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The Whole Elephant Institute Conference on January 10, 2010

Where: Marco Hotel in Flushing, New York

When: January 10, 2010

Who: Fifty Invited Special Guests

What: Discuss Programs for the Whole Elephant Institute

Why: Team and Program Building

How: Communicate








One: Education

English Language programs:

1. Mothers who need help with young children’s school work (Julia)

2. Fathers who need help with doing businesses (Andy)

3. Grandmothers who need help with passing citizen tests (Ms. Cao)

4. Professional ladies who need help with obtaining licenses (Sandy and Lili)

5. Oversea Scientists who need help with advancing careers (Dong and friends)

6. Teenagers who need help with high school programs (Danise and Andrew)

7. Oversea Chinese children who need help with passing English tests to come to American Colleges (Lucy)

Chinese language programs:

1.      Americans wishing to learn Chinese conversational language
2.      Americans wishing to learn Chinese culture
3.      Americans wishing to do business with Chinese Community
4.      Americans wishing to form future family with Chinese people
5.      Americans wishing to learn how to make Chinese food
6.      Americans wishing to learn how to better their health by learning Chinese medicine
7.      Americans wishing to go to China to do businesses or study

Small Business Development Programs:

1.       How to start a small business

2.       How to manage a small business

3.       How to get funds for a small business

4.       How to hire workers and train workers for a small business

5.       How to do book-keepings for a small business

6.       How to obtain various licenses for small business operation

7.       What types of small businesses are best suitable for Chinese Immigrants?

Health Education Programs:

1.       Stress is the number one cause of system diseases

2.       Why does stress cause system diseases

3.       How to better manage stress

4.       Chinese traditional culture wisdom teachings in health and diseases

5.       American health science advances in health and diseases

6.       Different ethnicity health remedies for health maintenance and disease management

7.       Different holistic practices in stress management

Immigration Law Education Programs:

1.       How to apply for political asylum

2.       How to help children to come abroad to study

3.       How to help spouse to come to America

4.       How to help friends to come to American to do business

5.       How to apply for graduate schools in America

6.       How to apply for visiting Scholars in America

7.       How to create small businesses in America

Law studies at the Whole Elephant Institute

1.       Human Rights Law

2.       Constitution Law

3.       Business Law

4.       Health Law

5.       Family law

6.       Immigration law

7.       Law reform

Business Studies at the Whole Elephant Institute

1.       Training program for English Teachers

2.       Training Program for Chinese Teachers

3.       Training Program for immigration law paralegals

4.       Training Program for Chinese Restaurant Businesses

5.       Training Program for real estate business

6.       Training Program for financial planning business

7.       Training program for tourism development

8.       Training program for computer-related skills

9.       Training program for media development

10.     Training program for Chinese medicine practices

Two: Health

To Set Up Holistic Fitness Centers in the local community

To Develop Human Life Science Center

To Form a Community Coalition for Better Health of Women and Girls

Three: Business

To set up small businesses in the local community in the various business fields mentioned in the business education programs

To form a fund raising team and grant writing team

To form a marketing team

Four: Law

To coordinate all legal cases related to persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners here in America

To manage legal aspects of rescue orphan children and bring them to America

To resolve legal matters of the local communities by forming a strong legal team

To build a legal education and research team

Five: Media

Bring NTDTV, Dajiyuan, the Epoch Times, Sound of Hope to the Chinese Community here in Flushing

Language and Business training programs for media staff

Fund Raising Program for media

Research Program for media

Social Networking building Program for media

English program development for NTDTV

Filming program

Consortium for the Development of Flushing Community

Model: to build the world first class multi-culture community here in Flushing, by testing a new model of community-based integral system which allows the community to become an organic healthy living entity, free from un-necessary stresses caused by artificial separations among people due to spiritual and cultural barriers among people.

Use the Whole Elephant Institute as a platform to bring together world experts and scholars to Flushing to systematically explore the solutions for all fields of human science and social crisis.

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