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Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls  

A. Background and Summary  

A.I. Overview of the Community: We aim to build a Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls, first in Flushing, New York, to set a model program, for the later implementation of such a model program to New York City and Upstate New York, and ultimately, to all other communities, to benefit Women and Girls, whose health is the key to the health of families, which are like the cells of the whole body of the human society.  

With the support of the grant funding, we would like to serve the community of Women and Girls living in the five boroughs of New York City: Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, as well as in Long Island, and in all towns in Upstate New York. During the first stage, our focus will be upon the local community of Flushing in Queens Borough, where the Headquarter Offices of both applying non-profit organizations, the Whole Elephant Institute (WEI) and the Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY), are currently located physically.  

The Flushing Community is a very unique and special community. Here the predominant population is Chinese immigrants. The second predominant population is Korean immigrants. Among these two populations, women and girls are facing the following health issues:  

1. Stress-induced health issues: insomnia; depression and other emotional disorders caused by the separation of family members associated with immigration. Chronically sustained stress is the cause of all forms of health issues such as fatigue, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, respiratory disorders and eating disorders.  

2. Behavioral issues: smoking, drinking, gambling, wrong sexual conducts, leading to dysfunctional families and major educational problems for the young children. 

3. Environmental health hazards: roach, mice, Chinese cheap goods, cheap and unclean food, discrimination and social disharmony caused by the hate propaganda from Chinese Communist Party. The later is currently leading to hidden forms of hate crimes (see “Hate Crimes in Flushing” on that are directly impacting the health of the entire Flushing Community. The Whole Elephant Institute has been promoting an ancient cultivation practice, Falun Dafa ( to the local community.

The Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute, Dr. Tongwen Wang, is a world renowned cancer researcher ( devoting her efforts in researching into the profound health benefits broadly-reported to be associated with the practice of Falun Dafa ( ).

Dr. Wang is convinced that the broad introduction of the practice of Falun Dafa will greatly benefit all aspects of human life. As a mother and a busy female professional fully devoted to public education to the local community, Dr. Wang has had vast experience in interacting with the mothers and children from all ethnic groups in local communities. Her personal experience in the past several years is the best validation for the amazing power of this ancient practice of mind-body-spirit in helping Mothers to walk out strong and healthy from the most unimaginable pain of losses (Appendix I: Formation of Lotus).

Based upon her vision, Dr. Wang has designed a set of programs, through the format of “Holistic Fitness Center” (see, to systematically deliver wisdom of healthy life style to the community (Appendix II: Bridging the Gaps Fitness Center).

These programs will be implemented, evaluated, researched, improved, reported and sustained, through the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls, as evidence-based health interventions.

A.II. Type of Organizations Applying:

So far, four non-profit organizations are now jointly agreed to enter this grant application:

The Whole Elephant Institute (Appendix III)
The Korean Community Center of New York (Appendix IV)
Ministry of Abraham (Appendix V)
New Generation for Hispanic Youth Progression (Appendix VI)

Jointly, these non-profit organizations will work on building of the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls, starting on September 1, 2010, and will recruit additional new partners and to establish a strong Advisory Committee for the Coalition.

Jointly, these non-profit organizations as well as the newly recruited partners will deliver an evidence-based health intervention, the ancient Qigong Practice, Falun Dafa, in combination with the systematic teachings of the traditional Chinese Culture, to the local Flushing Community of Women and Girls.

A model program of health assessment, holistic health intervention delivery, process and outcome evaluation, mechanistic scientific research, public-media based report, health-policy installation, to nation-wide promotion will be developed through the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls.

A. III. Geographic Area and Target of population to be served:

The starting focus of service will be delivered to the Community of Women and Girls here in Flushing, New York (therefore is primarily urban populations), during the first phase of work of implementation. The population of Women and Girls are multi-ethnicity and multi-national in their background, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Indian, Greek, Italian, Jewish, and Native Americans. With the further development of the Coalition as outlined in part B, the service of the Coalition will also be expanded to a broader geographic area including all five boroughs of New York City, Upstate New York, Long Island, as well as other neighboring states, such as New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. With the aid of public media which will be part of the Coalition, the model of Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls will be likely introduced to, and therefore serving a much broader community of Women and Girls, including even suburban and rural communities throughout America.

A. IV. The Evidence-based Health Interventions the Coalition will deliver:

The predominant health issues faced by women and girls in the local community in Flushing stems from sustained chronic stress caused by various factors, among which predominates the detrimental influence by the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Government. Cheap goods from China have filled up the market, pushing out all other forms of good businesses. The twisted mental state of the new Chinese immigrants due to extensive brain-washing effects by the Chinese Communist Government with the Communist ideology of violence and deception is the root cause of extensive illegal practices in almost all areas in the community, including business, education, law, and medicine. In recent years, hate crimes manifested, first visible, now turn into under-the-cover. Major social disharmony has led to severe stress responses among the new immigrants. The women and girls who are new immigrants become extremely vulnerable to such a hazardous environment, especially because they have lost normal social and family support. Unable to handle sudden stresses from all directions, this population of women and girls tend to be led towards a dangerous path: using sedatives (such as smoking and drinking), giving up basic dignity (being subjected to sexual harassment and abuse at work places), breaking the moral baseline of being a good woman or a good girl (prostitution, adultery), breaking laws by using deceptive means to gain legal status, such as fake marriage, committing gambling, and even aborting or abandoning babies. Such phenomena have been observed in the community work of the Whole Elephant Institute, in the past several years. Accompanying these poor behaviors are the deterioration of the community environment, which is roach-infested, mice infested, with street garbage everywhere. Many women and girls report the problems of insomnia, fatigue, as well as various chronic illnesses.

Recognizing the critical role of women in the health and wellness of the families of the human society, Dr. Wang has been devoting much of her efforts in delivering services of various kinds to this population. The services are centered upon the introduction of the profound ancient cultivation practice of Falun Dafa, in conjunction with offering the living advice and legal support the population needs. The amazing benefits of practicing Falun Dafa have been extensively reported (

The reason the main stream American public has yet to recognize the major health impact of this practice is primarily due to the extensive hate campaign carried out by the Chinese Communist Government, in the international community in the past over 11 years towards this practice. The purpose of such hate campaign, of course, is an attempt to justify the brutal persecution ongoing inside of China.

Dr. Tongwen Wang from the Whole Elephant Institute has designed a holistic health program, with a goal to systematically deliver the profound wisdom from the Traditional Chinese Culture, as well as the truth of Falun Dafa, to the general public, through the establishment of a chain of Holistic Fitness Centers. Upon the formation of the Coalition, with the support of the grant, such an approach will be implemented, evaluated, researched, improved, reported and sustained.

B. Coalition and Capacity Plan


B. I. The Current Existing Coalition:

The current existing partnership and coalition is centered by the Whole Elephant Institute (WEI) and the Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY), with both Headquarter Offices located in Flushing, New York. Since the predominant population in Flushing is Chinese immigrants while the second predominant population in Flushing is Korean immigrants, the partnership of WEI and KCCNY assures the formation of a strong Community-based Coalition to serve the Women and Girls of both Chinese and Korean Community, in addition to the common English-speaking population of Women and Girls here in Flushing. The third and fourth organizations, the New Generations for Hispanic Youth Progression (NGHYP) and Ministry of Abraham (MOA), are headed by Mr. Abraham Hidalgo, who has been committed to assist Dr. Wang to carry out all work centering the formation and operation of the Holistic Health Coalition.

B. II. Introduction of the Background, Strength and Past Experiences

Below is a summary of the background, strength and past experiences of the Whole Elephant Institute (WEI), the Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY), the New Generations for Hispanic Youth Progression (NGHYP) and Ministry of Abraham (MOA).

The Whole Elephant Institute (WEI)

The Whole Elephant Institute is a non-profit organization that has not applied for the 501 3c Status. The Certificate of Incorporation was approved on July 8, 2005. The EIN number of the Whole Elephant Institute is 607787350. Since the establishment, the Whole Elephant Institute has been offering free social and human services to the local community, with a focus on Mothers and Grandmothers, as well as young girls.

The services include:

·         Bilingual (Chinese and English) language teaching and services;
·         Immigration legal services;
·         Public education on the traditional Chinese culture;
·         Truth-clarification about Falun Dafa;
·         Free assistance in learning the practice of Falun Dafa;
·         Housing and living support;
·         Services and Advices to the Mothers of all ethnicities
·         Quitting Chinese Communist Party Education and Services
·          Enhancement of social harmony between political and ethnic groups
·         Support for local and international non-profit organizations:



1.        Global Center for Quitting CCP;

2.        China Democratic Party;

3.        League for the Chinese Victims,

4.        China Social Democratic Party;

5.        Dajiyuan Times; the Epoch Times;

6.        New Tang Dynasty Television;

7.        Shen Yun Performing Arts

·          Delivery of public education materials as well as public speech or teachings to the following schools, universities/Institutes and hospitals:

1.       Oceanside School District (9 schools from Elementary to High School);

2.       York College;

3.       Queens Hospital in Flushing; New York University;

4.       New York University

5.       Columbia University;

6.       Mount Sinai Medical School;

7.       Berkeley College;

8.       Cancer Center of Massachusetts General Hospital;

9.       HOPES Program of MGH; the

10.     Classical High School in Providence, RI;

11.     Rohde Island Hospital in Providence, RI.

The Whole Elephant Institute Community Outreach Programs as well as other education programs can be found on the following websites:;

Dr. Tongwen Wang, the Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute, is a world-renowned scientist specialized in the study of the molecular mechanisms of cancer (Appendix VII: Dr. Tongwen Wang’s resume).

In 2001, after she experienced great benefits from the teachings and practice of Falun Dafa, she started to collaborate with another Falun Dafa practitioner, Dr. Lili Feng, in an attempt to explore into the molecular level manifestation of the physical effects of the practice of Falun Dafa. Such efforts led to a ground-breaking discovery. She was invited to give a public speech at Harvard University, during the “Future Science Conference” (

Observing the scientific validation, even at the molecular level, of an intimate link between stress and all life-threatening system diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases, Dr. Wang pointed out that the current life science research using animal as the model to find drugs to treat human diseases has a fundamental flaw, due to the mistaken assumption that the human body is qualitatively similar to that of the animals. If stress is the number one cause of human diseases, then the solution of human health will come from the solution of human heart, the origin of all stress responses. Animal research, therefore, is not going to find the cure that can fundamentally eradicate human diseases.

When her speech was translated into a Chinese article and published on the largest Chinese language international newspaper, Dajiyuan Times, she immediately became the target of persecution by the Chinese Communist Government.

To the western world people who have been living in a normal society with free economy and enjoy human rights as well as democracy, it is hard to understand why a government would mobilize one-fourth of national income to persecute 100 million good citizens who simply wish to practice Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. Only after reading the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party, a set of award-winning articles which systematically reveal what has been happening in modern China under the rule of Chinese Communist Party (Appendix VIII: Nine Commentaries on Communist Party), can one truly understand the root cause of such an atrocity that is still on-going inside modern China. In fact, what has happened to Dr. Wang here in America provides clear evidence that American Society lacks the immunity towards a type of evil, which is like the metastasis of a malignant cancer, already quietly infiltrated into all social strata of America (Appendix IX: Founder’s Story; also on ).

Dr. Wang has been devoting the past ten years learning, practicing as well as promoting Falun Dafa to the general public and to the scientific community. All of those who have had a chance to learn Falun Dafa through her efforts have experienced tremendous amount of health benefits.

The health benefits of practicing Falun Dafa and the profound science behind the health benefits shall be the central theme of the evidence-based health intervention this proposal aims to deliver to the large population of women and girls.

Strength of the Whole Elephant Institute:

The practice of Falun Dafa has benefited over 100 million people all over the world, despite the ongoing persecution carried out by the Chinese Communist Government in the past over 11 years. Throughout the history of modern China, there has not been another example of such strength which can sustain the most brutal and vicious persecution of the Chinese Communist Government, which in fact has been using ¼ of Chinese national income in the persecution of Falun Dafa, and the persecution even has been extensively infiltrated into the international community, especially into every social strata of the United States of America. A comprehensive report of the persecution experience of Dr. Tongwen Wang, as a frontier life science researcher, on the land of America, by a reporter from the largest international Chinese language newspaper, Dajiyuan ( ), has been published on the Whole Elephant Institute website (“The Founder’s Story” on ).

The personal experience of Dr. Wang and her daughter Ms. Lotus Blossom Weiss (Appendix I: Formation of Lotus) have validated the following Truth about the cultivation way of Falun Dafa: a woman and a girl can transcend the losses of human world and stay pure and good, therefore gain complete health, through the practice of Falun Dafa.

In modern society, women and girls become emotionally and mentally ill, due to the inability of a heavy human heart, to endure the losses of sentimentality, or other material profits. In the pursue of the worldly gains of sentimentality, fame and profit, women in the modern society no longer follows traditional moral codes of conducts, breaking rules in male-female relationship, marriage and family life. The wrong conducts are the causes of life crisis, which further leads to unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, gambling, wrong sexual conducts, abortion, and ultimately, a total bankruptcy of mind, body and spirit.

Through the practice of Falun Dafa, Dr. Wang has gained insight into the causes of many life tribulations she experienced, due to her being “famous” when she was at Harvard Medical School as a “Star Female Scientist” and a promising young postdoctoral fellow at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

The spiritual insight gained through the practice of Falun Dafa, by many outstanding Mothers, Grandmothers, as well as young Girls here in the community of Falun Dafa practitioners in New York, will be the greatest resource that the Whole Elephant Institute will use to offer to the general public, through the formation of the Coalition for Healthier Women and Girls.

Since New York City gathers thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners, who are professionals in all walks of life and have now established all kinds of non-profit organizations, schools, bookstores, tea shops, restaurants, social groups and associations etc., the Whole Elephant Institute will be able to establish a strong Coalition locally, as well as internationally in the future (there are practitioners all over the world).

The KoreanCommunity Center of New York (KCCNY)

Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY) is a non-profit organization with 501 c3 status. The Certificate of Incorporation of KCCNY was approved on July 24, 2003. The EIN number of KCCNY is 55-0841763. On January 31, 2004, the Application for Recognition of Exemption for KCCNY was filed and the application was approved on August 5, 2004. The Tax Exemption Certificate number is Ex 236515.

The Mission of KCCNY is:

“To create, form and establish a community center for the benefit of Korean-American immigrants in the tri-state area; to provide recreational, social and other activities for those individuals who may otherwise be unexposed to such activities; to hold, sponsor, arrange and conduct programs and activities to provide guidance and leadership to youth in the community; to offer aid, assistance and comfort to the elderly; to disseminate information to the general public concerning the goals of the corporation; to raise funds and solicit donations from interested individuals, charitable, educational and scientific organizations and foundations, agencies, institutions, associations, and corporations and to administer and expend such funds in furtherance of the corporate goals and purposes; to aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with private, governmental and other agencies and organizations with the same or similar objectives; to solicit, collect and otherwise raise money for the charitable and benevolent purposes of this corporation and to expend such money and generally promote, foster and advance the health, welfare and well-being of Korean American immigrants by all available means and methods.”

Strength of KCCNY

The KCCNY has the unique strength of being the only Korean Community Center here in Flushing, and have been widely recognized by the Korean Community. A community facility on a corner lot and a quiet neighborhood (Appendix X: Korean Community Center of New York booklet) ideal for the building of a Bridging the Gaps holistic Fitness Center for Korean Women and Girls and to serve as the Hosting Home for establishing the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls, here in Flushing.

In addition, the current Directors of the KCCNY are all talented small business peoples who have been supporting the mission of the KCCNY and the Whole Elephant Institute. They are:

1.        Insurance Company ran by Mr. Jingsoo Kim

2.        Advertisement Company ran by Mr. Sungsoon Kim;

3.        Cosmetic Company worker Mr. Taehyun Kim;

4.        Health Store Owner, Mr. Joseph Lee

5.        Computer Professional Training Center Owner, Mr. Jean Ann

6.        Family Church Pastor, Mr. Kibong Cho;

7.        Real Estate School Owner, Mr. Henry Bae

8.        Language Educator, Mr. Chun Soo Pyun

9.        Real Estate Broker, Ms. Suzie Choi

10.      Accountant: Mr. Young Tai Choi

The KCCNY facility will play a key role in assisting the Whole Elephant Institute to deliver the service intended in this proposal.

New Generation for Hispanic Youth Progression (NGHYP) and Ministry of Abraham (MOA)

The non-profit organization of NGHYP founded by Mr. Abraham Hidalgo carries the hope to bring troubled youth away from drugs and other poor behaviors and to help them to return to home environment and working places.

Mr. Hidalgo also experienced painful family crisis escalating to the loss of his custodial rights to all of his four children.

He experienced a profound spiritual encountering, which led him to have strong faith in God. He always calls himself “Messenger of God”.

He has been seeking a way to help Youth in modern society to understand the principals of life and to be free from the pull of material intoxication.

He wishes to bring all his four children to work together with him to serve the community and thereby learning the true purpose of being alive.

After his meeting Dr. Wang and learning the practice and teachings of Falun Dafa, he excitedly claims that he finally found what he has been looking for throughout his life journey.

He asks Dr. Wang to continue to guide him to thoroughly understand the profound teachings of Falun Dafa so that he can be the Messenger to deliver the good news to his people.

In 2008, after Dr. Wang’s community office was subjected to unlawful shutdown due to hidden hate crimes, Mr. Hidalgo and his entire family stood strong to support Dr. Wang in every aspect of her life.

A strong foundation of Respect-Trust-Love is fully established between Mr. Hidalgo and Dr. Wang, to allow a solid Coalition between WEI and NGHYP/MOA.

In 2009, Mr. Hidalgo decided to secure a place for the future development of his collaborative work with Dr. Wang, considering all the troubles Dr. Wang has been facing in the local Flushing Community due to hidden forms of hate crimes towards her and fellow Falun Dafa practitioners. While Dr. Wang continued to steadfastly working on resolving the social issues facing Flushing, Mr. Hidalgo moved to upstate New York to purchase a facility on a seven-acre land, where he wishes Dr. Wang can team up with him to build a retreat and educational center. Dr. Wang has taken two trips to visit the facility and will be working with Mr. Hidalgo and other fellow new members of the Coalition to fulfill his wish.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hidalgo has been working on a large property here in Flushing to set up his Community Office for the Ministry of Abraham (MOA), with which he will help Dr. Wang to serve the local Flushing community by offering the information of Falun Dafa teachings and practice. Dr. Wang has already made the commitment to help him to achieve such a goal.

In the near future, the NGHYP at Ferndale, upstate New York, will be operated by Mr. Hidalgo’s son, Mr. Bryan Hidalgo, who has also started to practice Falun Dafa and wishes to learn more about Chinese tradition and culture. Mr. Abraham Hidalgo will then have more time to focus upon the Ministry of Abraham here in Flushing.

B. III. Plan to Enhance the Current Coalition:


a. Strengthen Community Networking:

Currently, the Whole Elephant Institute has already formed, or is in the process of forming partnerships with the following local businesses and non-profit organizations in the community of Flushing, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Up State New York and Long Island:

1.        Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY)

2.        Sing-as Pizza Shop

3.        LaGuardia Marco Hotel

4.        Chinese Social Democratic Party

5.        Raymond Lo Law Office

6.        Ministry of Abraham (MOA)

7.        New Generations for Hispanic Youth Progression (NGHYP)

(The above all existing partners)

8.        Society of Pure Lotus

9.        World Financial Group

10.      Global Center for Quitting CCP

11.      Sign World Incorporated

12.      New Tang Dynasty Television

13.      Dajiyuan Times

14.      The Epoch Times

15.      The Sound of Hope

(The above are partners to be)

Starting September 1, 2010, Dr. Wang and other WEI members will work together to discuss detailed plans with the current existing partners to seek for their support and participation of the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls. Such efforts will lead to the enhancement and expansion of the current existing coalition:

 “The Sing-as Pizza Shop” is a great place for community education, dissemination of the information for health-intervention, health survey into the Spanish, Greek and Indian Community here in Flushing. The owner of the Sing-as Pizza Shop has been a passionate supporter of Dr. Wang’s work in the Flushing Community.

“The LaGuardia Marco Hotel” has been the host for the Community Health Lecture Series for the Whole Elephant Institute and provides discount hotel rooms for invited out-of-town members of the Whole Elephant Institute. The participation of the LaGuardia Marco Hotel in the Coalition will be adding new resource to the program. Large scale conference and health issue assessment events can be carried out in LaGuardia Marco Hotel.

“The Raymond Lo Law Office” has been a strong supporter of the work of the Whole Elephant Institute in assisting illegal immigrants escaped from the Chinese Communist Government to obtain political asylum. Two young women in great despair are currently being helped by the Raymond Lo Law Office. Mr. Raymond Lo is a strong supporter of Dr. Wang’s work in promoting Falun Dafa to the local community. For those Chinese women and girls who are starting to practice Falun Dafa and are afraid of returning to China, the assistance of Raymond Lo Law Office will help this population of immigrants to gain rights of staying in the local community to continue to benefit from the programs offered by the Holistic Coalition.

“The Chinese Social Democratic Party” consists of several talented Chinese writers and scholars, such as Mr. Dajun Zeng, Mr. Guokai Liu and Mr. Hexiang Bian. The members of the Social Democratic Party spread all over the world. Mr. Guokai Liu is also a talented Architect and operates a successful Construction Business. The participation of these Social Democratic Party members in the building of the Coalition will add new resource as well as open up new revenues for the delivery of the evidence-based health interventions of the Coalition into the broader community of Chinese immigrants.

The “WOA” and “NGHYP” are two non-profit organizations founded by Mr. Abraham Hidalgo, a Spanish-speaking community worker devoted to help the troubled Youth. His four children, due to his marriage crisis, experienced emotional sufferings. With over one hundred family members of four different generations, Mr. Abraham followed Dr. Wang’s advice to work on building a solid foundation of his community work by bring together his own family members. The joining of Mr. Abraham Hidalgo and his large numbers of family members into the work of the Coalition will assist the Coalition to carry out important health assessment, intervention delivery, evaluation and sustaining of the programs in the South American Community here in Flushing and in Upstate New York. Mr. Abraham Hidalgo, his son and daughter-in-law, as well as his sister and mother, have been interested in learning Falun Dafa and wish Dr. Wang to introduce Falun Dafa to the local Spanish Community.

“The Society of Pure Lotus” is a recently established Foundation with the goal of raising fund to support the promotion of the essence of Traditional Chinese Culture. The joining of this Foundation to the Coalition will add new resource and personnel to the Coalition and therefore will greatly enhance the work and scope of the Coalition. Currently the Foundation is in operation primarily at the West Coast, but a key scholar of Chinese culture of this foundation, Mr. John Zhang, a new Falun Dafa practitioner, has already expressed interest in assisting the development and operation of the Coalition.

“The World Financial Group” is a promising new partner of the Coalition. With the rapid increase of Chinese and Korean population in joining the WFG business group here in Flushing, the WFG group presents a great centering site for the work proposed here.

“Global Center for Quitting CCP” has been shouldering great responsibilities in exposing the evil doings of the Chinese Communist Party and in assisting those awakened Chinese people to announce the quitting from the CCP. The Center provides a large amount of truth-clarification materials daily to the local Flushing Community, and therefore is truly the strongest protector of the safety and health of the local Flushing Community. The joining of this non-profit organization into the Coalition will make the Coalition a much powerful entity in delivering the service proposed here.

 “The Sign World Corporation” is founded by Mr. Herman Weiss, and has been operated through the work of Mr. Brian Weiss and his elder brother, Mr. David Weiss. The Sign World has been supporting all aspects of Dr. Wang’s work in Flushing community and in Long Island, Oceanside Community. The joining of the Sign World Incorporation in the Coalition will add critical new resource for the delivery of the health interventions to the communities in Brooklyn, where the Sign World Corporation is located, as well as to the Long Island Community, where the Weiss Family lives.

“The New Tang Dynasty Television” is becoming the most influential international Chinese language television station, reporting independent True news about China, and bringing a whole scale renaissance to the Traditional Chinese Culture. The Nine International Competitions host by the NTDTV Headquarter Office here in New York City brings the best and the brightest artists and world-class experts to New York City, therefore is the great resource for the Holist Coalition to deliver the proposed service to the local and eventually the international communities.

“Dajiyuan Times” is the largest and the best Chinese language newspaper around the world. By publishing the “Nine Commentaries on Communist Party” in 2004, over 80 million Chinese people have already openly announced the quitting from the CCP, therefore fundamentally eliminating the root cause of the human society cancer manifested in Mainland China. Dajiyuan Times’ joining into the Holistic Health Coalition will greatly enhance the power of the Coalition to reach out into the Chinese Women and Girls in the local as well as the international communities.

“The Epoch Times” is the Sister Newspaper for Dajiyuan Times, and is now growing in a steady and healthy way to take the lead in reporting true news about China. The HolisticHealth Coalition will gain a respectable and trust worthy new player in the efforts to deliver the proposed services to English-speaking Women and Girls in the local and international communities.

“The Sound of Hope” is a powerful non-profit organization that can spread the good messages of the Holistic Health Coalition through colorful radio programs.

b. Strengthen Public-media Reporting:

The Whole Elephant Institute will seek partnership with the following non-profit organizations starting September 1, 2010, for the purpose of expanding and strengthening the public-media reporting and education aspects of the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls:

1.        The Epoch Times (Dajiyuan Times) (

2.        The Korean Times (

3.        The New Tang Dynasty Television (

4.        The Sound of Hope (

Dr. Wang from the Whole Elephant Institute has carried out volunteer work for the Epoch Times Newspaper, the Dajiyuan Times (largest Chinese International Newspaper), the New Tang Dynasty Television, the Sound of Hope Radio Station.

The Korean Community Center of New York has had long-term interaction with the Korean Times, the largest local Korean Language Newspaper.

The public education and report aspect of the Coalition can be effectively carried out through these public media.

c. Strengthen Scientific Research for Evaluation and Sustaining the Coalition:

The Whole Elephant Institute will seek partnership with or sponsorship from the following Universities, Institutes and Hospitals for strengthening the scientific research aspect of the health benefits of practicing Falun Dafa, or the application of Chinese traditional wisdom approaches in the holistic health interventions delivered by the Coalition.

1.        Harvard Medical School

2.        Massachusetts General Hospital

3.        Cancer Center of the MGH, the HOPES program

4.        Columbia University

5.        New York University

6.        City University of New York

7.        Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

8.        Berkeley College

9.        Mount Sinai Medical School and Hospital

10.      Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

11.      Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle, Washington

12.      University of Washington

13.      Rohde Island Hospital

14.      Baylor School of Medicine

15.      Medical College of Georgia

16.      University of Florida

17.    University of South Florida

18.    National Institute of Health

19.    National Cancer Institute

20.    American Cancer Society

Dr. Wang, as one of the leading authority in the frontier research field of life science, especially in the field of cancer research, has broad connection with the above mentioned Research Institutions, Universities and Hospitals.

In the past several years, Dr. Wang has established various connections with these Institutions/Hospitals. When time is mature, collaborative research projects systematically carrying out the health benefit studies of the practice of Falun Dafa shall take place, as a natural follow up of the great outcome of introduction of Falun Dafa to the general public. Such efforts will be critical for the ultimate health policy installment for the broader introduction of Falun Dafa into all communities throughout America.

B. IV. Coalition Profile and Advisory Committee Members

As a summary of the above-described plan for the establishment of an extensive Coalition, here is the proposed Coalition Profile and a list of proposed future Advisory Committee Members for the Holistic Health Coalition for Women and Girls:

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Coalition: Dr. Tongwen Wang

The Chief Financial Officer of the Coalition: Mr. Young Tai Choi

The Vice President of the Coalition: Mr. Howard Lee

C. Management Plan

As outlined in great details in the background, experiences and strengths of each of the five current members of the Coalition, each Coalition Member has extensive experience in managing its own organization even under most challenging environments. Each Coalition Member also has unique approach and connection with unique populations of women and girls. The spiritual bond created by Falun Dafa among the Coalition Members guarantees a new style of Governing, Staffing and Operating the Coalition to assure successful collaborative work efforts. Also, the personnel and resource of the current Coalition is extensively diverse and rich, with endless potential to promise a bright future of the work of the Coalition.

The Planning Committee for the Coalition as well as the Roles and Responsibilities of each Members will be gradually defined as the project officially start in September 2010, and the information will be posted on the home website of the Whole Elephant Institute:;

The composition of Coalition and Communication Plans will also soon be established when time is mature.

Adequate Monitoring of the operation of the Coalition Member’s work will be carried out by Dr. Wang, personally, via daily communication, planning, advising and monthly meeting for evaluation and discussions of issues to be resolved.

Financial Management and Control of the finance of the Coalition will be carried out by monthly meetings of financial report and a careful monitoring by Dr. Wang through the work with the CFO of the Coalition, Mr. Young Tai Choi, who has accumulated extensive experience and impressive skills in Financial Management and Control of KCCNY, in the past seven years.

Accountability of the Coalition Members in working as a team is a critical factor in the future success of the Coalition. Clearly defined individual responsibilities and achievable goals, with clear awareness of strengths and weaknesses of each member, timely communication and evaluation to identify issues and genuine efforts originated from the passion for the work involved are the foundation of Accountability.

D. Target Population:

Please refer to A.III. in this proposal. As shown in B.IV. the Coalition will be serving different ethnic and social groups through the establishment of unique Holistic Fitness Centers, initially in Flushing, then to New York City and State, and ultimately to the entire society.

E. Operational, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan:

Goals and Objectives of the Operation of the Coalition have been already described throughout the proposal Part A-D. The Operational and Monitoring Plans are also mentioned in Part B and C. For clarity, a brief summary is presented below:

Operational Plan: Seven Milestones will be achieved to assure incremental progress of the Coalition:

Milestone I. Bring together all key personnel to the Coalition to initiate the planning phase of the Coalition work, aiming to build a chain of “Bridging the Gaps Holistic Fitness Centers”.

Milestone II. Complete the training of key personnel and staff members for the Fitness Centers targeting different populations of Women and Girls.

Milestone III. Secure funding and facilities to operate the Fitness Centers

Milestone IV. Complete the establishment of the Fitness Centers and open to the general public.

Milestone V. Successful operation of the Fitness Centers to achieve apparent public support

Milestone VI. Production of books, magazines, audios, videos about the successful experience of the program to be spread into other communities nation-wide

Milestone VII. Complete scientific research projects of the health benefits of practicing Falun Dafa for government-level judiciary hearing to allow the programs matured from the work of the Coalition to impact the current health care system, leading to a new age of holistic living and holistic life science.

Coalition will bring together a large team of representatives from the current existing partnerships of WEI, KCCNY, NGHYP, WOA, as well as other interested local non-profit and for-profit organizations, to form a Committee of Operation, which will be in charge of the achievement of the First Milestone of the Coalition, at the end of December, 2010.

Training of members will be carried out in the KCCNY facility starting in January 2011 and complete at the end of August 2011. Fundraising and seeking grant support start immediately for the establishment of the first Bridging the Gaps Holistic Fitness Center, which will start in January 2011, at KCCNY facility, where training and services will co-exist.

In September 2011, each Director of the Coalition will be taking the role of the President of each ethnic-specific and social-group specific Bridging the Gaps Holistic Fitness Centers.

In the following five years, while being funded by this grant, Phase II stage, the rest of the Milestones will be accomplished.

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan:

A Committee of Monitoring and Evaluation will be established, with the members elected from each of the Coalition Members and each of the future established Bridging the Gaps Holistic Fitness Centers. Through monthly meetings of the Committee members, effective monitoring and evaluation plans will be made as time matures.

F. Sustainability Plan:


Milestone VI and Milestone VII have presented a Sustainability Plan that can assure to preservation of the benefits achieved through the Coalition, and allow the programs and success experience to be enjoyed even after the OWH grant ends. At the time, Falun Dafa and the Chinese traditional culture related health interventions validated through this program will be broadly spread all over the world.

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