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A Wake Up Call from the Microcosm

Author: Tongwen Wang, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator in Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Department of Immunology

Virginia Mason Research Center

University of Washington

(the Chinese translation version of this article made the Chinese Communist Party very fearful and shortly after this article was published, Dr. Wang was subjected to persecution)

One early spring day, I was on my way to work. A stranger greeted me and asked me what I did for a living. After learning that I am a cancer researcher, his eyes lit up and asked: “Are you going to find a cure for cancer?” His question plunged me deep into thought and now I would like to share some ideas with you.

Ever since my grandmother passed away so suddenly from malignant liver cancer about twenty years ago, the word “cancer” has never left my mind and heart. It was the innocent hope from my young heart that one day I would find a cure that has led me to this stage of my career. Since 1988, I have followed the path of the reductionism-based modern science approach to study Biology at multiple levels: from Anatomy to Histology, Cell Biology, and, finally, to Molecular Biology, using yeast as a model system to study gene regulation. After I obtained my Ph.D. degree, I felt I was ready to go face-to-face with cancer and therefore stepped into the field of cancer research. I do research in this field, like many others, via observing cells in artificial systems, specifically, what we call in vitro systems, which are cell lines grown in petri dishes.

In 1992, when I started my postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, I “met” this powerful protein called Transforming Growth Factor-beta (TGF-beta). This molecule is a potent suppressor of cell growth. In our body, there is a large number of TGF-beta-like proteins, all of them are very powerful, in that each of them is in charge of the formation and maintenance of different major organs of our body. Most of these proteins are potent inhibitors of cell growth. In our body, there is also a large group of proteins whose functions are to actively promote cell growth. Here the ancient wisdom of China, the theory of the balance of Yin and Yang in the macrocosm, is beautifully reflected at the molecular level, in the microcosm of the cell. Research conducted over the past twenty years has led to the elucidation of the detailed molecular network in a normal cell which goes through a highly regulated life cycle of growth, specialization (we call differentiation), aging and death. In every step of the life of a cell, we can “hear the song” and “see the dance” of the interplay of the Yin and Yang factors in great harmony. The disruption of the balance between these two factors is recognized as the foundation for uncontrolled cell behaviors, one of which manifests as cancer.

How does a normal cell turn into a cancer? What went wrong? A normal cell responds to environmental cues to determine when it can enter the growth phase, called the cell cycle, which consists of several distinct stages, named G1, S, G2 and M. There are gates between each stage. The cell has to meet certain requirements before it can move on. These gates are very important, since if there is something wrong in the cell, the gates will serve to safeguard the cell by stopping it at that phase until the problem is somehow fixed. If the problem cannot be fixed, the cell would trigger an alarm system that, amazingly, leads to a well-orchestrated death program. Thus, a normal cell acts in accord with the system it belongs to. When mistakes occur, the cell has a mechanism to “sacrifice” itself for the benefit of the whole. Contrariwise, a cancer cell somehow outsmarts the laws at each gate of the check points between the different phases of growth, thereby continuing to grow in number. The death mechanism is also abolished so that they reach “immortality”. Of course, such temporary immortality is followed by the death of the whole, which reflects, interestingly, a very ignorant but totally selfish “spirit”.

In the past twenty years, cancer researchers have learned that it takes many steps for a cell to accumulate the various protein mistakes that eventually wipe out all major safe-guarding mechanisms at the level of a cell. Then the cell starts to metastasize, during which it again violates multiple system laws, including the laws of the immune system. Like the policeman, the immune system normally provides constant surveys of the body systems to eliminate abnormal cells.

The real mystery is why the cell can manage to accumulate so many mistakes without being eliminated. Within the microcosm of a cell, we know that many safeguarding mechanisms are in place. Within the “midcosm” of a body, we know that there are also many safeguarding mechanisms in place. Why does every safeguarding mechanism fail in a cancer patient? Some biologists believe that cancer is due to some mistakes at the gene level, which allow the genetic material to be unstable, called genetic instability, thus leading to large scale mistakes at the gene level. However, a normal cell knows how to fix a mistake at the gene level and also knows how to initiate the death program when it fails to fix the problem.

Many labs, including my own, study how cells communicate with each other via proteins (; “laboratory research”). TGF-beta is made by almost every cell in our body. When it is released outside of a cell, TGF-beta serves as a signal to “instruct” surrounding cells that have a unique set of proteins that can recognize and bind to it. Once these binding proteins, “receptors”, which are sitting on the cell surface, bind to TGF-beta, these receptors will then “talk” to proteins inside of the cell. The detailed steps of protein-protein communication inside of a cell in response to an outside-of-cell protein are mapped out carefully by many labs in the signal transduction research community. After six years of intensive and expensive studies, we have now identified an interesting functional mechanism for TGF-beta. It is known to everyone in this field that there are a group of proteins inside of the cell, “Smad”, that are critical for carrying out the instructions of TGF-beta to suppress cell growth. In fact, many cancers, such as colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and head and neck cancer, are all associated with defects in these Smad proteins. Only recently have we found that Smad carry out their mission through directly talking to an extremely important protein system inside the cell. This protein system consists of a large number of proteins that all work together to do the following jobs: 1) mark old, aged, or dysfunctional proteins for destruction; and 2) help almost every aspect of cellular function via orderly breaking down proteins to fine-tune the levels of each protein that works as a regulator in the cell. This system also is essential for the immune system to find what is wrong when virus and bacteria enter the body, or when a cell behaves abnormally. This protein system is called “the proteasome system”. The malfunction of this system also blocks the function of TGF-beta as a suppressor of cell growth.

When I was pondering the meaning of this finding, my friend Dr. Lili Feng called me one day. Lili is an Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Both Lili and I practice Falun Dafa, an ancient mind-body practice now broadly known to the public largely due to the recent persecution of Falun Dafa in China ( I knew Lili was carrying out a project to examine the effect of practicing Falun Dafa on cells of the immune system. Lili told me that she has completed her studies on comparing the level of 12,000 genes in Falun Dafa practitioners and non-practitioners. To my great surprise, she mentioned some genes in the proteasome system. So I asked her to send me the original data and decided to take a careful look. From that point on, an amazing stream of enlightening information flowed into my research system. The data Lili sent to me was a pile of numbers assembled randomly from the experiments. But from the pile of the numbers, one clear image came out: more than 10 different proteins in the proteasome system are drastically down-regulated in Falun Dafa practitioners’ immune cells. This would indicate that the proteasome system is down-sized. It would not make much sense if only this system is down-sized, since the lack of sufficient proteasome system would lead to the accumulation of junk and old proteins. But in the same set of data, more than 10 different proteins that belong to another protein system called “ribosome” are also drastically reduced. Ribosomes are responsible for making new proteins. I suddenly realized that the data is suggesting the coordinated down-sizing of the entire pipe-line of proteins production and protein consumption. Lili then mentioned to me that she has read papers regarding correlations between proteasome system size and activity with longevity, in mouse experiments. Dr. Allen Taylor from Boston University reported that when the food supply was restricted, mice live longer and their proteasome system is down-sized (ref 1-3). I then found a paper that reported the correlation of increased proteasome system activity with many different diseases. In this paper, it was reported that the highest proteasome system activity was found in cancer cells (ref 4). A third paper from Lili added the final touch to an idea that started to surface (see below). In this paper (ref 5) it is reported that, from careful studies of protein metabolism in a cell, it seems that 1/3 of new proteins are immediately destroyed after they are made. Thus, the cell is working in a very busy and wasteful state. Lili and I started to send emails back and forth.

Lili has a wonderful sense of humor and a wild imagination. One day she asked me, “Do you know what the proteasome is in the microcosm?” Then she answered for me, “The black hole.” Then she sent me a set of reports on how active the black holes are now in the Universe. “You see”, she said, “the proteasomes are very busy when cells are sick, and what does it mean when the black holes are very busy?” When I heard that, I thought of the phenomenon of our modern life style: mass production and mass consumption. Isn’t it amazing that the different cosmic systems of cell, body, society and the entire Universe, from micro to macro, exhibit such striking similarities and correspondence? At this point, when I went back to think about the question, “What makes the cancer cells accumulate so many mistakes and allow it to violate so many different safeguarding mechanisms,” a simple but clear answer came to my mind, “It is the hyper-metabolism rate of the proteins!”

If all cells in a body are in the state of mass-production, the proteasome system is likely to be overloaded and unable to break down old and broken proteins, which then carry out wrong things, which further disrupt the balance. Since the proteins are the real players in all of the functions of a cell, when bad proteins can not be eliminated, they will continue to do bad things till the entire system is out of control. No matter how hard the cell tries to increase the amount of proteasome production, if the metabolism continues to increase, the cell will eventually fail to manage. The increased proteasome level seen in cancer cells likely reflects such a last struggle the cell trying to regain the balance.

I cannot help wondering how many of the diseases modern people are experiencing are the result of the hectic lifestyle they have, the mental stress they are under, and the endless pursuits in which their minds and hearts engage. All these can, through the unique human pyschoneuroendocrine system, transmit to the cell level orders to increase the cellular metabolism, which, when it overwhelms the proteasome system, leads to the accumulation of cellular mistakes, and, finally, to the downfall of the body system.

To take a step further, is the endless desire for more money, more goods, more recognition and more power also closely linked to many of society’s diseases? So what is the cure for cancer? What is the cure for all of society’s problems? What can slow down the activities of the black hole in the Universe? The problem of curing cancer is as gigantic as the latter two problems. But is there a common cause for all three? Is there a Universal Law, violation of which will lead to the manifestation of all cosmic problems, from small to big? Is it possible that everything we can see in this physical world, is a mere manifestation of a something we vaguely call consciousness?

Here comes this forbidden gray zone for modern science: the realm of spirit and consciousness. Modern science locks it outside and believes that we can only understand nature by cleanly separating out matter from spirit. But what is the nature of spirit? What is its connection with matter? Without knowing the answers for these questions, can we truly be so comfortable and so confident that we can understand the laws of our body and the laws of this Universe at this physical level?

Prior to my trip to Boston, I was reading a new issue of Science, which had on its cover a famous painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1573-1610), of the Greek myth of Narcissus. Narcissus, upon looking into the water, saw his own reflection, and then fell deeply in love with his own image. He could not let go of his fascination with this image but, instead, poured in all of his attention, let it consume all of his energy, and finally, he died.

At the very beginning, I thought, “Why couldn’t Narcissus tell that that was his own image?” Of course, at that time, I guess, they did not have mirrors. But then I asked, “Why didn’t he take a careful look at himself? If he had done that, he would have found out that there were lots of similarities between his own hands and clothes and those in the image”. Then I smiled, “Actually, how many of us remember to take a look at ourselves in our lives?"

When we have problems, we look at everything outside, except ourselves. Birth, disease, aging and death, we all look for answers from outside. We have spent so much of our resources to find the cures for diseases. We are now hoping that someday there will be a super-computer that will enlighten us with respect to the mysteries of life. But what if this entire physical world is a delusional world like what has been taught since a long time ago by ancient sages?

Have we seen enough correspondence between the Universe, the human society, the human body and the cell?


Is it possible that we have stared into our own image for too long?


Is it time to find our true self and go home?

(Notes: After my talk, several Falun Dafa practitioners came to me and told me their personal experiences of how they or other practitioners recovered from various “incurable” diseases such as systemic sclerosis and various cancers through their cultivation practice.)


1. Scrofano MM, Jahngen-Hodge J, Nowell TR Jr, Gong X, Smith DE, Perrone G, Asmundsson G, Dallal G, Gindlesky B, Mura CV, Taylor A. The effects of aging and calorie restriction on plasma nutrient levels in male and female Emory mice. Mech Ageing Dev. 1998 Sep 15;105(1-2):31-44.

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4. Dutaud D, Aubry L, Henry L, Levieux D, Hendi KB, Kuehn L, Bureau JP, and Ouali A. Development and evaluation of a sandwich ELISA for quantification of the 20S proteasome in human plasma. J. of Immuno. Meth. 2002; 260:183-193.

5. Yewdell JW. Not such a dismal science: the economics of protein synthesis, folding, degradation and antigen processing. Trends in Cell Bio. 2001; 11 (7):294-297.

Presented at the Boston Future Science Forum in April, 2002.


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What is required for safe usage of biopharmaceuticals?

A commentary on the Judiciary Committee Hearing on June 23, 2004

Tongwen Wang, Ph.D.


Today is Wednesday. I could be at home and working in my lab in downtown Seattle. But a friendship in Washington DC, established in the past three weeks, gently holds me behind for extra time to work on the non-profit organization, The Whole Elephant Institute. Last night, my friend Jeff turned around from his computer screen and passed me a note on an event. This morning, the other friend here in the house, Court, gave me a ride. I found myself inside the Senate House, room 226.

The hearing I attended was “The Law of Biological Medicine”. It was an impressive group of people, from Senators, to leaders of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), attorneys, a physician and a biological researcher. Everyone was working with a kind heart, which I could feel. The key issue, to my understanding, is on how to handle the off-patent biological molecules that have been used as medicine, such as insulin.

In his opening statement, Senator Hatch said by way of introduction:

“The area of biologics is of growing medical and economic importance. The biotechnology market posted a total of about $30 billion in sales last year, which is expected to double to over $60 billion by 2010.

“We will see a concurrent explosion in the numbers of biologics; there are now over 150 FDA-approved products on the market, with an additional 350 in various stages of human clinical testing and over 1,000 others in the development pipeline.

“But more important than commercial considerations, it is the hope of many that biological products, such as those that may one day be developed from embryonic stems cells, could lead to cures to many diseases that cannot be successfully treated today. Biopharmaceuticals appear to represent the future of medicine.”

I felt sadness in my heart: such a great expectation and enthusiasm from so many people towards scientists, who are supposed to find the way to health. But the reality is far different from this expectation.

I am a molecular biologist, currently residing at Seattle, Washington. I have spent most of my past 16 years in studying molecules, trying to understand their synthesis, modifications, activities and regulations. The observations made in my lab have been published in some of the best scientific journals, such as Science and Cell. As a consultant for Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, I also learned the drug discovery aspects and the profit generating aspects of the companies. Currently I am the Principal Investigator for a research laboratory at an Immunology Research Center in Seattle and hold an affiliate Assistant Professorship at the University of Washington, and have been an American Cancer Scholar. Several years ago, I received a grant from America Cancer Society, which generously provided me with almost one million dollars to study a set of molecules, which are implicated in cancer formation. I remember I stated in the proposal that my studies of these molecules could lead to some kind of cancer therapeutics. Many labs are doing a similar type of work. Quite a lot of resources have been put into these types of work. But in most of the scientists' minds, the research is for discovery, not for finding a cure. The statements for “curing cancer” or “finding molecular therapeutics” have been simply a method of grant writing craftsmanship. Usually four years of studies would lead to some publications, which are then buried in very specialized scientific journals, known only to a few people in areas that are directly relevant to the published work.

So here I am, listening to the hearing. I noticed that I am facing new topics that are equally bothering and require some reflection.

The topics touched upon, during the more than two hours of the hearing, concerned major issues that, if unresolved, can affect every one of us. Because of this, I feel that it is my responsibility to take this matter seriously and voice my comments.

First, regarding the molecules that are called biopharmaceuticals, we should know that they are molecules made by our cells and act upon our cells, in an extremely powerful way. Insulin, for example, is critical for regulating the glucose metabolism and lacking its function leads to diabetes. Interferon gamma is a protein that is critical for the activation of the immune system to launch battles against viral infection. These molecules act upon many cells at once and are not only potent but also very sophisticated in every aspect of their making, modification, activation and function. For the same cell, the molecule can do different things at different times, at different dosages and working with different combinations of other proteins. The responsiveness of cells to the same molecules can constantly change. Different people's cells also can respond differently to the same dosage of the molecule, since the responses depend upon the protein activities inside of the cells. I can go on to list all the complications, but a simple summary is that the molecules are not mechanical entities, but living entities. To manipulate these molecules for a single-minded purpose, we need to be fully aware of the sophistication of these molecules. Otherwise, it is like a child who does not understand what a bomb is, playing with a bomb. However, the current state of our science has not yet resolved the mysteries of these molecules. In fact, no scientist can be confident enough to say that he knows the molecule so well that its behavior is predictable. Even for insulin, a molecule that has been used as a biopharmaceutical for so many years, its mechanisms of action are still not fully understood, thus its actions under new circumstances are unpredictable. Now the production of these molecules so far has been achieved in artificial systems that in fact are very different from human cell environment. The alterations of these molecules in these artificial systems are major and the conditions for the making of these molecules determine the qualities of the molecules produced. The protocols for making these molecules involve multiple steps and the application of many different reagents, which also include biological products from animals, such as the serum from cattle. Thus, even if the protocol for making insulin is totally standardized, the quality of the produced insulin is determined by so many factors along the production line that nobody can guarantee the safety of the products until the final product is put into clinical tests. In other words, the production of a powerful biological molecule is an art that is still only mastered by a few. Even the few who have mastered the art cannot guarantee the safety of these molecules without testing in a real person, since the reagents involved are fresh and could be a sources of contamination by dangerous factors such as an undetected deadly virus.

Because of these factors, it could be a fatal mistake for policy makers to overlook the seriousness of the issues, just because of the consideration of achieving a goal of reducing the price of the drugs or for the sentimental pursuit of winning a competition. Lots and lots of precious lives are involved in these decisions.

While sitting amidst a room full of people today during the hearing and listening to the comments on trying to speed FDA approval, I had an image in my mind, quite vivid, of the speeding Titanic, on the night of the deadly crash into the iceberg. No matter how advanced in our intellectual pursuit, human errors due to human weaknesses, even at one individual level, could bring the disaster to an entire nation, or even more. This is the sadness of a scientist, who sees that the pure-hearted pursuit for intellectual knowledge has been misused many times by irresponsible ignorance, for an ignorant pursuit of self-gratification that disregards the fundamental laws which the scientist honors.

Thus, I propose that the best safeguarding mechanisms we can do, in fact, is nation-wide education. The public, who supported all the research that has led to the current understandings of these powerful molecules, is entitled to know all aspects of these molecules, if they are counting on the application of these molecules for their health. The policy makers, to assure their ability to make the correct current decision, also require an in-depth knowledge of these molecules and the art of the management of these molecules so that wise leadership is possible. The other critical aspect of the required education is on the science of life in general. In a society where people's minds are dominated by competition for profit, irresponsible actions are bound to occur. The production of biopharmaceuticals can not be allowed to afford such irresponsibility. The real challenge we are facing is basic human quality.

Again and again, in recent years, I see the true importance of human beings’ being able to reflect on the fundamental issues we are facing, instead of continuously pursuing profit and immediate material benefits. This is a very big topic which I will not extend further at present, but I recommend some of the essays listed on our website .

Based upon these analyses, I do worry about the current state of biopharmaceuticals in areas such as China where no safeguarding mechanisms have been imposed. I know there are many people who are considering going to China to start biotechnology companies for the cheap labor and loose policies. In the past several years, we have heard bad news from China. The news was covered up carefully and it took some very brave people to risk their safety and even their lives to bring these issues out to the international community. These included the HIV/AIDS crisis due to unsanitary blood collection methods, SARS of mysterious origin, and the persecution of 100 million innocent Chinese Falun Gong practitioners who simply believe in Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.

Under such conditions, if it is allowed for generic biopharmaceuticals to be produced and exported from China, what will be the consequences? If American companies go into China to make products using cheap labor, can we trust such products? Isn't it also the responsibility of the scientific community and the government officials here to safeguard such practices? I see an urgent need for a hearing to be called for examining the practices in this area in China to avoid potential biotechnology disasters.

I have also heard that FDA will hold scientific forums on this topic. Here I urge the scientific community to take an active role in helping the government officials to have sufficient scientific information for correct decisions to be made. It is time for scientists to take on a new role in educating the public and all policy makers who need health-related knowledge in order to do their job well. I also hope that the government has new policies implemented to encourage scientists to do more dry science, that is, to analyze and integrate the currently existing knowledge and therefore help to reduce the amount of waste resulted from rushed or redundant experiments, due to competition.

The new non-profit organization I am working on has the mission of delivering frontier molecular biological observations to the general public through artistic expression and also actively enhancing the cross talk between the ancient Eastern science and modern Western Science. My heart holds a beautiful wish for this work to blossom for the benefit of all of us at this critical time of history.

An Analogy

June 16, 2004

By Joshua Gordan

It can be observed that in a cellular system, many cells work in harmony to construct larger tissue, organ, and body systems.


If those cells are alive, then how much information of their environment are they aware of?


It is difficult to measure the extent of a cell's awareness of its role in the greater body. 

Nonetheless, it can be understood that whether a cell is categorized as “good” or “bad” is whether it fulfills its role for the benefit of the larger body.

When a cell acts independently without following the body's overall instruction, it will most likely have a self-destructive effect, in addition to disrupting the balance of the surrounding systems.

In every known ancient civilization, there are stories and legends of phenomena beyond our physical world.


People believed that God was monitoring and balancing the activities of humans.

Whether that is true, if human society is viewed from the same perspective from which we view cellular systems, a human's belief of responsibility to a higher power is comparable to a cell who understands that his activity is monitored, balanced, and controlled a larger living entity (the body) that is responsible for his life.

In the body, a normal working cell really operates in such a harmonious way.

However, a malignant cancerous cell acts as if the body is a natural resource for manipulating, harvesting, and taking advantage of.

Without acting in the interests of the entire body and having lost sight of the true purpose of a cell's life, the selfish cancer cell heads for destruction.

To take the analogy a step further, when people are persecuted because they have a belief in God or a higher power in the universe, it resembles the cellular phenomena whereby normal, harmonious cells are oppressed by misbehaving cancer cells.

Correspondingly, this phenomena appears to have reached quite a vivid manifestation in Mainland China, where the Chinese Communist Party spent years destroying traditional Chinese spiritual belief, burning religious texts, ravaging temples, and promoting the philosophy of fighting with heaven, earth, and fellow man.

With the promise of building a strong collective, Chinese people are pressured into atheism to relinquish belief in God and spirituality.

As a result, the billions of people in Mainland China have been pressured to become like cells that are unable to see the entire body's arrangement for life, instead living to benefit oneself through “maintaining social stability” through the communist social system at any cost.

Throughout the history of Communist rule, many different groups of people have been persecuted, including Christians, Buddhists, Scholars, Falun Gong practitioners, Doctors who tell the real situation of the spread of disease in China, and the list goes on.

One reason for the oppressions was that one or a few members in the party leadership wanted some political goal to be reached, so they would initiate repressions that targeted the segments of society which might let them best achieve their aims.

However, in the long run, it seems that so many persecutions against a country's own citizens may ultimately destroy or weaken the society and the party's rule.

On Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

By Dr. Tongwen Wang, Ph.D. on March 21, 2010, first day of the Spring

My public education efforts carried out in the past five years here in Flushing New York have allowed me to have direct contact with many illegal immigrants from Mainland China.

Their stories are heart-breaking.

While the world seems to be deceived by the superficial phenomena of “economical growth” of modern China, I, as a cancer researcher, can see very clearly the danger we are facing, when we can not tell the difference of Normal Growth and Malignant Growth.

Modern China is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, whose nature shall be revealed to the world people.

I therefore recommend everyone to check out this website to read the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party (

From reading these articles, we shall be very clear that the Chinese Communist Party is creating a malignant cancer with an ultimate goal to destroy all that are normal and good.

The “illegal immigrants”, therefore, are those who are normal and good and therefore fled into America to seek for protection.

On the other hand, the legal system in America is so numbed up by money greed, and the immigration system is also severely affected by intentional perjury, an act now broadly practiced by those Chinese Attorneys here in the China towns of New York (Flushing, Brooklyn and Manhattan), under the excuse that only through intentional perjury, these illegal immigrants can get their legal status.

In the process of committing intentional perjury, these lawyers collaborated with a large crowd of Chinese immigrants who have no professionalism and secretly extorting a large sum of money from these illegal immigrants who have to do illegal work to get the fund for resolving their legal status.

Many of them, due to such an immediate need of fund, are committing prostitution, gambling and even crimes.

In view of such situation, I do believe that Amnesty for the Illegal Immigrants will be beneficial for America and the world, under the condition that a nation-wide education system can be effectively installed for these illegal immigrants who must study the language, culture, constitution and basic legal and moral practice in America to assure the American System that they will be good American Citizens.

I therefore suggest President Obama to meet with community leaders from all States of America to install an education system and a testing system which will go along with the Amnesty of the Illegal Immigrants.

If such an action is taken in an effective way, then America will immediate gain a major stream of new blood which will be timely to boost the economy of America.

Of course, I also hold a strong believe that the foreign policy of America towards modern China has to be based upon a clear understanding of the true nature of Communism, which indeed is a natural enemy for true faith in God, a solid foundation of America and the source of blessings for this great nation.

I send my greetings to all who are truly concerned about the future of America and have a compassionate heart for the illegal immigrants.

Let us keep in touch and join our hands to work for a better future of America!

A Personal Statement by an Illegal Immigrant


Mr. David Huang; 144-25 33, 4D, Flushing, NY 11354; 646-251-2922;


email contact:

My name is David.


I am an illegal immigrant.

I left my beautiful wife and two lovely children to escape to America, because I was subjected to fine and harassment in the Communist China, simply because I wish to have a normal life: fall in love, get married and have as many children as my destiny gives to me.

However, in Communist China, even such basic rights are taken away from me.

In order to escape to America, I had to borrow 80,000 dollars from friends and relatives or other sources with high return interests.

Then I was given to a snake head, who took me through a journey with

hundreds of other illegal immigrants, a journey that was so arduous that could have killed me many times.

I took airplane, boat, motorcycle, packed in cars, climbed mountains, swam in ocean, walked in desert, chased by police, hidden under basement…went through unbearable starvation, thirst, desperation and fear.

Finally, after almost one year and a half, I arrived at America, which welcomed me with a prison for illegal immigrants.

The three months that I stayed in the prison was the best time I had in the past two years. I was in heaven and made a lot of friends, who I am still in contact with.

I want to tell the American Government that I love freedom, democracy, human rights, and I want to learn English, American Culture, and Law in this country to contribute to a better future of America.

I want to be able to bring my wife and children to America to build a new home here.

I hope one day China will no longer be controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and Chinese people and American People can be like best friends to visit each other freely.

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