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The Whole Elephant Institute:

Build an International Task Force in Leading World People out of CCP Virus-Induced "Wuhan Pneumonia" Pandemic




America is the Immune System of the human society.


China suffered from a malignant cancer by CCP spiritual possession.


Foreign investment entering China was the malignant cancer's inducing 

blood vessel formation to drain the nutrients of the whole body of human society.


The "Belt and Road" is the systematic metastasis of this malignant cancer all over 

the whole body of the human world.


Humanity entered into the late stage of a malignant cancer development in 2015.


To save the human world, the Divine started to eliminate this malignant cancer.


Donald Trump was elected to be the President of the United States. The "Trade War" is a divine mechanism to block the malignant cancer from taking nutrients from outside of it. This was completed in 2019.

唐纳德·川普当选为美国总统。 “贸易战”是一种阻止恶性肿瘤从外界吸收营养的神圣机制。该项目于2019年完成。

Then the malignant cancer started to undergo necrosis. The "Wuhan Pneumonia" phenomena in fact is the large scale necrosis of malignant cancer cells. All of those who have died and will die in the "Wuhan Pneumonia" are not killed by the CCP Virus, but are killed by their deviated "CCP-mode" immune system. These people have been possessed by the CCP specter and thus their immune system operates in a mode that is self-destructive.

然后,恶性毒瘤开始坏死。 “武汉肺炎”现象实际上是恶性癌细胞的大规模坏死。所有已死或將死于“武汉肺炎”的人都不是被中共病毒杀死的,而是被他們自己那已變異了的"中共模式的免疫系统"而杀死。这些人因被中共幽灵附體,他们的免疫系统以自我毁灭的方式运作。

How to help the world people to live and prosper into future?


The world must know the following Truth:


CCP and the western variants of Communism (manifesting into the spiritual possession of the leftists) are anti-humanity and anti-universe and they have turned those who believe the communist ideology into malignant cancer cells.


The immune system of the human society:America ("The World Police") was totally inhibited by its lies and even started to help its growth and spread (prior to the "China-America Trade War").

人類社會的免疫系統:美國 ("世界警察")曾完全被中共邪靈谎言抑制,甚至開始幫助它生長及擴散 (在"中美貿易戰"前)。

The malignant cancer then started to metastasize into all nations.


The "China-America Trade War" set up a mechanism to effectively induces this cancer into a state of necrosis:


"Wuhan Pneumonia Pandemic" is the human society state of necrosis of a malignant cancer of the human society.


While massive cancer cells are dying now, those who know this Truth can survive as long as they can renounce their affiliation with CCP and all western variants of communism.


An international platform shall be set up to help the world people to quit their affiliation with CCP and all western variants of communism.


This is the most important step in saving people.


Then, the immune system of the human world shall systematically purge all poisonous elements inside various aspects of the whole body of human society.


Finally, fresh divine nutrients (in the format of Eastern and Western Traditional Culture) will be delivered to the starving normal cells in the whole body of human world.


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