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The Whole Elephant Institute Public Education on July 20 2017: True Words


Since July 20, 1999, the evil head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Jiang Zemin, mobilized the entire national system controlled by the CCP and one fourth of China's national income to persecute over 100 million Falun Dafa practitioners, who represent the kindest, the most righteous good people with righteous faith among all Chinese people.


In the past eighteen years, this group of cultivators who follows the principals of True-Good-Endure has been risking their lives, letting go all personal interests associated with name-profit-sentimentality of the human world, and with a heart of compassion, to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to the world people, with the mission to awaken world people. They understand that the Great Way of the Universe is being persecuted by the evil which aims to use lies to instigate hatred into people's heart to destroy the very hope of salvation that everyone has been awaiting for tens and thousands of years.


This is because anyone, if he hates the Great Way of the Universe, he will find no position in the future of the Universe, that is , he has chosen to be totally disintegrated.


In the past over ten years of true cultivation, Falun Dafa cultivators are constantly rising up through assimilating to the Great Way of the Universe and thus are capable of seeing the layers upon layers of cosmic Truth, and have validated the Great Way of the Universe at different levels. Because of the true realization of the principals of the universe, the choices each living beings are facing and the great havoc facing each living beings in the universe, these cultivators have stepped forward with compassion to clarify the truth in order to save sentient beings.


Chinese people have been immersed in all sorts of lies spread by the evil CCP and their minds are totally poisoned. The evil has been blaspheming the Great Way of the Universe, the Founder of Falun Dafa, and the Falun Dafa cultivators, with the ulterior motive to destroy people's Trust-Love-Respect towards the Great Way of the Universe, thereby making people completely lose the most precious opportunity of salvation to be self-destructive. 


For a long period of time, the evil lies have always been blaspheming the Founder of Falun Dafa. Precious Chinese people, do you know the Truth? Please do not follow lies without consciences, and stop being the muddle-headed parts of that hate propaganda machinery operated by a tyrannic evil government!


Please go to seek out the true Dafa disciples to find the Truth: start to read Dafa books (, visit Dafa practitioners' websites (;;;, newspapers (, radio stations (, television stations ( and to sincerely look for the Truth!


This is what you have been awaiting for tens of thousands of years! Please make sure to find the Truth!


Human beings have lost in delusion and have been living lives after lives through reincarnation. In this process, human beings have been struggling for personal interests, and at the end, with black karma piling up and facing total destruction.


Today, Falun Dafa is now spreading all over the world, even after the CCP brutally persecuted for the past eighteen years. Do you know why?


Such a phenomenon itself is a great miracle! Think about it for a moment: throughout the entire history of the CCP, anyone was able to survive through the CCP's persecution?


This is because Truth is unbeatable.


The CCP was given such a great opportunity to do Good, if it did not persecute the Great Way of the Universe.


However, the evil head of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, controlled the entire CCP system to oppose the Great Way of the Universe, thus made the choice of destroying the CCP.


All of those Chinese Government Officials arrested and jailed for their crimes of corruption, in fact are all victims of the evil CCP head, Jiang, since they were encouraged by Jiang to act as persecutors of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners.


From its very start, the evil Communist Party is rooted in the evil cult of devil worship, with the name of the "Illuminati" in Germany.


When Marx wrote the "Communist Manifesto", he was already controlled by the evil Specter of Satan after his devil worship.


Thus, the communist ideology was created by the evil Specter.


In China, when Chinese people were lured into joining the CCP, they had to make a fist, raise the fist above the shoulder and towards the head, and to make a vow to devote their entire lives to struggle for CCP.


To make a vow is supposed to be a sacred act, that is, the contents of the vow is recorded by heaven and earth.


Therefore, anyone shall not make a deadly vow.


However, all the Chinese people who were lured to join the CCP's Young Pioneer, the CCP's Youth League and the CCP's Party, were forced to make a deadly vow, and to allow their lives to be kidnapped by the Evil Specter of Satan, the devil.


Chinese people who made such a deadly vow are stamped by the mark of the devil on their head and will be totally destroyed together with the Evil Specter of Satan in the near future, if they do not make a declaration in front of heaven, earth and Gods and Buddhas to quit the CCP. 

这些,其实都写在了《圣经 启示录》中。

These, in fact, are written inside the "Revelation" of the "Holy Bible".


Precious Chinese People, please go seek the Truth, find the Truth, and quickly Quit the CCP and all its entities. Only this way, you will be able to survive the Great Havoc. 


In fact, we can find reference for today's human world situation.


Noah's Ark in History


When Noah was living in the human world, the human society was also very rotten.


Human beings no longer had faith towards God. So God was to destroy those evil people totally beyond salvation.


God saw Noah to be faithful. So God instructed Noah to make an Ark and bring each sort of animal, one male, one female, into the Ark, as the seeds for the new world.


Noah also tried very hard to tell people that the great havoc was about to happen, however, no one believed his True Words. At the end, the Great Flood covered the earth.


God created human beings. God is all mighty and all compassionate. Why did God decide to destroy bad people?


Let us look at this question from the knowledge gained in the human life science field.


Every normal cell of your physical molecular body follows the instructions of your soul, but the cancer cell does not. It follows the instruction of a foreign soul, which demands "freedom" and total control of your normal cells and wishes to replace you and to kill you.


So what would you do to such cells? Your soul certainly must destroy them. This is the only way for your soul to be responsible for the future health of all of the countless normal cells of your body.


So, what is the miracle cure for Cancer? In fact, if you can tell the cancer cells to stop listening to the foreign soul's instruction, to be set from from the foreign evil specter, to live as normal cells, then you can rid your body of cancer. Same goes for the health of the human society:

For Chinese people who have turned into cancer cells of the human society, they shall do the following:

三退,即声明 : To make a solemn declaration to do Three Quits:

退出少先队,Quit the CCP's Young Pioneer

退出共青团,Quit the CCP's Youth League

退出共产党,Quit the CCP's Party


To help Chinese people to do the Three Quits, is to Save People.


Since if a person do not do the Three Quits, he will be destroyed. This is True Word.


In human history, there is a great reference for this.

犹太人的 Exodus


The Jewish Exodus


When the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt, the Jewish God, Jehovah, sent Messenger Moses to save the Jewish people. The Egyptian King refused repeated to distrust the True Word from Moses. At the end, God Jehovah instructed Moses to inform everyone including the Egyptian King the following: if they choose to follow God Jehovah, they shall put lamb's blood on their door that night, since otherwise, the angel of death would take the first born son of their household. Surely, those household who chose to believe in Moses' message kept their first born son alive while all first born sons of other households, including the Egyptian King's son, the Egyptian Prince, died the following morning.


Thus, please do not disbelieve True Word and refuse to listen. The consequence is Death.


History always repeats itself.


Democracy and Freedom shall belong to Normal People with Faith in Buddha, Daos and Gods, and follow the human morality. Otherwise, the evil beings use the freedom and power given by democracy to do all evils. Allowing that kind of freedom and democracy is same as self-destruction.


In fact, the freedom and democracy given to those who are using True Word to deliver salvation to world people are most important. However, in Today's China, one needs to risk one's own life in order to deliver the Truth, let alone to mention freedom and democracy.


Those oversea Chinese people who have been living in the countries of freedom and democracy and enjoy speaking about freedom and democracy, ironically have been pretending that nothing has happened, in face of the eighteen years of most brutal, most evil persecution in the entire human history, targeting the largest group of good people of righteous faith. They even have been volunteering to act as broadcasting machinery for the evil lies of blasphemy. It is heart breaking to think what type of horrific retributions are awaiting these people! 

So, please do wake up and go find the Truth!

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