimate demise. It is a great metaphor for humanity to reflect upon, since if humanity follows the cancer mentality to learn the law of the nature and then to manipulate the laws for its own survival, then the consequence is the demise of not only the humanity, but the Mother Earth. Unfortunately, a large population of human beings on the earth has submitted themselves to such a mentality, and gloriously calls such a mentality to be: Communism. The communist doctrine makes people disregard the law of heaven and earth and use violence and deception to gain what they can gain for their survival and growth, naming it to be a “comfortable life”. Under such mentality, people keep silence in face of murder and torture of people who have righteous believes opposing the atheist communism. Such a problem has manifested most clearly on the issue of the persecution of Falun Dafa by the Chinese Communist Party. Elected officials here in US shall be the ones work for the people of America, but some of them, like the former Governor of Washington State, Gary Locke, worked directly for the Chinese Communist Government to persecute American Citizens, like Dr. Wang, and forcing her out from her research career. Ironically, Gary Locke is now the Obama’s nominee for the Secretary of Commerce, backed up by the US labor groups with the hope that he will pressure China for improving worker’s rights. Thus, a cancer from China has in fact metastasized into America, and America lacks the immunity towards such a social cancer, if the general public lacks the knowledge of the truth about Falun Dafa. The Center will therefore offer special programs designed to thoroughly educate the general public the truth about Falun Dafa and the facts of the persecution. Dr. Wang will be in charge of these programs and offer seminar series to provide the frontier life science knowledge as well as the scientific data on the health benefits of the practice of Falun Dafa. Those who develop interests in learning Falun Dafa, after listening to these educational programs offered by Dr. Wang, will be guided by Dr. Wang to learn the practice and also monitor the progress of their recovery. Scientific information from these studies will be compiled into scientific reports for publication and application of funds from the American Cancer Society and National Institute of Health. While the educational programs will be charged with fees, learning Falun Dafa will be totally free.

Strategies of Marketing

Falun Dafa has been spread to all over the world by the international community of Falun Dafa practitioners, who are now key international educators of the divine culture of ancient China. The practice has been spread primarily through “word-of-mouth”, from a practitioner to his or her family members, relatives, friends and colleagues. A comprehensive website provides all information necessary for anyone interested in learning the practice. All teachings materials in books and audio/video formats are made available free of charge to the general public ( In an effort to stop the on-going persecution, practitioners have developed many creative methods to educate the public the truth of Falun Dafa. Such methods include: fliers, brochures, newspapers, journals, web sites, television station (NTDTV) ( and radio station (Sound of Hope) ( Other creative methods include artistic expression of the beauty of Chinese Divine Culture through the Nine International Competitions ( or offering Falun Dafa exercise demo in community parades. These methods will be used effectively by Bridging the Gaps Fitness Center to reach out to the public. A trolley will be fully decorated for the purpose of marketing and for picking up children, moms and seniors to come to the Center.

Strategies for Competitive Differentiation

The key for the Center to gain competitive differentiation is the quality control of the personnel in the Center. No matter what specific role one takes in the Center, one is required to uphold the principals of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance in their conducts. Communication between the CEO, CFO, VPs and Program Directors is required at a daily base. Each Program Director shall hold weekly team meetings to address issues of the week. The overall operational philosophy of the Center is Compassion. Since the entire Center focuses upon the “High Tech” of Falun Dafa practitioners who follow strict moral principals, the participating Falun Dafa practitioners shall take cultivation and clarifying the truth to the general public as the top priority in their daily life, as the foundation of doing well as a staff member in the Center. Language and culture education among staff members will also play a key role in the overall success of the Center. Diversity of the staff members with different ethnicity and cultural background is a great plus in gaining competitive differentiation, but also poses challenges for the effective communication among staff members. However, the innate power of the practice of Falun Dafa serves the most important foundation for the success of the Center, and such a power has been fully validated by the facts of the accomplishment of international Falun Dafa practitioners who survived and flourished even under the most evil and inhumane persecution of a nation controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, equipped with the most modern technology for torture and defamation.  

Funding Methods

The start-up fund will be from a collection of personal funds from Dr. Wang and her partners who have demonstrated commitment and full trust in her to start the Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center. Dr. Wang will also carry out fund raising events in the Flushing Community where she has been carrying out free community services for the past two years. A website will be set up for fund-raising in the community of health professionals and scientists who are closely connected with Dr. Wang. Private foundations will be approached and the ideas presented to request for funding. A book of Dr. Wang’s personal experience as a Falun Dafa practitioner will be published and all fund generated with be donated to the building of the Bridge the Gaps Fitness Center. With over 15 years of experience in writing grant proposals to support her research endeavor, Dr. Wang will also actively write grant proposals to seek grants from America Cancer Society and National Institute of Health to support her new efforts in bringing health and wellness to the general public. She will raise fund by giving public speeches in public libraries in New York City and the five boroughs. She is also seeking generous donation and support from her fellow students and professors at Berkeley College. 

Such a model will be presented to the international community of Falun Dafa practitioners for future establishment of such a center in all nations.

Beautiful Art Works from Falun Dafa Practitioners

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