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"The True Human Life Science CCP Fears"


“An Ancient Cultivation Practice Falun Gong Improves Neutrophil Functions and Causes System-Level Gene Regulation"


(Written by Dr. Tongwen Wang in 2004)

作者: 王彤文博士


Here we include new updated information at the Whole Elephant Institute.


Published research data by Dr. Lili Feng's team can be found here:


Dr. Lili Feng's Published Article



November 12th, 2021

Research Abstract:


Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, was a very popular Qigong practice in China between 1992-1999 and now is known and practiced by nearly 100 million people throughout the world. Among all of the different Qigong practices that exhibit effects on improving one's health, Falun Gong had the fastest growth rate and the most far-reaching influence among the Chinese people. The effect of Falun Gong on health appears not to be dependent upon age, sex, or cultural background, as indicated by the large-scale health survey carried out in 1998 in China. To better understand the healing effects of Falun Gong, we carried out a series of studies on polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils; PMNs) of Falun Gong practitioners and compared them with PMNs from randomly chosen non-practitioners.

法轮功,又称法轮大法,是1992年至1999年间在中国非常流行的一种气功功法,现在全世界有近1亿人知道和修炼。在所有对健康有益的气功功法中,法轮功在中国人中的增长速度最快,影响最深远。 1998 年在中国进行的大规模健康调查表明,法轮功对健康的影响似乎与年龄、性别或文化背景无关。为了更好地了解法轮功的健康效应,我们对法轮功修炼者的多形核白细胞(中性粒细胞;PMNs)进行了一系列研究,并将其与随机选择的非修炼者的 PMNs 进行了比较。

Research Results:


We here report the cellular and molecular changes in Falun Gong practitioners' PMNs that may underlie the enhanced immunity, alteration of apoptotic properties in favor of a rapid resolution of inflammation, as well as PMNs longevity based upon a much more economical balance of protein synthesis and degradation.


Research Data Sent to Dr. Tongwen Wang from Dr. Lili Feng

Chinese Article by Dr. Tongwen Wang at the Whole Elephant Institute

Introduction and Figure 1:


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Our studies suggest that Falun Gong practice alters immunity, apoptotic cell death, and protein metabolic rate in a systemic fashion. Our findings further suggest that a new paradigm is urgently needed to understand the holistic link between human mind, body and spirit.


There has been increasing interest in the phenomena of mind-body relationships, a subject that has not been subjected to systematic scientific investigation due to its complex nature. However, there is ample evidence accumulated throughout history to support the powerful physical effects of practices that are directed towards the mind or spirit.


Such practices include both religious and non-religious cultivation practices. In Western societies, faith-based religious practices are predominant while the Eastern culture emphasizes the practice of physical and mental disciplines, such as yoga, meditation, tai qi (tai ji quan), karate and most recently, an ancient cultivation practice, Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa


While the health benefits of yoga, meditation and prayer have been documented and partly recognized by the general public, the mechanisms that underlie such apparent effects are not well understood at the physiological level. Very little has been documented and systematically studied at the cellular or molecular level. On the other hand, major technological progress has been made in the area of biological research that now allows rapid and precise monitoring of many of the detailed molecular events inside of a single cell. Many diseases can now be traced to the level of individual molecular defects in cells. Thus, it is now feasible to tackle the phenomena that are consistently associated with spiritual practices by mapping the physical manifestations of the effects of these practices at the cellular and molecular level.


There are several well-recognized difficulties in conducting research on mind-body subject. First, it is commonly observed that there is a wide range of variability among practitioners of the same practice. Second, there also has been the lack of a large number of practitioners who consistently practicing one type of practice. Because of these factors, the results of such studies are frequently questioned for not being generally representative or applicable. The practice of Falun Gong, however, exhibits unique features that allow more systematic studies of mind-body relationships. These features are:


1) In comparison to many other practices, Falun Gong exhibits very dramatic and powerful effects on the practitioners. During 1998, five independent health surveys were conducted in Beijing, Wuhan, the region around the city of Dalian , and Guandong Province by local medical institutions. They are the most systematic and comprehensive health surveys done on Falun Dafa practitioners to date. The surveys concluded that Falun Gong had provided significant health and fitness benefits to more than 98% of its practitioners.

1) 与许多其他功法相比,法轮功对修炼者的影响非常显着和强大。 1998年,地方医疗机构在北京、武汉、大连市周边地区和广东省进行了五次独立健康调查。这是迄今为止对法轮大法修炼者进行的最系统、最全面的健康调查。调查得出的结论是,法轮功为 98% 以上的修炼者提供了显著的健康和健身益处。

2) There are a large number of Falun Gong practitioners, currently already exceeding 100 million ( Furthermore, the practice itself emphasizes the principal of "Do Not Follow Two Paths at the Same Time," so the practitioners are consistently only practicing Falun Gong.


3) There is a wide range of Falun Gong practitioners, differing in gender, age, professions, and cultural or ethnic background. Despite such different backgrounds, the healing effects on different diseases are consistent. Thus the health effects from practicing Falun Gong appear not to be linked to many factors that have been considered to complicate the interpretations of studies of similar nature.


These features of Falun Gong suggest that modern biological or biophysical technologies can be applied here to reach a deeper level of confirmation or understanding of the molecular manifestation of spiritual practice on our human body.


Since the immune system has been previously shown to be highly sensitive to environmental and psychological changes, we carried out studies to examine the effect of Falun Gong practice on the polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs), which are relatively short-lived but are produced in large quantity during the immune responses and play critical roles in innate immunity.


Studies at the cellular level reveal increased bactericidal activities of PMNs from Falun Gong practitioners. Furthermore, Falun Gong practitioners' PMNs exhibit increased life span in the absence of stimulation from agents such as bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), but increased apoptosis upon LPS stimulation. Such changes in apoptotic responses of PMNs suggest an alteration of PMN functions in favor of a rapid resolution of inflammation.

细胞水平的研究揭示了法轮功修炼者中性粒细胞的杀菌活性增强。此外,在没有细菌脂多糖 (LPS) 等药物刺激的情况下,法轮功修炼者的中性粒细胞寿命延长,但在 LPS 刺激下细胞凋亡增加。 PMN 细胞凋亡反应的这种变化表明 PMN 功能的改变有利于炎症的快速消退。

We also applied micro-array technology to examine changes in levels of gene expression in PMNs. Drastic system-level changes in gene expression were detected in PMNs of Falun Gong practitioners, while little changes were detected among non-practitioners, despite the differences in age and gender.

我们还应用微阵列技术来检查 PMN 中基因表达水平的变化。在法轮功修炼者的中性粒细胞中检测到基因表达在系统水平上的剧烈变化,而在非修炼者中检测到的变化很小,尽管存在年龄和性别差异。

Most interestingly, the genes that are regulated in a consensus fashion among the practitioners can be grouped into several functional clusters, which are directly linked to PMN functions in anti-viral immunity, apoptotic property and possibly longevity based upon a much more economical balance of protein synthesis and degradation.




Biology is the study of life phenomena. The biological research in the last century has taken the approach of dissecting systems into parts, studying the parts in a defined setting with controlled parameters, gathering information about the parts in separate settings, identifying the functions of the parts in the defined settings following a defined hypothesis, and then drawing conclusions regarding the function and functional mechanisms of the parts in the defined system. These studies have now brought us face to face with an extremely complex picture of molecular interactions: a dynamic web of communication between different molecules inside of a cell and the extremely complex and dynamic regulation of the communication web by signals from outside the cell.


For the human body, the complexity is further escalated to a uniquely new and high level. At the level of a human body, the communication between a human being and the environment takes a different form in our range of perception, which is something that we can no longer easily detect with physical means.


Such abstract signals in fact exert great impact on the biological systems of a human body but are currently placed outside of the field of biology. This is primarily due to the fact that current biological research is based on in vitro systems or animal models and therefore cannot test these unique "signals" that are sensed only by the human body and mind.


It is therefore important to recognize the limitations of our current knowledge in the field of biology, since it is derived from studies on non-human subjects and using artificial man-made systems. This then raises an important question about what approaches we should take to study the subject of human life phenomena, that is human biology, which is directly relevant to human medicine.


The intrusive approaches biologists have been taking to study other organisms are not applicable to studying the human body. The unique mind-body characteristics of a human being cannot be mimicked by any animal models. A new paradigm needs to be established to study the biology of the human body in the least intrusive manner.


Recognizing the unique communication signals that regulate the biology of a human body, we also need to find a way to combine the studies of these human signals, which belong to separate fields of the social sciences, with studies of human biology. In this sense, human biology is at a very unique position to unify many areas of modern sciences, which have been fragmented and considered un-related throughout history.


While such studies were not possible due to limited knowledge of the basic components of the human body, we are, however, facing an important revolution in this area, due to the recent development in the areas of genomics, proteomics, nanotechnology and computational biology. These technologies will provide us the ability to make "snap shots" of the molecular communication patterns occurring inside of a cell in a living organism.


It is based upon one such technology that we now observe how a spiritual practice can profoundly influence a genome-wide gene expression pattern and shift cell functions to a more economical state.


A thorough verification and expansion of the studies of the impact of practicing Falun Gong to population health and to gene expression/cell function of human cells will provide a solid proof of concept in this new area of human biology and lay the foundation for future human system studies of a similar nature.


Some surveys on health benefits of practicing Falun Gong:






Article One

Article Two

North America and more:


A Review of Key Discoveries of Dr. Tongwen Wang in the Frontier Modern Life Science Field
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"The Whole Elephant Institute: the Article that triggered CCP's

Transnational Repression Crime Against Dr. Tongwen Wang"



Transnational Repression by CCP is a Crime:


Transnational Repression

Persecution in America:


Dr. Lotus King Weiss' FBI report on CCP's Transnational Repression through its infiltrates:


THE ARTICLE That Triggered CCP's Transnational Repression towards Dr. Tongwen Wang:


"A Wake-Up Call from the Microcosm"


PureInsight | May 20, 2002



Dr. Tongwen Wang

Principal Investigator in Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Department of Immunology

Virginia Mason Research Center

University of Washington







One early spring day, I was on my way to work. A stranger greeted me and asked me what I did for a living. After learning that I am a cancer researcher, his eyes lit up and asked: “Are you going to find a cure for cancer?” His question plunged me deep into thought and now I would like to share some ideas with you.

早春的一天,我正在上班的路上。一个陌生人向我打招呼,问我做什么工作。當得知我是癌症研究人员后,他眼睛一亮,问道: “你要找到治愈癌症的方法吗?”他的问题让我陷入了深思,现在我想与您分享一些想法。

Ever since my grandmother passed away so suddenly from malignant liver cancer about twenty years ago, the word “cancer” has never left my mind and heart.

It was the innocent hope from my young heart that one day I would find a cure that has led me to this stage of my career.

Since 1988, I have followed the path of the reductionism-based modern science approach to study Biology at multiple levels: from Anatomy to Histology, Cell Biology, and, finally, to Molecular Biology, using yeast as a model system to study gene regulation.

After I obtained my Ph.D. degree, I felt I was ready to go face-to-face with cancer and therefore stepped into the field of cancer research.

I do research in this field, like many others, via observing cells in artificial systems, specifically, what we call in vitro systems, which are cell lines grown in petri dishes.

自从大约二十年前我的祖母突然死于恶性肝癌, “癌症”这个词就从未离开过我的心。


自 1988 年以来,我沿着基于还原论的现代科学方法在多个层面研究生物学:从解剖学到组织学、细胞生物学,最后到分子生物学,使用酵母作为模型系统来研究基因调控。



In 1992, when I started my postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, I “met” this powerful protein called Transforming Growth Factor-beta (TGF-beta). This molecule is a potent suppressor of cell growth.

1992 年,当我开始在波士顿马萨诸塞州总医院进行博士后培训时,我“遇到”了一种名为转化生长因子-β (TGF-β) 的强大蛋白质。该分子是细胞生长的有效抑制剂。

In our body, there is a large number of TGF-beta-like proteins, all of them are very powerful, in that each of them is in charge of the formation and maintenance of different major organs of our body. Most of these proteins are potent inhibitors of cell growth.


In our body, there is also a large group of proteins whose functions are to actively promote cell growth.


Here the ancient wisdom of China, the theory of the balance of Yin and Yang in the macrocosm, is beautifully reflected at the molecular level, in the microcosm of the cell.


Research conducted over the past twenty years has led to the elucidation of the detailed molecular network in a normal cell which goes through a highly regulated life cycle of growth, specialization (we call differentiation), aging and death.


In every step of the life of a cell, we can “hear the song” and “see the dance” of the interplay of the Yin and Yang factors in great harmony. The disruption of the balance between these two factors is recognized as the foundation for uncontrolled cell behaviors, one of which manifests as cancer.


How does a normal cell turn into a cancer? What went wrong?


A normal cell responds to environmental cues to determine when it can enter the growth phase, called the cell cycle, which consists of several distinct stages, named G1, S, G2 and M. There are gates between each stage. The cell has to meet certain requirements before it can move on. These gates are very important, since if there is something wrong in the cell, the gates will serve to safeguard the cell by stopping it at that phase until the problem is somehow fixed.

正常细胞对环境线索作出反应,以确定何时可以进入生长阶段,称为细胞周期,它由几个不同的阶段组成,称为 G1、S、G2 和 M。每个阶段之间都有门。细胞必须满足某些要求才能继续前进。这些门非常重要,因为如果細胞中出现问题,门将通过在该阶段中停止来保护細胞,直到问题以某种方式得到解决。

If the problem cannot be fixed, the cell would trigger an alarm system that, amazingly, leads to a well-orchestrated death program.


Thus, a normal cell acts in accord with the system it belongs to. When mistakes occur, the cell has a mechanism to “sacrifice” itself for the benefit of the whole.


Contrariwise, a cancer cell somehow outsmarts the laws at each gate of the check points between the different phases of growth, thereby continuing to grow in number. The death mechanism is also abolished so that they reach “immortality”. Of course, such temporary immortality is followed by the death of the whole, which reflects, interestingly, a very ignorant but totally selfish “spirit”.


In the past twenty years, cancer researchers have learned that it takes many steps for a cell to accumulate the various protein mistakes that eventually wipe out all major safe-guarding mechanisms at the level of a cell.

在过去的 20 年里,癌症研究人员了解到,细胞需要经过许多步骤才能积累各种蛋白质错误,最终消除细胞水平上的所有主要安全保护机制。

Then the cancer cells start to metastasize, during which it again violates multiple system laws, including the laws of the immune system.


Like the policeman, the immune system normally provides constant surveys of the body systems to eliminate abnormal cells.


The real mystery is why the cancer cells can manage to accumulate so many mistakes without being eliminated.


Within the microcosm of a cell, we know that many safeguarding mechanisms are in place. Within the “midcosm” of a human body, we know that there are also many safeguarding mechanisms in place. Why does every safeguarding mechanism fail in a cancer patient?


Some biologists believe that cancer is due to some mistakes at the gene level, which allow the genetic material to be unstable, called genetic instability, thus leading to large scale mistakes at the gene level.


However, a normal cell knows how to fix a mistake at the gene level and also knows how to initiate the death program when it fails to fix the problem.


Many labs, including my own, study how cells communicate with each other via proteins (; “laboratory research”). TGF-beta is made by almost every cell in our body. When it is released outside of a cell, TGF-beta serves as a signal to “instruct” surrounding cells that have a unique set of proteins that can recognize and bind to it. Once these binding proteins, “receptors”, which are sitting on the cell surface, bind to TGF-beta, these receptors will then “talk” to proteins inside of the cell. The detailed steps of protein-protein communication inside of a cell in response to an outside-of-cell protein are mapped out carefully by many labs in the signal transduction research community.

许多实验室,包括我自己的,研究细胞如何通过蛋白质相互交流。 TGF-β 几乎由我们体内的每个细胞产生。当他被释放到细胞外时,TGF-β 作为信号“指令”周围细胞,这些细胞具有一组独特的蛋白质,可以识别并结合他。一旦这些位于细胞表面的结合蛋白“受体”与 TGF-β 结合,这些受体就会与细胞内的蛋白质“对话”。信号傳導研究界的许多实验室都仔细绘制了细胞内蛋白质與蛋白质之間通讯以响应细胞外蛋白质的详细步骤。

After six years of intensive and expensive studies, we have now identified an interesting functional mechanism for TGF-beta.

经过六年的密集和昂贵的研究,我们现在已经确定了一个有趣的 TGF-β 功能机制。

It is known to everyone in this field that there are a group of proteins inside of the cell, “Smad”, that are critical for carrying out the instructions of TGF-beta to suppress cell growth. In fact, many cancers, such as colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and head and neck cancer, are all associated with defects in these Smad proteins. Only recently have we found that Smad carries out their mission through directly talking to an extremely important protein system inside the cell.

该领域的每个人都知道,细胞内有一组蛋白质“Smad”, 它们对于执行 TGF-β 抑制细胞生长的指令至关重要。事实上,许多癌症,如结肠癌、胰腺癌和头颈癌,都与这些 Smad 蛋白的缺陷有关。直到最近,我们才发现 Smad 通过直接与细胞内一个极其重要的蛋白质系统对话来执行他们的任务。

This protein system consists of a large number of proteins that all work together to do the following jobs: 1) mark old, aged, or dysfunctional proteins for destruction; and 2) help almost every aspect of cellular function via orderly breaking down proteins to fine-tune the levels of each protein that works as a regulator in the cell. This system also is essential for the immune system to find what is wrong when virus and bacteria enter the body, or when a cell behaves abnormally. This protein system is called “the proteasome system”. The malfunction of this system also blocks the function of TGF-beta as a suppressor of cell growth.





这种蛋白质系统被称为“蛋白質降解器”。该系统的故障也會阻止 TGF-β 作为细胞生长抑制因子的功能。

When I was pondering the meaning of this most recent finding in my lab, my friend Dr. Lili Feng called me one day. Lili is an Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Both Lili and I practice Falun Dafa, an ancient mind-body practice now broadly known to the public largely due to the recent persecution of Falun Dafa in China ( I knew Lili was carrying out a project to examine the effect of practicing Falun Dafa on cells of the immune system.


Lili told me that she has completed her studies on comparing the level of 12,000 genes in Falun Dafa practitioners and non-practitioners. To my great surprise, she mentioned some genes in the proteasome system. I asked her to send me the original data and decided to take a careful look. From that point on, an amazing stream of enlightening information flowed into my research system.


The data Lili sent to me was a pile of numbers assembled randomly from the experiments. But from the pile of the numbers, one clear image came out: the gene expression level corresponding to more than 10 different proteins in the proteasome system are drastically down-regulated in Falun Dafa practitioners’ immune cells.


This would indicate that the proteasome system is down-sized. It would not make much sense if only this system is down-sized, since the lack of sufficient proteasome system would lead to the accumulation of junk and old proteins.


Interestingly, in the same set of data, gene expression corresponding to more than 10 different proteins that belong to another protein system called “ribosome” are also drastically reduced. Ribosomes are responsible for making new proteins. I suddenly realized that the data is suggesting the coordinated down-sizing of the entire pipe-line of proteins production and protein consumption.

有趣的是:在同一组数据中,属于另一种称为“核糖体”的蛋白质系统的 10 多种不同蛋白质相对应的基因表达也大幅减少。核糖体负责制造新的蛋白质。我突然意识到,这组数据表明细胞中整个蛋白质生产和蛋白质消耗管道的规模正在协调性地同时缩小。

Lili then mentioned to me that she has read papers regarding correlations between proteasome system size and activity with longevity, in mouse experiments. Dr. Allen Taylor from Boston University reported that when the food supply was restricted, mice live longer and their proteasome system is down-sized (ref 1-3). I then found a paper that reported the correlation of increased proteasome system activity with many different diseases. In this paper, it was reported that the highest proteasome system activity was found in cancer cells (ref 4). A third paper from Lili added the final touch to an idea that started to surface (see below). In this paper (ref 5) it is reported that, from careful studies of protein metabolism in a cell, it seems that 1/3 of new proteins are immediately destroyed after they are made. Thus, even "normal cells" are working in a very busy and wasteful state.

莉莉随后向我提到,她曾阅读过有关蛋白质降解器系统Proteasome System大小和活性与寿命之间相关性的论文,是在小鼠实验中展现出来。波士顿大学的 Allen Taylor 博士报告说,当食物供应受到限制时,小鼠的寿命会更长,它们的蛋白质降解器系统也会缩小(参考文献 1-3)。然后我发现了一篇论文,报告了蛋白质降解器系统Proteasome System之活性增加与许多不同疾病的相关性。在这篇论文中,据报道,在癌细胞中发现了最高的蛋白质降解器系统Proteasome System之活性(参考文献 4)。 莉莉寄给我的第三篇论文为一个开始浮出水面的想法添加了最后的润色(见下文)。在这篇论文(参考文献 5)中,据报道,从对不般所谓正常细胞中蛋白质代谢的仔细研究来看,似乎有 1/3 的新蛋白质在制造后立即被破坏。因此可见,即使是我们认为的正常细胞也在非常忙碌和浪费的状态。

Lili and I started to send emails back and forth. Lili has a wonderful sense of humor and a wild imagination. One day she asked me, “Do you know what the proteasome is in the microcosm?” Then she answered for me, “The black hole.” Then she sent me a set of reports on how active the black holes are now in the Universe. “You see”, she said, “The proteasomes are very busy when our cells are sick, and what does it mean when the black holes in the macrocosm of the universe we live in are very busy?” (She was hinting that our universe is also sick!)

When I heard that, I thought of the phenomenon of our modern lifestyle: mass production and mass consumption.

Isn’t it amazing that the different cosmic systems of cell, body, society and the entire Universe, from micro to macro, exhibit such striking similarities and correspondence?

莉莉和我开始来回发送电子邮件。莉莉有着绝妙的幽默感和天马行空的想象力。有一天她问我: “你知道在微观宇宙中,蛋白质降解器其实是什么吗?” 然后她替我回答: “黑洞。”然后她给我发了一组关于黑洞现在宏观宇宙中有多活跃的报告。 “你看,”她说, “细胞生病时蛋白质降解器非常忙碌,而当宏观宇宙中的黑洞非常忙碌时,这意味着什么?” (她是说:人类生存的宇宙也生病了!)



At this point, when I went back to think about the question, “What makes the cancer cells accumulate so many mistakes and allow it to violate so many different safeguarding mechanisms,” a simple but clear answer came to my mind, “It is the hyper-metabolism rate of the proteins!” If all cells in a body are in the state of mass-production, the proteasome system is likely to be overloaded and unable to break down old and broken proteins, which then carry out wrong things, which further disrupt the balance. Since the proteins are the real players in all of the functions of a cell, when bad proteins cannot be eliminated, they will continue to do bad things till the entire system is out of control. No matter how hard the cell tries to increase the amount of proteasome production, if the metabolism continues to increase, the cell will eventually fail to manage. The increased proteasome level seen in cancer cells likely reflects such a last struggle the cell trying to regain the balance.



如果体内所有细胞都处于大量无度之生产状态,那么蛋白质降解器系统 Proteasome System 很可能会超载,无法分解旧的和损怕了的蛋白质,从而进行错误的操作,从而进一步破坏平衡。由于蛋白质是细胞所有功能的真正参与者,当坏蛋白质无法消除时,它们会继续做坏事,直到整个系统失控。无论细胞如何努力增加蛋白质降解器Proteasome的数量,如果新陈代谢继续增加,细胞最终将无法管理。在癌细胞中观察到的蛋白质降解器Proteasome水平升高可能反映了细胞试图重新获得平衡的最后挣扎。

I cannot help wondering how many of the diseases modern people are experiencing are the result of the hectic lifestyle they have, the mental stress they are under, and the endless pursuits in which their minds and hearts engage. All these can, through the unique human psycho-neuroendocrine system, transmit to the cell level orders to increase the cellular metabolism, which, when it overwhelms the proteasome system, leads to the accumulation of cellular mistakes, and, finally, to the downfall of the body system. To take a step further, is the endless desire for more money, more goods, more recognition and more power also closely linked to many of society’s diseases?


Then what is the cure for cancer? What is the cure for all of society’s problems? What can slow down the activities of the black hole in the Universe? The problem of curing cancer is as gigantic as the latter two problems. But is there a common cause for all three? Is there a Universal Law, violation of which will lead to the manifestation of all cosmic problems, from small to big? Is it possible that everything we can see in this physical world, is a mere manifestation of a something we vaguely call consciousness?








Here comes this forbidden gray zone for modern science: the realm of spirit and consciousness.

Modern science locks it outside and believes that we can only understand nature by cleanly separating out matter from spirit.

But what is the nature of spirit?

What is its connection with matter?

Without knowing the answers for these questions, can we truly be so comfortable and so confident that we can understand the laws of our body and the laws of this Universe at this physical level?







Prior to my trip to Boston, I was reading a new issue of Science, which had on its cover a famous painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1573-1610), of the Greek myth of Narcissus. Narcissus, upon looking into the water, saw his own reflection, and then fell deeply in love with his own image. He could not let go of his fascination with this image but, instead, poured in all of his attention, let it consume all of his energy, and finally, he died.

在我去波士顿之前,我正在阅读新一期的《科学》杂志,其封面是米开朗基罗·梅里西·达·卡拉瓦乔(Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio,1573-1610 年)描绘的希腊神话中关于美男子纳西索斯变成水仙花的名画。纳西索斯在水中看到了自己的倒影,便深深地爱上了自己的形象。他无法放下对这幅画面的迷恋,反而倾注了所有的注意力,让它消耗了他所有的能量,最后,他死了。

At the very beginning, I thought, “Why couldn’t Narcissus tell that that was his own image?” Of course, at that time, I guess, they did not have mirrors. But then I asked, “Why didn’t he take a careful look at himself? If he had done that, he would have found out that there were lots of similarities between his own hands and clothes and those in the image”.

一开始,我想: “为什么那喀索斯不知道那是他自己的形象呢?”当然,那个时候,我猜,他们没有镜子。但后来我问: “他为什么不仔细看看自己?如果他这样做了,他会发现自己的手和衣服与图像中的有很多相似之处。”

Then I smiled, “Actually, how many of us remember to take a look at ourselves in our lives? When we have problems, we look at everything outside, except ourselves. Birth, disease, aging and death, we all look for answers from outside. We have spent so much of our resources to find the cures for diseases. We are now hoping that someday there will be a super-computer that will enlighten us with respect to the mysteries of life. But what if this entire physical world is a delusional world like what has been taught since a long time ago by ancient sages?

然后我笑道: “其实,我们有多少人记得在生活中审视自己?当我们遇到问题时,我们会看外面的一切,除了我们自己。生、病、老、死,我们都在外面寻找答案。我们花费了大量资源来寻找治疗疾病的方法。我们现在希望有一天会出现一台超级计算机,它会启发我们了解生命的奥秘。但是,如果这整个物质世界是一个像很久以前古圣所教导的那样的迷的世界呢?”

Have we seen enough correspondence between the Universe, the human society, the human body and the cell?

Is it possible that we have stared into our own shadow image for too long?

Is it time to find our true self and go home?




(Notes: After my talk, several Falun Dafa practitioners came to me and told me their personal experiences of how they or other practitioners recovered from various “incurable” diseases such as systemic sclerosis and various cancers through their cultivation practice.)



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