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Journey of Lotus

Lotus' greatest wish is to bring all her little friends in China to America.

One day, when Lotus saw the pictures of the orphan children of Falun Dafa practitioners, she said, "Mom, they are all my little friends. Let us bring them home".

When Lotus just started to speak her first sentences in Chinese, she said, "Stop Persecution!"


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Words from Mom to Little Lotus After Lotus Decided to Leave Flushing to Help to Comfort the Sad Hearts in Oceanside Wounded by the Flushing Hate Crimes

My Little Lotus. You are three and a half on Saturday. On August 19, 2009, you bravely started the Journey to Oceanside where you were born, in your Pink Lotus Dress and your Lotus shoes. I am with you every moment along your journey and heavenly light is embracing your wonderful kind heart.

Please teach everyone in your home town what is flowing in your mind, body and soul


Please dance the wonder of Chinese divine culture of the five thousands of years


Please sing the song of Falun Dafa Hao and Reincarnation and I sing along with you


Please walk your way guided by Truth-Compassion-Tolerance and lead those awaiting you


May your heart filled with innocent joy and pure compassion


May your mind clear and bright as sun shine


May your beauty flush all dark and ugly


May your wisdom disperse all doubts


May your kindess melt away the frost of hate


May the King Lotus fullfill her grand mission




Lotus Journal

Story One

Lotus cleaned up the park

Story Two

Lotus gave money to the homeless

Story Three

Lotus Walked out from a Christian Activity

Story Four

Lotus Report to the Police

Story Five

Lotus Saved a Pink Chair

Story Six

Lotus Commented on Mental Illness

Story Seven

Lotus Taught Compassion and Dignity

Story Eight

Lotus Worked as a Street Vendor

Story Nine

Lotus Spread Truth on the Seven Train





We Hope All Innocent Children Can Regain Their Happiness

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