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The Whole Elephant Institute:

Wake Up American People to Say No to CCP Is the True Vaccine and Panacea for the CCP Virus Induced Plague


Public Education Textbook:公眾教育教材

1. The Whole Elephant Institute recommends a set of three powerful books to the American General Public to understand the True Nature of CCP:

1. 全象學院(The Whole Elephant Institute)向美国公众推荐三本有力的书,以了解中共的真实本质:

2. A new book from the Trump Administration for American People to understand the mistakes made by the former American government in adopting the appeasement policy instead of firmly saying No to CCP, leading to the current nearly fatal crisis facing every American people:

二. 川普政府为美国人民准备的一本新书,旨在帮助人民認清過去美国政府在对中共釆用了綏靖政策而没有堅定地否定它,从而导致当前每个美国人面临的近乎致命的危机:

"President Trump on China: Putting America First"《川普總統的對華政策:美國優先》

For decades, Donald J. Trump was one of the few prominent Americans to recognize the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party and its threat to America’s economic and political way of life. Now, under President Trump’s leadership, the United States is taking action to protect our nation and its partners from an increasingly assertive China. We are no longer turning a blind eye to the People’s Republic of China’s conduct nor are we hiding our criticism of its Communist Party behind closed doors.


The speeches included in this book 

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starting with Vice President Mike Pence’s groundbreaking remarks on October 2018 and ending with President Trump’s call to action at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, are a key component of the Administration’s effort to protect the American people.

从副总统迈克‧彭斯(Mike Pence)2018年10月的开创性讲话开始,到川普总统在联合国大会第75届会议上呼吁采取行动的演讲,这个政府努力保护美国人民的关键组成部分,都已被编册成书:

Until now, senior American officials had never spoken publicly with such candor and consistency about the challenge posed by China to our nation. Earlier this year, President Trump asked four of his most senior national security officials, Robert C. O’Brien, Christopher Wray, William Barr, and Michael Pompeo, to explain current U.S. policy on China to the American people. Over the summer of 2020, they did so in a series of speeches delivered around the country.

迄今为止,美国高级官员从未如此坦率和一致地公开谈论中国(中共)对我们国家构成的挑战。今年早些时候,川普总统请他的四名最高级别的国家安全官员——罗伯特‧奥布莱恩(Robert C. O’ brien)、克里斯托弗‧雷(Christopher Wray)、威廉‧巴尔(William Barr)和迈克尔‧蓬佩奥(Michael Pompeo)——向美国人民解释美国政府目前的对华政策。2020年夏天,他们分别在全国各地发表了一系列讲话。

Collectively, the remarks contained in this book achieve several import­ant objectives. They educate our citizens about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party to their livelihoods, businesses, freedoms, and values.


These speeches also alert our allies and partners so that they, too, should stand up for their own people, and for our mutual interests and values. The competition with which we are faced is not China versus the United States. It is the Chinese Communist Party, with its Marxist- Leninist and mercantilist vision for the world, versus freedom-loving people everywhere.


These high-level speeches serve to combat the propaganda machine at the heart of the Chinese Communist Party’s global strategy. President Trump understands that it is past time for America to counter China’s messaging about the supposed strengths of its authoritarian model.


In his 2018 address to the Hudson Institute, Vice President Pence discussed the whole-of-government approach that the Chinese Communist Party is employing to advance its influence in the United States, using political, economic, military, and propaganda tools.

彭斯副总统2018年在哈德逊研究所(Hudson Institute)发表演讲时,阐述了中国共产党利用政治、经济、军事和宣传工具,以“倾政府全力”的方式来提升其在美国的影响力的问题。

Following Vice President Pence’s address, Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger spoke to a worldwide Chinese audience about the populist democracy movement that began a century ago in Beijing and is the proud heritage of the Chinese people. He demon­strated that Chinese history contains another path for China’s people.

彭斯副总统发表讲话后,白宫副国家安全顾问马修‧波廷格(Matthew Pottinger)向全世界的华人听众讲述了,一个世纪前在北京开始的民粹主义民主运动,这是中国人民引以为豪的遗产。他解释说,中国的近代历史已经为中国人民提供了另一条道路。

Next, Ambassador O’Brien explained the ideology and global ambi­tions of the Chinese Communist Party to a business forum in Phoenix, Arizona. Many in the West, especially in the business community, are not aware that China today is one of the last few Marxist-Leninist nations on earth.


FBI Director Wray followed with an exposé of the pervasiveness of the People’s Republic of China’s espionage and intellectual property theft from our government, our companies, and our partners. He noted that such theft constitutes one of the greatest wealth transfers in human history.


Attorney General Barr, for his part, warned the American business community of its obligation to protect our national security notwith­standing the blandishments of the Party and the lure of the Chinese market.


Secretary Pompeo concluded the series by outlining what has become the most significant shift in U.S. foreign policy in a genera­tion. America’s diplomats and policy makers, he explains are rising to China’s once-in-a-generation challenge and confronting the threat across the entire diplomatic spectrum.


President Trump’s two speeches, from May and September 2020, hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the Covid-19 pandemic. The President made clear that Beijing’s blunders no longer affect only the Chinese people, as they did under Mao Zedong. They impact the entire world. President Trump points out that beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, China’s environmental devastation in the Pacific and illegal over-fishing in every ocean are but two examples of how China treats the rest of the world.


On the occasion of China’s ending of the “one country, two systems” construct that had guaranteed Hong Kong’s freedom until 2047, the President announced a range of significant penalties, noting the “plain facts [of what China did] cannot be overlooked or swept aside.”


President Trump made plain in his May speech, “The United States wants an open and constructive relationship with China, but achieving that relationship requires us to vigorously defend our national inter­ests.” This book explains what President Trump means by his call for a vigorous defense of our national interests vis a vis China.


The Chinese Communist Party prefers not to have the information and messages contained in this book shared. It does not want people around the world to know what the Party really believes, is doing, and is planning.


Taken together, the speeches herein are similar to U.S. diplomat George Kennan’s 1946 “Long Telegram” to the State Department that outlined his views on the Soviet Union. This book is different from the “Long Telegram” in two important respects. First, unlike Kennan’s case, written by an envoy at post, this book contains the words and policies of the President and his most senior officials. Second, given China’s population size, economic prowess, and historic global ambitions, the People’s Republic of China is a more capable competitor than the Soviet Union at its height.

总的来说,这些演讲与美国外交官乔治‧凯南(George Kennan)1946年发给美国国务院的“长电报”(Long Telegram)相似,后者概述了他对苏联的看法。但这本书在两个重要方面不同于一位特使在邮局写的“长电报”。首先,这本书包含了总统和他最高级官员的言论和政策。其次,考虑到中国目前的人口规模、经济实力和历史性的全球雄心,中国(中共)是一个比鼎盛时期的苏联更有实力的对手。

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