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The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle

Greetings from the Whole Elephant Institute!

The fundamental problem of public education in America is its ignoring the education of human morality as the most important subject.

The Truth of Human Beings:

Modern science leads to the wrong understanding of human being to be merely a molecular machine. Through dissection human beings are no different from animals in terms of its composition to be molecular.

However, human beings are much more than a molecular machine. Human spirit is the true driver of the molecular machine. Human spirit follows a divine law. Human behaviors thus follow a divine law. Deviation from the divine law leads to all human sufferings. The divine law's manifestation at the human behavior level is called human morality. If a human being does not behave according to such a law, he is no longer a human being.

All human affairs are strictly governed by divine law's manifestation at human level. Why a man meets a woman? When and how they meet? When and how they decide to become husband and wife to build a family? When and how they have children and how do they raise the children? Although it may appear that everything occurs "naturally" and is controlled by each individual "freely", the truth is: everything happening in the human society is so highly regulated so precisely, just like the orderly molecular events in a cell. Every human activity occurs following the blueprint.

For each individual,although one may be feeling free to do anything he wants, in reality he never does choose anything he wants, even his "wants" is the result of a life plan uniquely fit for him according to the divine law. This is what human beings call "Fate".

The only way a human being can change "fate" is when this human being is awakened to the Truth that his being a human is for his returning to his origin in the universe, through cultivation practice 修炼。

Human realm is created by great enlightened beings to allow those high beings who dropped their levels all the way to the lowest level in the universe to have a last chance to return. The only way to return is through a process called cultivation practice 修炼。

Through a genuine cultivation practice, one can learn the divine law, follow the divine law and ultimately one can totally assimilate to and become one with the divine law.

Thus the entire human civilization is programed for this noble purpose. Education must deliver the essence of human civilization that is essential for human spirit to be awakened and then to understand the divine law that manifests at the human level, as the first step in embarking the journey of true cultivation practice of returning to one's true origin where one was first born in the space of the universe.

With this background in mind, I think about the education design of the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle. The 5000 years of Chinese Culture,as depicted by the Shen Yun Show, is created by the Creator and high beings from high realms in order to assure human kind to be able to be awakened and then follow the divine law to return to true home. The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle aims to systematically teach the splendors of the 5000 years of Chinese Divine Culture from K to 12 in the format of public charter school education.

We shall submit a Notice of Intent before the end of this month to the Washington State Charter School Commissioner.

Each team member shall make the commitment to uphold a high standard of human morality in daily life in order to shoulder the responsibilities of building the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle.

The School Founding Board is now officially reaching out to the community members, parents, teachers, students and all interested people and organizations in Seattle to seek for feedbacks and suggestions for this project.

Your timely feedback will be incorporated into the upcoming full application which will be submitted before March 1st, 2019.

Please send your feedbacks to us through the following email address:

or call us at:

347-822-5637 to reach Dr. Lotus King Weiss

206-251-2040 to reach Mr. Noah Wang Genatossio

With Trust-Love-Respect,

Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.

Lead Applicant

The Whole Elephant Institute

Application Materials

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Notice of Intent to Apply

original (84).png

Submission of Notice of Intent to Apply on November 29th, 2018

Greetings from the Whole Elephant Institute!

Please kindly accept the Notice of Intent to Apply from our founding team of the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle. 

We are looking forward to working with you to contribute to the public charter school education in Washington State.

With Trust信-Love愛-Respect敬,

Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.

The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle Founding Team

Phone: 347-822-5637

Letter to the Founding Team of the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle

November 29th 2018

Greetings to All. We have officially submitted the Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) for the opening year of 2020-2021 in Seattle, Washington, to open and operate the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle. Let us start to work together closely so that all of your great ideas and suggestions can be incorporated into the full application, which needs to be completed and submitted before March 1st, 2019. 

To build and operate a public charter school to deliver an innovative education program that can truly make a difference in children's life and future is such a great responsibility and great honor. We need to build three strong team: Education, Administration and Management teams. For the successful completion of this project, we first need to train personnel of these three teams. As the founding team of this project, everyone of us shoulder the role of leaders. 

Please feel free to communicate with each other and send your feedback to me.

For those members who are residing in Washington State, we need to start to carry out community outreach and fundraising for the daily operation of an office of our charter school founding board.

With Trust-Love-Respect,

Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.

The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle Founding Team Leader

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