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The Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office 2022
On July 18th, 2022, Dr. Lotus King Weiss embarked on the Journey to the West: from New York to Seattle, to land the Whole Elephant Institute in Washington State. Eighteen years ago, Dr. Tongwen Wang left Seattle to embark on the Journey to the East: to establish the Whole Elephant Institute, after her frontier cancer immunology research laboratory at the Benaroya Research Institute/Department of Immunology at the University of Washington was ordered to shut down, by the then-governor of Washington State, Mr. Gary Locke, who was controlled by the former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin's gang of persecutors of Falun Dafa practitioners. For 18 years, the Whole Elephant Institute carried out public education to expose the true evil nature of CCP and supported the modern Exodus: Chinese people's renouncing the CCP and its evil organizations. Among the 1.5 billion Chinese people enslaved by the CCP in the communist China, after 18 years of hard efforts of the Truth Warriors of Falun Dafa practitioners, today over 400 million Chinese people have been set free from CCP! It is time to prepare for the upcoming of a new China free from CCP. It is time to clean up all CCP infiltrates in America. Washington State has played the role of the Receptor for the CCP virus which has entered America and has caused huge losses of lives in America. There is deep reason for Seattle to be the American City to have the first case of Wuhan Pneumonia in Early 2020. Washington State people have been a target of CCP lies and many people have traded their conscience and justice for money in face of CCP infiltration. Dr. Tongwen Wang's journey is a validation of the right choice in face of CCP infiltration: only by steadfastly seek the truth, follow the truth, validate the truth, uphold the truth and spread the truth, humanity can walk out from the CCP's dark quantum field of a human world malignant cancer to be completely healed and embrace a fresh new life. A Glorious Drama begins!

Nine Character True Words


Zhen 1 Truthfulness

Shan 4 Compassion

Ren 3 Forbearance

Hao 3 Good

Fa 3 Law

Lun 2 Wheel

Da 4 Great

Fa 3 Law

Hao 3 Good

Dr. Lotus King Weiss' First Walk at the UW District in Seattle on July 20th 2022

Dr. Lotus King Weiss' First Walk at the UW District in Seattle on July 20th 2022

Dr. Lotus King Weiss' First Walk at the UW District in Seattle on July 20th 2022

Dr. Lotus King Weiss Registered to Vote in Washington State on September 6th 2022

Dr. Lotus King Weiss Introduces the Most Important Frontier Life Science Research Discoveries Today Which Point Out a Paradigm Shift of This Field

Dr. Lotus King Weiss Explained the Vision of a Holographic Universe and Delivered Her Story in Front of the UW Library

Dr. Lotus King Weiss' First Meeting with the Founding President of the United States of America: Mr. George Washington at UW Campus

Dr. Lotus King Weiss Delivers the True Vaccine to Washington State People

"CCP Hate Propaganda Triggers Transnational Repression Case Report: Tripalink Business Leader Filed a False Report to Google to Disable WEI Email Address"

On September 18th, 2022, Dr. Lotus King Weiss kindly shared an email with Tripalink Business Leader at the email address of "" with the following contents:


"Letter to We The People in Washington State on September 18th 2022"


Greetings from the Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office!


Thank you, my dear friends of WE The People, for your pure-hearted Trust-Love-Respect!


I see the hope of Washington in the Washingtonians who are awakened to the Truth that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has infiltrated into every aspect of Washingtonians' daily livings by stealing the Conscience and Justice from Washington.

I want to inform every true Washingtonian a Great Truth: the current crisis of Washington State can only be resolved when Washingtonians, We the People, stand up together to say NO to the cancerous infiltration, now called Transnational Repression, from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! It has been due to the CCP infiltration which was helped by the western variants of Communism here in Washington State that the entire Washington State now is suffering from a malignant social cancer!


The CCP first made the elected officials in Washington State to sell their Conscience and Justice by telling them "do not criticize China's human rights crisis if you want to do business with China". Since July 20th, 1999, the CCP evil leader Jiang Zemin launched the most horrific persecution towards over 100 million Falun Dafa practitioners inside the Communist China (go to this website to learn what is Falun Dafa:; go to this website to learn the facts of CCP's persecution towards Falun Dafa practitioners inside China: www.clearwisdom.net


By today, the most inhumane persecution has been ongoing for over 23 years! During this 23 years, the former Governor of Washington, Mr. Gary Locke and every elected Washington State Government officials, have been the target of CCP's carefully planned transnational repression, through all formats of cancerous infiltration. Many of these elected leaders were put into trials of their hearts and souls in face of CCP's lies, temptations of money, power, women, etc, or pure thuggish threats. Most of them surrendered their souls to appease CCP the true Red Devil of Modern Human World.


One such case is how CCP directly took control of the Washington State politicians, like Mr. Gary Locke:


As a third generation of Chinese Immigrants, Mr. Gary Locke lacks the understanding of the evil nature of CCP and has been holding onto the sentimental love towards China and has been hoping to do something good for Washington people by establishing many formats of business relationships between Washington State and the CCP controlled Communist China. Many Washingtonians also love China and want to trade with Chinese people. So Mr. Gary Locke was supported by many Washingtonians to be the Governor of Washington State, since he has this unique character of a "China Connection". Many Washingtonians thought that China was gradually "opening up to western ideology of democracy and free trading". China also has 1.5 billion people, a huge market for business! The business communities in Washington State, such as Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, and the Big Five Information Technology Companies are all lured into doing business with the Communist China, under the "Appeasement" ideology of the leaders of Washington State!


But the Truth is exactly the opposite!


Chinese people inside of the Communist China are not free people who can do free trade with the international communities of normal business!


Chinese people are completely enslaved by CCP! All normal human rights of Chinese people are completely deprived from them. Chinese people are forced to make a deadly vow to dedicate their lives to the mission of Communism, by joining the CCP's three evil organizations, called the CCP's Young Pioneer (between age 7-13); CCP's Youth League (between 14-18); CCP's Party (Adult).


Any American businessmen who does "trade" with the Communist China needs to follow the order of the CCP!

Those who do not know this Truth shall read the books by an American businessman, Mr. Ethan Gutmann:


Mr. Gary Locke soon was forced to completely follow CCP's order. One such order he followed was to shut down a critically important frontier life science research project at the Benaroya Research Institute at downtown Seattle, a world-renowned Cancer Immunology Center, where the world-renowned Cancer Researcher, Dr. Tongwen Wang was carrying out the studies of the impact of Falun Dafa cultivation practice on the human immune system:


Dr. Tongwen Wang's Publications

A Set of Scientific Data That Makes CCP Tremble in Fear

Use Legal Approach to Save Gary Locke

CCP's Transnational Repression Towards Dr. Tongwen Wang


Dr. Tongwen Wang became immediately blacklisted by CCP's 610 Office which was established by Jiang Zemin to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners inside and outside China following Jiang Zemin's order: "Ruin Their Reputation; Make Them Financially Bankrupt and Eliminate Them Physically". As an internationally renowned Cancer Researcher, Dr. Tongwen Wang lived in the mainstream American society with a beautiful family, supportive colleagues and great circles of loving kind friends and neighbors. But what unfolded under the CCP's all-encompassing infiltration into Washington State first, and eventually in every state of America, is so shocking! Dr. Tongwen Wang's family members, especially the most important ones: her parents, the only brother, the Jewish husband, her classmates and teachers from elementary school, middle school, high school to university and graduate school, neighbors, and eventually, even the fellow Falun Dafa practitioners, were all subjected to the CCP's threats and hate propaganda attacks! The family, workplace and community in America have all turned hostile towards Falun Dafa practitioners under the attack of CCP hate propaganda campaign and gradually takes away people's Conscience and Justice!


To thoroughly eradicate the poisons of the CCP infiltrations of lies, threats, and hate propaganda, Dr. Tongwen Wang founded the Whole Elephant Institute to thoroughly clarify the Truth of what is Falun Dafa and why is CCP so afraid of Falun Dafa, with Compassion as the driving force, to deliver the healing of a malignant social cancer created by the CCP, and now metastasized to all nations through CCP's infiltrations.


On July 18th, 2022, the calling of good Washingtonians brought the Whole Elephant Institute into an official landing in Seattle, University of Washington District, in the building managed by Tripalink Company, a site that is under the serious attack of CCP Transnational Repression and Western Communism Variants.


The human world is not the playground of the Red Devil, but the special plane where our Creator has come to deliver the ultimate Way of Salvation!


Falun Dafa is here to save people.


The Whole Elephant Institute is here to help the Washingtonian to eliminate all CCP infiltrations by:


Seek the Truth

Follow the Truth

Validate the Truth

Uphold the Truth

Spread the Truth


Welcome to the Whole Elephant Institute:



But the Tripalink Business Leader completely misunderstood (due to CCP's hate propaganda against Falun Dafa in many formats of lies) Dr. Lotus King Weiss' kind communication and immediately responded with negativity and filed a false report to Google for "spam" and our email address became instantly disabled!


This has been causing our daily communication at this email, YouTube account, Gan Jing World account and Shen Yun Shop account and all posted social media contents containing our YouTube account and Gan Jing World account to be all affected.


Although appealing at google has been filed daily for the past eight days, our email account is still not restored!


It is amazing that someone within Google acted so fast to one single false report but is acting so slow to all the repeated appeal of truth for restoring this account!


Compassionate Truth-clarification will be carried out to help Google and YouTube to make the correct choice between True and False, Good and Evil, Virtue and Vice. 


The Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office Sends Best Wishes to Tripalink, Google and YouTube!


Please remember:


Whatever you do to others is what you are doing to yourself!


Seek the Truth and Be Saved!

Let Us Never Forget What Has Been Happening to 

Falun Dafa Practitioners and Their Children

The Chinese People Are Quitting CCP! 

By Today, the Modern Exodus has over 400-Million Awakened Chinese People!

Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Messengers of Our Creator

Sun Light of Truth Will Make All Dark Cloud of Lies Disappear 


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New Brochure of the Whole Elephant Institute

The True Human Life Science Research Project 

"The True Human Life Science CCP Fears"


“An Ancient Cultivation Practice Falun Gong Improves Neutrophil Functions and Causes System-Level Gene Regulation"


(Written by Dr. Tongwen Wang in 2004)

作者: 王彤文博士


Here we include new updated information at the Whole Elephant Institute.


Published research data by Dr. Lili Feng's team can be found here:


Dr. Lili Feng's Published Article



November 12th, 2021


Research Abstract:


Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, was a very popular Qigong practice in China between 1992-1999 and now is known and practiced by nearly 100 million people throughout the world. Among all of the different Qigong practices that exhibit effects on improving one's health, Falun Gong had the fastest growth rate and the most far-reaching influence among the Chinese people. The effect of Falun Gong on health appears not to be dependent upon age, sex, or cultural background, as indicated by the large-scale health survey carried out in 1998 in China. To better understand the healing effects of Falun Gong, we carried out a series of studies on polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils; PMNs) of Falun Gong practitioners and compared them with PMNs from randomly chosen non-practitioners.


法轮功,又称法轮大法,是1992年至1999年间在中国非常流行的一种气功功法,现在全世界有近1亿人知道和修炼。在所有对健康有益的气功功法中,法轮功在中国人中的增长速度最快,影响最深远。 1998 年在中国进行的大规模健康调查表明,法轮功对健康的影响似乎与年龄、性别或文化背景无关。为了更好地了解法轮功的健康效应,我们对法轮功修炼者的多形核白细胞(中性粒细胞;PMNs)进行了一系列研究,并将其与随机选择的非修炼者的 PMNs 进行了比较。


Research Results:


We here report the cellular and molecular changes in Falun Gong practitioners' PMNs that may underlie the enhanced immunity, alteration of apoptotic properties in favor of a rapid resolution of inflammation, as well as PMNs longevity based upon a much more economical balance of protein synthesis and degradation.




Research Data Sent to Dr. Tongwen Wang from Dr. Lili Feng

Chinese Article by Dr. Tongwen Wang at the Whole Elephant Institute 


Introduction and Figure 1:


Figure 2:


Figure 3:


Figure 4:


Figure 5:


Figure 6:


Figure 7:


Figure 8:




Our studies suggest that Falun Gong practice alters immunity, apoptotic cell death, and protein metabolic rate in a systemic fashion. Our findings further suggest that a new paradigm is urgently needed to understand the holistic link between human mind, body and spirit.


There has been increasing interest in the phenomena of mind-body relationships, a subject that has not been subjected to systematic scientific investigation due to its complex nature. However, there is ample evidence accumulated throughout history to support the powerful physical effects of practices that are directed towards the mind or spirit.


Such practices include both religious and non-religious cultivation practices. In Western societies, faith-based religious practices are predominant while the Eastern culture emphasizes the practice of physical and mental disciplines, such as yoga, meditation, tai qi (tai ji quan), karate and most recently, an ancient cultivation practice, Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa




While the health benefits of yoga, meditation and prayer have been documented and partly recognized by the general public, the mechanisms that underlie such apparent effects are not well understood at the physiological level. Very little has been documented and systematically studied at the cellular or molecular level. On the other hand, major technological progress has been made in the area of biological research that now allows rapid and precise monitoring of many of the detailed molecular events inside of a single cell. Many diseases can now be traced to the level of individual molecular defects in cells. Thus, it is now feasible to tackle the phenomena that are consistently associated with spiritual practices by mapping the physical manifestations of the effects of these practices at the cellular and molecular level.



There are several well-recognized difficulties in conducting research on mind-body subject. First, it is commonly observed that there is a wide range of variability among practitioners of the same practice. Second, there also has been the lack of a large number of practitioners who consistently practicing one type of practice. Because of these factors, the results of such studies are frequently questioned for not being generally representative or applicable. The practice of Falun Gong, however, exhibits unique features that allow more systematic studies of mind-body relationships. These features are:


1) In comparison to many other practices, Falun Gong exhibits very dramatic and powerful effects on the practitioners. During 1998, five independent health surveys were conducted in Beijing, Wuhan, the region around the city of Dalian , and Guandong Province by local medical institutions. They are the most systematic and comprehensive health surveys done on Falun Dafa practitioners to date. The surveys concluded that Falun Gong had provided significant health and fitness benefits to more than 98% of its practitioners.

1) 与许多其他功法相比,法轮功对修炼者的影响非常显着和强大。 1998年,地方医疗机构在北京、武汉、大连市周边地区和广东省进行了五次独立健康调查。这是迄今为止对法轮大法修炼者进行的最系统、最全面的健康调查。调查得出的结论是,法轮功为 98% 以上的修炼者提供了显著的健康和健身益处。

2) There are a large number of Falun Gong practitioners, currently already exceeding 100 million ( Furthermore, the practice itself emphasizes the principal of "Do Not Follow Two Paths at the Same Time," so the practitioners are consistently only practicing Falun Gong.


3) There is a wide range of Falun Gong practitioners, differing in gender, age, professions, and cultural or ethnic background. Despite such different backgrounds, the healing effects on different diseases are consistent. Thus the health effects from practicing Falun Gong appear not to be linked to many factors that have been considered to complicate the interpretations of studies of similar nature.


These features of Falun Gong suggest that modern biological or biophysical technologies can be applied here to reach a deeper level of confirmation or understanding of the molecular manifestation of spiritual practice on our human body.


Since the immune system has been previously shown to be highly sensitive to environmental and psychological changes, we carried out studies to examine the effect of Falun Gong practice on the polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs), which are relatively short-lived but are produced in large quantity during the immune responses and play critical roles in innate immunity.


Studies at the cellular level reveal increased bactericidal activities of PMNs from Falun Gong practitioners. Furthermore, Falun Gong practitioners' PMNs exhibit increased life span in the absence of stimulation from agents such as bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), but increased apoptosis upon LPS stimulation. Such changes in apoptotic responses of PMNs suggest an alteration of PMN functions in favor of a rapid resolution of inflammation.

细胞水平的研究揭示了法轮功修炼者中性粒细胞的杀菌活性增强。此外,在没有细菌脂多糖 (LPS) 等药物刺激的情况下,法轮功修炼者的中性粒细胞寿命延长,但在 LPS 刺激下细胞凋亡增加。 PMN 细胞凋亡反应的这种变化表明 PMN 功能的改变有利于炎症的快速消退。

We also applied micro-array technology to examine changes in levels of gene expression in PMNs. Drastic system-level changes in gene expression were detected in PMNs of Falun Gong practitioners, while little changes were detected among non-practitioners, despite the differences in age and gender.

我们还应用微阵列技术来检查 PMN 中基因表达水平的变化。在法轮功修炼者的中性粒细胞中检测到基因表达在系统水平上的剧烈变化,而在非修炼者中检测到的变化很小,尽管存在年龄和性别差异。

Most interestingly, the genes that are regulated in a consensus fashion among the practitioners can be grouped into several functional clusters, which are directly linked to PMN functions in anti-viral immunity, apoptotic property and possibly longevity based upon a much more economical balance of protein synthesis and degradation.




Biology is the study of life phenomena. The biological research in the last century has taken the approach of dissecting systems into parts, studying the parts in a defined setting with controlled parameters, gathering information about the parts in separate settings, identifying the functions of the parts in the defined settings following a defined hypothesis, and then drawing conclusions regarding the function and functional mechanisms of the parts in the defined system. These studies have now brought us face to face with an extremely complex picture of molecular interactions: a dynamic web of communication between different molecules inside of a cell and the extremely complex and dynamic regulation of the communication web by signals from outside the cell.


For the human body, the complexity is further escalated to a uniquely new and high level. At the level of a human body, the communication between a human being and the environment takes a different form in our range of perception, which is something that we can no longer easily detect with physical means.


The signals from outside are manifested at a finer or subtler manner. There are vehicles that mediate the exchange of these signals between different human beings. Language in different forms is one of the most well recognized vehicles. Many of the forms of artistic expression of the human spirit can be viewed as vehicles of for these signals: music, painting, sculpture. These human communication "signals" generate "readouts" on the physical body with names such as love, hatred, fear, anger, sad, happiness, which currently belong to the social, psychological and spiritual realms of studies.


Such abstract signals in fact exert great impact on the biological systems of a human body but are currently placed outside of the field of biology. This is primarily due to the fact that current biological research is based on in vitro systems or animal models and therefore cannot test these unique "signals" that are sensed only by the human body and mind.


It is therefore important to recognize the limitations of our current knowledge in the field of biology, since it is derived from studies on non-human subjects and using artificial man-made systems. This then raises an important question about what approaches we should take to study the subject of human life phenomena, that is human biology, which is directly relevant to human medicine.


The intrusive approaches biologists have been taking to study other organisms are not applicable to studying the human body. The unique mind-body characteristics of a human being cannot be mimicked by any animal models. A new paradigm needs to be established to study the biology of the human body in the least intrusive manner.


Recognizing the unique communication signals that regulate the biology of a human body, we also need to find a way to combine the studies of these human signals, which belong to separate fields of the social sciences, with studies of human biology. In this sense, human biology is at a very unique position to unify many areas of modern sciences, which have been fragmented and considered un-related throughout history.


While such studies were not possible due to limited knowledge of the basic components of the human body, we are, however, facing an important revolution in this area, due to the recent development in the areas of genomics, proteomics, nanotechnology and computational biology. These technologies will provide us the ability to make "snap shots" of the molecular communication patterns occurring inside of a cell in a living organism.


It is based upon one such technology that we now observe how a spiritual practice can profoundly influence a genome-wide gene expression pattern and shift cell functions to a more economical state.


A thorough verification and expansion of the studies of the impact of practicing Falun Gong to population health and to gene expression/cell function of human cells will provide a solid proof of concept in this new area of human biology and lay the foundation for future human system studies of a similar nature.


Some surveys on health benefits of practicing Falun Gong:






Article One

Article Two

North America and more:


The Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office 2022

All WEI Seattle Office Videos on the YouTube Account Associated with Dr. Lotus King Weiss' Gmail Account are All Suddenly Terminated Upon a False Report by Tripalink Business Leader: So Please Take Actions to Fix This Issue. Thanks!

First Walk in the Seattle Community on July 20th 2022

Here Dr. Lotus King Weiss reviewed her deep thoughts after 18 years away from Seattle

Greetings from Dr. Lotus King Weiss from the WEI Seattle Office

Dr. Lotus King Weiss sends greetings from the new Seattle Office to all WEI Community Members

The Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Community

First Visitor at the WEI Seattle Office

This young man came to visit the WEI Seattle Office and was warmly received by Dr. Lotus King Weiss

Walk Towards the Light

Dr. Lotus King Weiss' Community Outreach Walk after a full day of office work. She met a church group and then walked towards the light and sang her songs of Compassion.

The Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office Established

Rooted in the Trust-Love-Respect of the Wonderful Seattle People, the Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office is now ready to deliver Truth.

The Whole Elephant Institute Seattle Office Kitchen

Teach Chinese Language and Culture at WEI Seattle Office Kitchen

The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School Founding Board

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