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法輪功學員科學家王彤文 在美國受迫害實例


Falun Gong Practitioner Dr. Tongwen Wang Suffered from Persecution in America:

A Case Report

Article by Dajiyuan Reporter, Ms. Ruoying Yang 


(Picture 1: Chinese American Scientist Dr. Tongwen Wang and her daughter Lotus Blossom Weiss; picture was taken by Ms. Ruoying Yang)

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Dr. Tongwen Wang is a Chinese-American Scientist. Through her hard efforts, she entered the main stream American Society and became an expert in the frontier research field of life science research. She was married into a Jewish family and became a proud mother, living a life of the main stream American Society. However, simply because of her practicing Falun Dafa and her speaking up the truth, although she is living in America, she has been suffering from the evil persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, an evil specter, which claimed to "Make a stink of their reputation, bankrupt them financially and eliminate them physically." (through an order given by the former Head of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin)

王彤文指出,在美国西海岸,三藩市的中領館是中共散佈謊言污衊法輪功的窗口 (彭克玉在2007年前是三藩市中领馆的总领事),讓美國學者基於對邪教根深柢固的恐懼而害怕法輪功;讓美國家庭協會(American Family Foundation)違反保護家庭的宗旨,破壞法輪功學員的家庭;讓大學研究所迫於利益壓力,解雇修煉法輪功的權威學者。

Dr. Tongwen Wang pointed out that the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco is the Chinese Communist Party's window at the West Coast of America to spread hate propaganda towards Falun Gong (Before 2007, Peng Keyu, the current Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in New Yorker, the behind scene organizer of the Flushing Hate Crimes in Flushing, New York, used to be the Consul General of the San Francisco Chinese Consulate), which made American Scholars in the field of Psychiatry (such as Margaret Singer) to be misled and then helped the Chinese Communist Party to spread hate propaganda towards Falun Gong in America, claiming Falun Gong to be "evil cult". This has caused many American Scholars to develop deep fear towards Falun Gong, due to their deep-rooted fear towards evil cults. One claimed sign of "evil cult" is the damage of family life. Through spreading such a fear towards the American Family Foundation, the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco directly target Falun Dafa practitioners' spouses to damage Falun Dafa practitioners' family life. Dr. Tongwen Wang's husband, Alan Genatosssio, out of his fear of "evil cult poisoning the children", painfully decided to divorce Dr. Wang in an effort to "protect" their son, Noah Wang Genatossio. The Chinese Consulate in San Francisco further spreads hate propaganda towards all the key elected officials of America, causing Mr. Gary Locke pressuring the Benaroya Research Institute to terminate Dr. Tongwen Wang's research position, in 2004.


Under the poisonous effects of the hate propaganda, Dr. Tongwen Wang's family was broken; her son was taken away from her, her job was terminated. Furthermore, her own parents were deceived by the Chinese Communist Party and were sent by the local Chinese Government to work like "spies", attempted to transform her at her Seattle home. Upon seeing their failure, her elder brother, a neuroscientist, Jianxin Bao, was ordered by her parents to force Dr. Tongwen Wang to return to China. Jianxin Bao used his personal friend, Amelia Gallitano-Mendel, to present a fake medical diagnosis, which claimed that Dr. Tongwen Wang was suffering from "severe manic depression" and claimed that this disease was the cause of Dr. Wang's losing her son, husband and her job. This "diagnosis" effectively helped Jianxin Bao to become the “Legal Guardian” of Dr. Tongwen Wang and all of her assets. Jianxin Bao therefore helped the Chinese Communist Party to effectively defame Dr. Tongwen Wang and forced Dr. Wang into homeless. Jianxin Bao then lied to the Seattle Family Court that Dr. Wang was under his care and was ready to convince the Research Center Director at Benaroya Research Institute, Dr. Jerry Nepom, that Dr. Wang found a job in China, and wanted Dr. Nepom to ship Dr. Wang's research equipments to China. Dr. Nepom refused. Jianxin Bao then used all methods of fake sentimentality as well as pressure in an attempt to lure Dr. Wang to return to Seattle. If his plan succeeded, Dr. Wang would be shipped back to China, where the order of "Eliminate them physically" can be carried out by the Chinese Communist Government. Such a harsh reality is still beyond Jianxin Bao and the parents’ imagination.


On the land of America, a nation advocates freedom, democracy and human rights, Dr. Wang was arrested twice by American Police Officers, simply because the hate propaganda about Falun Dafa made the police officers discriminate Falun Dafa practitioners. To protect her basic rights, Dr. Wang was forced to go to court numerous times to clarify the truth, after she was subjected to false allegations. Under the bright day light, Dr. Wang and her two-year old daughter were attacked by hateful Chinese people deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's hate propaganda.


For example, in April 2004, at the Manhattan China Town, while the parade of Falun Dafa practitioners was ongoing on the street, a group of Chinese people were standing in front of a Chinese Medicine Store, cursing Falun Dafa loudly. Dr. Wang decided to stay there for a litle while after her purchasing some batteries from the store to understand the situation. One person from the store called in a Chinese police officer, who whispered into the ears of an American Officer, who then, without giving Dr. Wang a chance to explain, immediately arrested Dr. Wang, who was handcuffed in front of those hateful Chinese people and forcibly taken into the police station, where she was locked on a bench for about 2 hours before she was finally released. She was accused of "Blocking the Traffic".


Another example. Dr. Wang's former parents-in-law, Mrs. Eleanor Genatossio and Mr. Peter Genatossio, who treated Dr. Wang like their own daughter and loved her dearly, after believing in what they heard from Mr. Alan Genatossio as well as being exposed to some local defamatory newspapers, considered Dr. Wang to be practicing "evil cult", and therefore started to develop fear towards Dr. Wang. When Dr. Wang kindly paid them a visit, they called in police to arrest her, under the name of "trespassing". Dr. Wang was put into jail for one night. 


In May 2007, Dr. Wang rented a small office at the Flushing Mall to carry out community education project of the Whole Elephant Institute. However, the two managers of the Flushing Mall had severe discrimination towards Falun Dafa practitioners. They forced the "Chess King", Weixuan Gao, who sublet the space to Dr. Wang, to forcibly take off all of the posters and information displays from the New Tang Dynasty Television and Dajiyuan Newspaper, as well as Falun Dafa truth-clarification materials. Under the pressure from the managers, Weixue Gao took Dr. Wang to court through false allegation to force Dr. Wang to move out from the Flushing Mall. Subsequently, when Dr. Wang set up her office in an apartment building, hate propaganda followed her to attempt to kick her out again (note: details please see the "9F Story").


Another example: on May 20, 2008, during the Flushing Hate Crime Incidence, Dr. Tongwen Wang and her two-year old daughter Lotus Blossom Weiss were surrounded by a hateful crowd of Chinese who was deceived by the lies of "Falun Gong practitioners celebrate Sichuan Earth Quake". About thirty people circled in onto Dr. Wang and little Lotus, cursing at her loudly, one person hit her head, while many yelled out, "You shall die, you are a traitor!". One of them even attempted to take little Lotus out from the carriage.


Dr. Tongwen Wang pointed out with a heavy heart:" The reason that the Chinese Communist Party persecutes me even on the land of America is because it is afraid of people knowing the truth." She also gave alarming warnings to American government and American general public, "At present, America still lacks immunity towards the evil specter of the Chinese Communist Party! From family, to government, to media, all lack sufficient immunity. The Chinese Communist Party can use the temptations of profit and its lies to destroy America!" 

生命科學家 法輪功學員王彤文的故事 


Persecution of American Citizen Falun Dafa Practitioner:

The Story of Dr. Tongwen Wang, American Cancer Society Scholar

A Renowned Scientist in the Frontier Field of Life Science

圖2:華裔美國科學家王彤文和女兒蓮成。(楊若瑛/攝影)Picture 2: Chinese American Scientist Dr. Tongwen Wang and Daughter Ms. Lotus Blossom Weiss

original (10).jpeg

(一)學習Chapter I. Journey as a Scholar

命运埋下伏笔: 外婆与癌症Prelude: Grandmother and Cancer


王彤文,江蘇無錫人,1967年生。Dr. Tongwen Wang was born in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, in 1967.

王彤文出生在一个普普通通的中国知识分子的家庭。父母亲都是农民出生,幼年都很穷,但在共产党统治的天下,从小就学会了对共产党的感恩戴德,以为自己的一切都是共产党给的,并发誓要为共产主义奋斗终生。Dr. Wang was born into the family of an ordinary couple of Chinese intellectuals. Her parents were all born in poor Chinese villagers' homes. Under the dictatorship ruling of the Chinese Communist Party, her parents learned to be totally devoted to the Chinese Communist Party, and developed full scale "gratitude" towards the Chinese Communist Party, considering everything in their lives belong to the Chinese Communist party and also made the vows to struggle for communism all their lives. 

当王彤文开始呀呀学语时,父母教她的就是如何对着一群头像准确的叫出马恩列斯毛的名字。When Dr. Wang just started to learn her first words, her parents started to teach her to recognize the group of pictures of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Starling and Mao and recognize their names.

她的父母为了“一切听党话,党教干什就干什”,都差点丧了命。Her parents almost lost their lives, in order to "Follow the Party in Doing Everything; Whatever the Party Requires One to Do, One Must Obey". 

母亲为了做积极分子入党,儿子刚出生就把他送到乡下外婆那里,外婆无奈只能找奶妈喂他。Dr. Wang's Mother sent the first child, Dr. Wang's elder brother Jianxin Bao, to the village to live with the grandparents. The Grandmother had to find a milk mother for Jianxin Bao.

又怀孕时就下狠心要堕胎,小彤文命大,还是来到了人间。When Dr. Wang's Mother was pregnant again, she decided to abort the baby in order to "Actively Follow the Party". Baby Tongwen escaped from that fate and arrived in the human world, thanks to "herpes infection", which was the reason the abortion could not be given at the time.

母亲在怀她其间太积极“跟党走”,最后因体力太弱早产,并得肝炎,及至最后肝硬化,被医院判了死刑,后被一位无锡老中医秘方神奇治愈。When the Mother "Actively Followed the Party", she became too consumed and weak during the pregnancy, leading to the premature birth of baby Tongwen, and then suffered from hepatitis immediately after giving birth. The hepatitis quickly developed into liver cirrhosis and was diagnosed to be at its end stage, with no treatment but waiting to die, by the medical doctors of local hospitals. Later a local elderly Chinese doctor used secret Chinese herb remedy to heal her. 

父亲为共产党卖命,年纪轻轻得了胃出血,领导说为了让他时刻准备着“跟党走”,叫他接受胃大部切除手术,以防将来将他派到最边远的山沟里去时在出问题。从此他就成了被慢性病折磨的病人。Dr. Wang's father devoted his life to the Chinese Communist Party. When he was young, due to stressful work, he suffered from massive gastric bleeding. The CCP officials told him to prepare to be a keen follower of the CCP, and therefore recommended him to go through a major operation to cut out 2/3 of his stomach, in order to "avoid problems when being sent to the most remote part of the country." Since then, a healthy young man became a sick man constantly being tortured by stomach problems. 

这还不算,武斗的疯狂中,他正准备上路参加一次街头对战,突然发现自己忘了带头盔,转身去拿,因此而没赶上同夥的“战车”,几小时后得知同夥都在“战车”中活活烧死。又捡了一命。The tragedy did not end there. During the "Great Cultural Revolution", at the stage of "Struggle with Weapons", the Father was ready to go on the road to participate in a street fight. He suddenly remembered that he forgot to bring his helmet. When he came back after he picked up his helmet, the "war truck" already drove away without him. Several hours later, all of his fellow workers on that truck were all burned to death. He luckily survived. 

王彤文的舅舅在六零年正丰华正茂,才气横溢,师范学院毕业又订婚,回到家乡看到自己熟识的大爷大妈都活活饿死,想不通,在雨中跑了一圈,得急性脑膜炎,又无良医,很快就草草离世。Dr. Wang's uncle, a handsome and extremely talented young man, who was about to graduate from a Teaching College and just got engaged, witnessed many of his favorite senior villagers were starved to death in 1960, and grew very sad. He rushed into a rain and caught Meningitis. Without proper treatment during the "Great Starvation" period completely caused by the Chinese Communist Party's "Leap into the Communism" movement, this young man soon passed away with deep regret. 

王彤文的外婆痛失爱子,从此悲伤不断。当小彤文被送到外婆那里后,她目睹了外婆那无法用言语表达的悲哀,最后外婆得病,很快就肝腹水。王彤文的母親無暇照顧外婆,任由實習醫生亂開刀,令外婆非常痛苦,去世時醫院診斷為癌症。Dr. Wang's grandmother was tormented by the sudden loss of her most precious son and she lived in total desperation ever since. When little Tongwen was sent to her grandmother's home, she witnessed the tremendous sorrow of her grandmother. Eventually, she witnessed her grandmother got sick and slowly dying from liver ascites. Even then, Dr. Wang's Mother did not have any time to take care of the grandmother, and allowed the hospital interns to carry out experimental operations on the grandmother, who suffered much pain from the operation. The grandmother was diagnosed to have "cancer" as the cause of her death. 

王彤文心痛外婆的悲慘遭遇,立志非把癌症治好不可!Dr. Tongwen Wang was saddened by her grandmother's experience and made a resolution to find a cure for cancer!

在王彤文这早年的经历中, 命运已埋下伏笔:中共对普通中国老百姓的愚弄残害,中国知识分子的懦弱愚昧,导致在王彤文四十年后作为一位法轮功修炼人而被中共在海外通过她的父母兄长而迫害。During the early years of Dr. Wang, fate has prepared a prelude for her life: the Chinese Communist Party applies violence and deception to fool the Chinese general public and makes the Chinese intellectuals foolish and weak, which leads to forty years later the CCP could use her own brother and parents to persecute her as a Falun Gong practitioner. 

而外婆这位坚强的头脑清醒的中国妇女的气质,也在王彤文的幼小心灵中扎下了根。当王彤文想起外婆,她总记得外婆用悲愤的语气大声说,“共产党好什么?就是这个东西让我今天什么也没有。共产党最坏了”。当时小彤文吓得直说,“外婆,小声点。”外婆说,“怕什么?我就要大声地说。”In the meantime, the grandmother, this clear-headed and brave Chinese woman's character, also made the deepest impression inside of Dr. Wang's young heart. When Dr. Wang remembers her grandmother, she always remembers the grandmother spoke loudly with anger, "What good is the Communist Party? This thing made me lose everything in life. The Communist Party is most evil!" At that time little Tongwen was afraid and said to her, "Grandmother, speak with a lower voice please." Grandmother said, "What to be afraid of? I must speak loudly."

求學過程 聰穎過人Pursue Knowledge, a Bright Mind

1984年,王彤文考進上海醫科大學。那時經濟開放,西方文化湧入中國,年輕人都西化,導致1986年第一次學生運動,當時上海市委書記江澤民馬上下令鎮壓。In 1984, Dr. Tongwen Wang entered the Shanghai First Medical University. It was the beginning of China's opening to the Western world, allowing Western culture to enter China. The young generation was eager to accept the Western ideology, leading to the first wave of student movement in Shanghai in 1986. Jiang Zemin was then the Mayor of Shanghai City and immediately ordered crackdown.

王彤文在學生會裡很活躍,她在醫學院辦了一份雜誌,針對江澤民,她寫了一首長詩,內容提到:他不是一個人,是個傀儡,是邪靈在操縱他。鎮壓後,王彤文知道自己的處境不能待在中國了。Dr. Wang was an active student then and she had her own magazine at the Shanghai First Medical University. During the student movement to demand for freedom of speech and democracy, she wrote a long poem in which she stated that Jiang Zemin is not a human being, but a puppet controlled by the evil specter of the Chinese Communist Party. After the crackdown, Dr. Tongwen Wang decided that there would be no future in China.

1987年,王彤文的哥哥南京大學畢業,出國就讀佛羅理達大學,彤文也動了出國的念頭。1988年,通過出國考試後,她毅然決定退學,醫學院6年的學程只學了4年。In 1987, Dr. Wang's elder brother Jianxin Bao left China to attend University of Florida for graduate studies, under the help of a classmate of Dr. Wang. Dr. Wang soon decided to also apply for schools in America. In 1988, she took GRE and TOFFEL and decided to quit the school, at her fourth year of the six-year medical school study, after she learned that the Chinese Government was about to put out new policy to restrict university student from leaving China to go abroad.

在既沒有畢業證書也沒有成績單的情況下,王彤文幾次聯繫海外研究生院,尋找願意收留她的學校。一位專門管研究生院招生的名教授Kelly Selman接了彤文的電話,聽了她述說,3天後,王彤文意外的拿到了入學通知書和全額獎學金。1988年,王彤文來到美國佛羅里達大學當研究生,直接攻讀博士學位。While the Shanghai Medical University refused to issue her any documentation such as the transcript, Dr. Wang applied for seven graduate schools. A famous Jewish professor, Dr. Kelly Selman, from University of Florida, after receiving a collect call from Dr. Wang, upon hearing Dr. Wang's statement on the phone, sent out an admission letter within three days. This young Chinese girl at the age of 21 unexpectedly received full scholarship and stipend to attend graduate school in America. On August 24, 1988, Dr. Tongwen Wang arrived at the University of Florida and started her study for her the Doctoral Degree. 

王彤文是全系裡唯一的中國學生,也是系裡最優秀的學生。兩年以後,她選擇生命科學裡最尖端的「分子生物學」,只花了4年時間就取得博士學位。Dr. Wang at that time was the only Chinese student in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of University of Florida. She became the best student and two years later, she chose to study Molecular Biology which is the most frontier field of life science research. She spent only four years to obtain her Doctoral Degree.  

科學研究 奠定聲望Science Research, Reputation Established

1992年,王彤文畢業後到哈佛大學做博士後,研究一群分子TGF-BETA。TGF-BETA主宰從一個細胞發育到一個個體的整個過程。TGF-BETA是一個家族,各個長得都很像,是微觀世界的高級生命,主宰細胞的生老病死,在發育過程當中起到平衡協調細胞的分化,形成個體之後保持機體的健康和諧。如果TGF-BETA工作不行了,就會產生疾病。現在威脅人類生命的重大疾病心臟病、糖尿病、老年癡呆症、癌症等全部都跟TGF-BETA有關。In 1992, Dr. Tongwen Wang went to Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital to carry out her postdoctoral research. Her research focus was a group of molecules called the TGF-beta family members, which controls the entire process of the formation of a human body from one single cell. The members belong to the TGF-beta family all look alike and are higher forms of living beings existing in the microcosmic world to control the birth, aging, sickness and death of the cell. During the formation of a whole body, they play the role of regulating cell differentiation while after the formation of a whole body; they play the role of maintaining the balance of a healthy body. If the TGF-beta family members are not working well, then the whole body would be sick. The modern life-threatening human diseases, such as the cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease and Cancer etc. are all connected to the malfunction of the TGF-beta family members. 

TGF-BETA對人體的發育、健康、疾病都有巨大的作用。這個大家族各個掌管不同的任務,王彤文研究它們:是怎麼工作的?怎麼會有那麼大的能力?王彤文很快的有一些獨特的發現,1994年在美國的科學雜誌(Science)發表了文章,揭露TGF-BETA的奧秘,打破科學界以往的觀念,造成很大的轟動,奠定她在科學界的地位。Therefore, the TGF-beta family members play key roles in the formation, health and sickness of the human body. Dr. Tongwen Wang studied these molecules in order to address the following questions: How do they carry out so many key functions and why they are so powerful. Soon Dr. Wang made some unique observations. In 1994, her work started to be published on Science magazine. Her work started to reveal the secrets behind the TGF-beta family and made breakthroughs in the old paradigm, thus brought a lot of excitement in the field. The innovative work established her position in the scientific research field.

然而,科學界名利的爭奪非常厲害。1999年,名聲如日中天的王彤文老是被妒忌、被排擠、被冤枉。她的老闆希望彤文按照她的要求做實驗,但是彤文有自己的研究方向,於是被迫離開哈佛大學,應聘到西雅圖華盛頓大學免疫研究所擔任副教授,繼續研究TGF-BETA。However, the struggle for name and profit exists in the scientific research field. In 1999, while Dr. Wang was reaching to the peak of her research career, she started to experience jealousy, exclusion and misunderstandings among her colleagues. Her mentor requested her to carry out research according to the mentor's plan, while Dr. Wang discovered a new research direction, which she decided to follow. So she was forced out from the Harvard Medical School and took a position at the Benaroya Research Institute, an Immunology Research Center affiliated with the University of Washington located in Seattle, to continue her work in the TGF-beta research field. 

這一年,王彤文在研究過程中有了重大的突破,她發現,TGF-BETA的機理似乎跟一個很大的新陳代謝器---蛋白質降解器有關聯。蛋白質降解器是負責蛋白質死亡的機構,相當於宇宙中淘汰老星球的黑洞。蛋白質要死亡時必須經過蛋白質降解器,出來就分解掉了。It was during that period of time that Dr. Wang made an important research breakthrough. She uncovered that the TGF-beta family members work through the regulation of protein degradation through a protein-made device, named proteasome. Proteasome is in charge of breaking down proteins and can be compared with the phenomenon of the black holes in the macrocosmic world. When a protein dies, its body is decomposed in the proteasome.

中共对海外学者搞“统战”与腐化Oversea Scholars, Targets for Espionage


In order to glorify its “Accomplishment in Science and Technology”, the CCP has been trying very hard to lure oversea scientists to return to China, under the banner of “Patriotism”. Therefore, oversea Chinese scholars are targets of CCP for Espionage: stealing high tech into China. Even back when Dr. Tongwen Wang was just starting her postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, during her first visit to her hometown after four years of intensive studies, she was immediately a target of local Chinese Government. A person named Xiao Zhu suddenly became a close friend of her father, and offered to drive Dr. Wang to visit local and other major research institutes in China. Xiao Zhu works for the local Wuxi City Office of Intellectual Properties and made it clear to Dr. Wang that the Wuxi City was paying close attention to her success and request her to bring “DNA constructs” to help to develop Science in Wuxi City. Luckily, Dr. Wang was working in a field which is far beyond the research capacity in China, so even if she sent anything back, no one would know what to do with them. In 1999, Dr. Wang was led by her love for China and explored the opportunity to return to China to work. At that time, a project called the “One Hundred of Scientists Project” was initiated to attract 100 top life science field researchers to return to China to work at the Chinese Academy of Science. Dr. Wang was immediately listed among the 100 scientists. Just then, Dr. Wang started to practice Falun Dafa and the Chinese Government immediately took her off the list and refused to even let her return to China to carry out teaching projects. She was soon on the black-list instead (see below). So the Chinese Government does not truly interested in developing Science and Technology. It is interested only in glorify itself and for deceiving the world.

(二)生活Chapter II. Life Stories


命中註定 結婚生子Predestined Relationship: Husband and Son

1989年,Kelly Selman教授推薦王彤文去麻省參加一個重要的生命科學培訓。在波士頓的哈佛大學燕京圖書館,邂逅了金髮碧眼的艾倫,兩人一見如故,宛如命中註定,兩人很快的墜入愛河結為連理。In 1989, Dr. Kelly Selman recommended Dr. Tongwen Wang to attend a summer-training at the Cape Cod Marine Biological Research Laboratories. On July 7, Dr. Wang attended a “Future China” Conference at the Yanjin Library at Harvard University, where she met her predestined husband, Alan Genatossio. They quickly got engaged. In 1992, when Dr. Wang decided to go back to China for the first time to visit her parents, Alan’s mother, Ms. Eleanor Genatossio told her son to complete marriage paperwork to “avoid the Communist Chinese Government from retaining my daughter-in-law”. This Jewish lady loves her Chinese daughter-in-law and Dr. Wang’s success in her research became the prides of the Genatossio family.

艾倫說得一口流利的華語,喜愛音樂對中國文化很有研究,是個對精神層面很有訴求的猶太人。艾倫覺得他對王彤文的意義是支持她,幫助她成功,讓她專心科研而無後顧之憂。兩人一方面很相愛,但另一方面在道德觀上卻存在著很大的紛歧。Alan loves music as well as Chinese culture. He is very well versed in both and can speak fluent Chinese. He is a Jewish man with deep longings to find spiritual root of his seeking heart. After meeting Dr. Wang, Alan felt that he had been waiting for her all his life and he decided to assist her succeeding in the field of science. While they felt strong sentimentality towards each other, something invisible was gradually pulling them apart.

1992年,他們婚姻起了變化,王彤文工作關係兩人分居兩地,關係更趨惡化。直至1995年,長子諾亞出生,夫妻關係才恢復良好。In 1992, their marriage was in major crisis. The two of them were living part and the trust between each other started to break down. During the most desperate time, Alan recalled that he sent out a prayer. Dr. Wang was soon pregnant. Noah was born in 1995 to keep the family intact. 

生命轉折 讚美神助A Turning Point: Praise to God for Salvation

1999年底,有一天,王彤文睡到半夜突然醒過來,有一個聲音問她:「妳在宇宙中存在的意義是什麼?」她一時感到糊塗,從來也沒想過這問題,她回答不出來,這時感到有一股力量把她往下拉,她慌了,她趕緊回答:「我是一個母親,我還是一個妻子,我不能走!」就定下來,沒有被拉下去。At the end of 1999, during one night, Dr. Wang was suddenly awakened by an invisible force. She received a clear and distinct question: “What justifies your existence in the Universe?” She was shocked by this unexpected question and did not know the answer. Then she felt a strong force was about to pull her into a deep abyss. Panicking, she suddenly found an answer from the depth of her heart, “I am a Mother, and I am a wife. I cannot leave.” That invisible force immediately released her. She suddenly felt that her life was given a new tone of meaning. 

從此以後,王彤文感到身體非常難受,氣都喘不來,簡直沒辦法活下去。完全是那種看不到、摸不著的力量在主宰她。她開始找精神界尋求解決的方法。三籓市一個通靈人告訴她,將有大好事發生,這是黎明前的黑暗,要她加強主元神,清楚自己是誰。Afterwards, Dr. Wang felt her body was going through some types of changes that made her very uncomfortable. Sometimes she felt that she could not carry on with her daily routine which she was so used to. There was an invisible force that was controlling her. She knew that it was time to find an answer to her new experience. She was introduced to a spiritual healer from San Francisco, who, upon hearing her story, immediately congratulated her and told her that she was so very fortunate. He said that such an experience usually occurs before spiritual awakening, just like the darkest moment before the dawn arrives. He suggested her to strengthen her main consciousness and be very clear-headed through daily meditation.  

王彤文感受到是一種邪靈要把她往下拉,於是請懂魔術的艾倫幫她驅邪,將進入驅邪儀式時,她發了一念:「請宇宙中最高的神幫我吧!」瞬間,覺得一股熱流從頭頂灌到腳底,身體所有不舒服全部消失。她發現,自己跪下來並說了很多讚美神的話。從沒進過教堂,從不知道怎麼讚美神,當時卻說了很多很優美的讚美神的話,這次經歷使王彤文完全變了一個人。One day, Dr. Wang felt that there was something evil that was dragging her down. She decided to ask Alan to help her, since Alan knew a practice of western magic called “Banishing the Evil”. While Alan was getting ready to do the practice of “Banishing the Evil”, Dr. Wang grew suspicious of the practice, with her scientist’s mind, and felt concerned that if the practice would worsen the situation. Out of desperation again, from the depth of her heart, a calling came out, “Please let the highest force in the entire Universe come to help me!” Instantly, she felt her whole body was connected with an extremely powerful invisible force, and then a warm stream of flowing energy flushed from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. All of her discomfort totally washed out. She was immediately on her knees and automatically, she was uttering words of beautiful praises to God. She had never been to a church and never learned how to say the words of praise to God. She surprised herself during this experience. 

修練大法講清真相 Falun Dafa Cultivation Practice and Truth Clarification

王彤文說:「我一直在追求看得見、摸得著的科學,也覺得自己是世界上很了不起的人,但在這個經歷中這些全都打碎了。第一,在生命最關鍵時刻,沒想到我的科研,只想到媽媽和妻子的角色。第二,我祈求宇宙中最高的神,祂真的幫我了!」Dr. Wang said, “I was constantly pursuing on the path of modern science which studies subjects of this physical world that are tangible, and also felt that I was quite advanced in my understanding of this world. However, after this experience, all of these notions were smashed into pieces. First of all, at the most critical moment of my life, a moment of life or death, I did not remember for a moment that I was wearing a hat of a scientist, but only remembered myself to be a mother and a wife. Secondly, when I called out to the highest God in the entire Cosmo to help me, the answer was instant and real!”  

後來,她發現全身到處都在轉,轉的很厲害,當時不明白那是什麼東西,怎麼身體莫名奇妙就打轉轉呢?而且會哭,突然淚流滿面。莫名奇妙的哭了半天。Magical experiences continued. Soon she felt rotating motions of an invisible object at different parts of her physical body, primarily on her head. She was very puzzled by this. What was happening? She wondered. Then she started to feel like to cry a lot. Sometimes her face was covered by tears. She was again puzzled by this. According to the modern psychology or psychiatry field, all of these experiences could be used to label her to be “mentally abnormal”. But later she found the answers for explaining these experiences in the key teaching of Falun Dafa, a book called Zhuan Falun. The experience of the flow of energy from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet is a phenomenon called Guanding (a form of body purification). The little rotating invisible object is called Falun, which has been repeatedly detected by digital cameras on many pictures of Falun Dafa practitioners. The uncontrollable cries are due to the higher awareness of the sub-consciousness, who was so moved by what has been done for a new cultivator, who finally is on the path of return after being lost in the human world for so many life times.

王彤文知道要修煉了,要找師父了。她找到密宗,修了一段時間,直覺這位仁波切不是她的師父。2000年春天,朋友打電話告訴她有一本神奇的書《轉法輪》,她看了之後大為震撼,覺得內涵無窮無盡的龐大,看了還想再看,於是自己找《大圓滿法》按圖索驥,煉起五套功法。Dr. Wang knew then that she was about to embark onto a path of cultivation. She was anxiously waiting to meet her Teacher. She first went to find her Teacher in a Tibetan Temple for Tantrism, but her intuition told her that there was no Teacher for her. In the Spring of 2000, her friend Ms. Haijing Zhang suddenly called her with great excitement. Ms. Zhang said that she had recently visited her grandfather living in Flushing, New York, where she found a book in his home and decided to read the book. Upon reading, she was shocked. Many things she had been unable to understand in the Bible, as a devoted Christian, she received the answers from reading this book, called Zhuan Falun. On the phone, she said, “This book stated that the fundamental nature of the Universe can be summarized by three words, Zhen-Shan-Ren (真善忍) which means Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance)”. When Dr. Wang heard these three Chinese Characters, her heart felt so comforted, as if she had been waiting for these three words all her life. She was very excited and asked Ms. Haijing Zhang to send her this book immediately. Soon she received the book of Zhuan Falun, in both Chinese and English. In addition, she also received a third book, the Falun Dafa Great Consummation Way. She started to read Zhuan Falun and felt that the inner content of this book is simply too vast. She studied the Falun Dafa Great Consummation Way and started to do the five sets of exercises according to the instructions from this book. She experienced tremendous health benefits immediately.

2000年10月,王彤文應邀回大陸去給中科院上海分院學生上課,她不知道中共打壓法輪功,還逢人就说法輪功怎麼怎麼好,要敎他們煉功,嚇得他們臉色發白。回美國後,那位同修才告訴她法輪功受迫害的情形,並給她一些資料,她看了既氣憤又傷心,就把這資料發給所有認識的科學家,開始講真相呼籲救援。In October 2000, Dr. Wang was invited to China to give lectures to three hundred Graduate students from the Chinese Academy of Science located in Shanghai City, as one of the awardees of the 100 top oversea scientists being recruited to return to China to set up National Laboratories at the Chinese Academy of Science. Not knowing anything about the persecution that started on July 20, 1999, towards Falun Dafa practitioners, Dr. Wang told those who she met how wonderful Falun Dafa is and even tried to show them the practice. Many Chinese friends exhibited major fear and turned pale upon hearing what she said and this made her very surprised. Upon returning to America, she asked Ms. Zhang why Chinese people showed fear upon her mentioning Falun Dafa. Ms. Zhang told her about the ongoing persecution. Dr. Wang felt very upset and immediately forwarded the persecution information she received from Ms. Zhang to all of her colleagues in the Benaroya Research Institute.

Since then, Dr. Wang started to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to the general public. 

(三)科研 Chapter III. Scientific Research into the Health Benefit of Practicing Falun Dafa 

與封莉莉合作科研Collaborative Research with Dr. Lili Feng

2001年7月,王彤文首次參加了華盛頓DC法會,聽師父講法後,一切全都明白了,也認識了同樣搞科研的封莉莉。In July 2001, Dr. Wang attended the first Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, where she met her long-awaited Teacher, Mr. Li Hongzhi. She was guided to enlighten to higher truth during this conference, while listening to Teacher’s lecture. She felt like she suddenly woke up from such a long sleep of so many dynasties of life along the 5000 years of Chinese history. She realized where she is from and where she is going. She also realized her real mission as an oversea Chinese scholar. Soon she met another scientist, Dr. Lili Feng, who was working as a researcher in Baylor School of Medicine.

封莉莉的研究顯示,法輪功修煉者的細胞根本沒有應急狀態,蛋白質降解器減少,新陳代謝降得很低,抗病毒的免疫力提得很高。Dr. Lili Feng initiated a set of studies to compare the cellular functions and molecular behaviors of a type of white blood cell from Falun Dafa practitioners and normal health control group. She observed that the cells of Falun Dafa practitioners exhibit apparent longevity and enhanced anti-bacteria function, at the cellular level. At the molecular level, an advanced biological technique was applied and yielded clean-cut results that demonstrated drastic down-regulation of stress response genes as well as proteins involved in protein synthesis and protein degradation, which means Drastic Reduction of Metabolism, a key feature of Longevity. In addition, two important anti-viral factors are drastically enhanced, indicating greatly enhanced immunity towards viral infection. Dr. Wang concluded based upon these data that the scientific validation for a true cultivation practice that can enhance health and prolong life shall be carried out further.


During her analysis of the original data, Dr. Wang noted that there are a large group of genes encoding the various protein component of proteasome are coordinately down-regulated, suggesting the reduced amount of proteasome in the practitioners cells. Furthermore, the genes encoding the proteins that are the basic components of another protein device involved in making new proteins are also down-regulated, suggesting the reduction of protein production. If proteins do not need to be made or to be broken-down, then the only explanation is that the proteins are long-lived and healthy and the cell will preserve energy. The microcosmic world truly is corresponding to the macrocosmic world, Dr. Wang thought. Then pondering upon her new discoveries in linking TGF-beta family members with the proteasome function, a profound insight came into Dr. Wang’s mind. She was enlightened to the molecular level causes of all modern life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s Diseases:

古人認為,疾病大多是七情六慾造成的,人的精神和健康會有那麼大的關係,是因為七情六慾會使細胞發生應急現象,蛋白質降解器就會忙得很活躍。The ancient Chinese always believes that human diseases are originated from the six desires and seven emotions of human heart. The reason why human emotions are so closely linked to human health is because when the human heart is moved by the human desires and emotions, cellular metabolic level are drastically increased. 

当蛋白质降解器超负荷工作时,就不能受TGF-BETA调控来保证细胞正常功能,从而导致各种疾病。When the proteasomes are over-loaded due to increased cellular metabolism, the TGF-beta family members can no longer main the normal state of cell function, thereby leading to all types of human sicknesses.

那么,修炼人的蛋白质降解器处于休息状态,就自然会让TGF-BETA更好地调节细胞正常功能,从而保证修炼人肉身的正常功能On the contrary, when proteasomes are at rest in the cells of a Falun Dafa practitioner, the TGF-beta family members can better regulate the healthy balance of the cell, thereby effectively maintains the normal functions of the cells.

而癌症细胞的情况恰恰相反:癌症細胞裡蛋白質降解器非常多,它不斷的把合成錯誤的蛋白質分解掉,不斷的新陳代謝,把機體的能量消耗掉,釋放出熱量,所以癌症部位摸起來是熱熱的。由於蛋白質降解器忙於分解合成的蛋白質,致使負責調控維持機體健康的TGF-BETA全都亂掉了。TGF-BETA失靈了,癌症这个疾病也就出來了。The situation of the cancer cells are exactly the opposite: protein metabolism is pushed to its maximum, and the cancer cell basically is turned into a furnace of converting life energy into heat. This is the reason why all cancer tissues are very hot. The proteasomes are all jammed up by the overly busy mass production and mass consumption style of operation of the cancer cell, failing to respond properly to the TGF-beta family members’ instruction to maintain the normal balance of the cell. When TGF-beta family members stop working, all diseases would manifest.

其他与人类应急反应相连的综合性疾病 (糖尿病,心脏病,极老年痴呆症等),都因影响蛋白质降解器与TGF-BETA家族分子配合而引发。这也解释了为什么许许多多修炼法轮功的人在短短的时间内就可以从多年慢性病的困境中走出来而第一次尝到完全无病的美妙。当修炼人放下了对人世间由七情六欲而带来的执着,任何“失”不会使修炼人产生负面情绪而带来的分子层面的应急,那么TGF-BETA家族会和蛋白质降解器最和谐的合作而确保细胞的正常操作。人自然就没病了。Therefore, the hyper-metabolic state of the cells caused by emotional stress can lead to malfunction of the TGF-beta family members which must work through the proteasomes to maintain cellular functional balance. The jammed up proteasome under stress is the fundamental cause of all system level diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. This also explains why so many Falun Dafa practitioners can walk away from tormenting chronic diseases only shortly after practicing Falun Dafa and for the first time experiencing the wonder of a physical body that is free from illnesses. When a cultivator masters the art of letting go of all of the attachments derived from this human heart, any form of “loss” would not make a true cultivator develop negative emotions thereby leading to molecular level stress. Then the TGF-beta family members can work in great harmony with the proteasomes to maintain a healthy balance of the cell. Under such a harmony, the physical body is naturally healthy.

根据这一发现, 2002年,王彤文在大紀元時報發表一篇文章《治療癌症的靈丹妙藥在哪裡?》這是一篇對社會大眾發表的科學論文,指出修炼法轮大法给人身心灵带来健康的科学性。對任何人都是有益的,這是作為一個科學家發自內心講的真話,但是卻引來中共與邪靈的迫害. Based upon this discovery and enlightenment, Dr. Wang gave a public speech at the Harvard Future Science Conference in the Spring of 2002. The title of her speech was “A Wake up Call from the Microcosm”. The speech was organized into an article in English and then translated into Chinese and then published on Dajiyuan Newspaper, entitled “ 治療癌症的靈丹妙藥在哪裡?What is the Magic Cure for Cancer?”The article is purely a scientific assay tailored into helping the general public understand an important health phenomenon, Cancer, and also pointed out that the health benefits commonly experienced by the Falun Dafa practitioners are very scientific and revealed the intimate link between mind-body-spirit manifested at the molecular level. It is a way for an honest scientist to share key scientific observations with the general public, thereby directing benefiting the general public. However, this article’s publication became the cause of the latter persecution towards Dr. Wang by the Chinese Communist Party.

(四) 迫害 Chapter IV.The Persecution 

中共邪黨 中領館是邪灵在海外的黑手The Oversea Dark Minion of the CCP: Chinese Consulates

2001年,三籓市中領館總領事彭克玉,向西方主流社會及華盛頓州長駱家輝放毒污衊法輪功。王彤文指出,華盛頓州跟中國有很多商業交易,如:波音、微軟、星巴克;華盛頓州的城市和中國重慶成都締結姐妹市;還有很多教育和民間的交往,所以華盛頓州的政治和中國的政治是牽在一起,非常緊密的。The Consul General of the San Francisco Chinese Consulate, Peng Keyu, was responsible for spreading hate propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party to all elected officials of America. The hate propaganda poisoned the former Governor of Washington State, Mr. Gary Locke. Dr. Wang pointed out, “Washington State has many business interactions with China, involving large corporations such as Boyin, Microsoft and Starbucks; many cities have sister cities in China; there are also educational and institutional interactions with China. Because of this, the political ties between Washington State and Chinese Communist Government are very strong.

《治療癌症的靈丹妙藥在哪裡?》這篇文章一出來,王彤文國內朋友馬上通知她,已上了黑名單。王彤文是無錫人,迫害法輪功的元凶之一周永康也是無錫人,王彤文說:「我列入黑名單,周永康會不知道嗎?就是我表了態了,我為法輪功說話,那邊就開始有計畫、有組織的迫害了。」As soon as the article, “《治療癌症的靈丹妙藥在哪裡?》What is the ultimate cure of Cancer?” (Original article in English is entitled, “A Wake Up Call from the Microcosm”) was published on the Dajiyuan Newspaper, news from friends in China were immediately sent through friends to Dr. Wang, informing her that she was black-listed. Dr. Wang is from Wuxi City. One of the key persecutors of Falun Dafa practitioners is also from Wuxi City. His name is Zhou Yongkang. Dr. Wang said, “My being blacklisted must be linked to Zhou. As soon as I made my position clear to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, systematic persecution was initiated.”

家庭協會破壞家庭American Family Foundation Deceived to Destroy Families

首先,透過中領館向美國家庭協會反邪教組織直接放毒,讓它相信法輪功是邪教。尤其是反邪教組織的加州布克蘭大學心理學教授瑪格麗特.辛格,聽信中共的謊言,準備寫書誣衊法輪功,以「破壞家庭」、「有病不求醫不用藥」的罪名欲將法輪功訂為邪教。The persecution towards Falun Dafa practitioners in America is primarily carried out through spreading hate propaganda to directly poison people’s mind. In the case of persecution towards Dr. Wang, it occurred in a very organized fashion. First, the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco spreads poisons made by the Chinese Communist Government to the American Family Foundation and made AFF believes that Falun Gong is “evil cult”. It involves first systematically gathering the personal information of the spouses of Falun Gong practitioners and sending emails of hate propaganda to stir up suspicion and terror within the spouses’ mind and heart. For example, Dr. Wang’s husband started to be so paranoid upon hearing the lies of Falun Gong practitioners’ refusing to go to seek medical care caused over one thousand deaths, and the lies of Falun Gong practitioners’ children being brainwashed to become abnormal, that he would get into a major argument over minute issues with Dr. Wang, such as whether putting cortisone-containing oil onto a mosquito bite that their son Noah had on his leg. These spouses who became successfully transformed by the hate propaganda were then organized to work with Margaret Singer, a clinical psychologist and adjunct professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, with an established reputation in the field of “cult” research. Margaret Singer became totally poisoned by the hate propaganda from the CCP and started to write a book to defame Falun Gong, under the labeling of “destroy family”, “not seeking medical treatment”, as the so-called signs of “evil cult”. Such a deadly poison of mind soon took effect on Margaret Singer’s physical body. She was diagnosed to suffer from cancer and died in 2003. In every way, the Chinese Communist Party killed her. 

王彤文痛心的表示:「美國家庭協會的宗旨是要讓家庭和諧,不分裂的,因為中共的謊言,卻變成了中共的幫兇,千方百計的去分裂法輪功學員的家庭。這點是很可怕的!」Dr. Wang expressed her sorrow, “The mission of the America Family Foundation was to harmonize family and protect the family from being broken. However, the lies from the CCP turned AFF into the CCP’s accomplice to destroy Falun Gong practitioners’ family. Not recognizing the evil cult nature of the CCP puts America under terrible danger.”

王彤文說:「這場家庭婚姻的迫害,追根究底就是三籓市中領館總領事彭克玉幹的壞事。」王彤文表示,有一天彭克玉将为他的所作所为负一切责任!Dr. Wang stated, “The persecution towards my family is primarily caused by the Consul General from San Francisco Chinese Consulate.” She said, “One day Peng will be brought to court for the crimes that he has committed.”

2002年,美國家庭協會在西雅圖辦一個反邪教的研討會,艾倫在那次研討會和他們掛上了鉤。艾倫聽信中共的仇恨宣傳,對邪教非常恐懼,認為王彤文自毀前途,並擔心兒子被邪教帶走,所以對她的態度日趨惡劣。In 2002, the American Family Foundation organized a conference in Seattle to defame Falun Dafa. Alan was lured into the conference and became a victim of the hate propaganda. He believed in the lies and became extremely concerned about Dr. Wang’s future as a successful scientist. He loves Noah and therefore was most fearful of the “pollution” by “evil cult”. So he started to try every way to prevent Noah from spending private time with Dr. Wang and actively organized many events to keep Noah busy with him. Dr. Wang did not recognize what was happening and thought that he simply was a good father caring for the son. Noah therefore spent most of the time with Alan, while Dr. Wang was busy with research and other activities related to truth-clarification. A dark shadow was already encompassing the family and ready to destroy it.

2002 年10月,在國家媒體俱樂部主辦的關於中國問題的研討會上,王彤文作了一個演講,指出中國社會現狀與生命科學中惡性癌症的症狀的對應關係,受到媒體的重视并要求她将她的论点写成文章在媒体广泛发表。In October 2002, during the time when the former Chinese Communist Party Head, Jiang Zemin went to President Bush’s house, the National Club organized a conference, where Dr. Wang gave a speech. She pointed out an amazing correspondence between the cancer phenomenon at the cellular level and that at the societal level. She concluded that China is suffering from a late stage cancer and the HIV AIDs village phenomenon is simply one of the many symptoms of this late stage cancer. She also pointed out that the foreign businesses entering China is simply feeding blood into this malignant cancer. She made a note that Falun Dafa practitioners, through the practice of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, are the key players to eradicate this malignant cancer.

一週後,艾倫以王彤文練邪教為由,帶走她的財產和孩子跟她分居。2004年,離婚自動生效,王彤文不但失去了丈夫、孩子,還得每月支付贍養費、房子貸款每月5千多元。One week later, as soon as Dr. Wang returned her Seattle home, Alan handed her a divorce document and claimed that he already consulted an attorney who told him that he had all the rights to take Noah as well as all of family properties away from her, since she was practicing “cult”. Meanwhile, Dr. Wang started to experience an invisible dark force which started to torment her and deprive her from any sleep. The extended sleep deprivation made her unable to remember anything. She struggled to keep a balance of her family life and work, but she gradually was losing the battle, both emotionally and also physically. Not knowing the cause of the sudden harsh attitude of Alan, she initially thought that the cause of this was due to her not spending enough time with him. Her fear of losing the family and her love and concern for the son made her fragile for attack. In 2004, divorce occurred as a default and Dr. Wang lost her husband and son. Furthermore, she was ordered to pay child support, spouse support as well as the heavy mortgage of her family house. She was facing a monthly expense of about 5000 dollars. This almost forced her to continue her research job to sustain the material goods that she only wished to use for her family, but then was gone. The emotional torture is worse than any other forms of torture. It is invisible, but sharper than knife and can kill one’s spirit first.

身心迫害家庭監獄 Torture of Mind and Body and Subjected to Family Imprisonment

失去爱子和爱夫的痛苦,特别是爱夫对她的深深的误解,再加工作的压力,一下子让王彤文身心疲惫,她发现她失去了睡眠能力。六个月的挣扎后,长期无法睡眠的她已经神志恍惚,生命的每分每秒对她来说都是一种折磨。The emotional torture of the sudden loss of beloved husband and son, and especially the deep misunderstandings of Alan towards Falun Dafa, on top of severe work pressure, made Dr. Wang collapse physically and mentally. She totally lost the ability to sleep. After six months of struggle, she was facing mental crisis. To her, alive was such a moment to moment torture.

有一天,艾倫回來看她,塞給她安眠藥讓她睡覺, 她主意識不清吃了藥。那颗放不下的对丈夫的情,对儿子的母爱的心是那么的沉重,在安眠药的作用下,她的长期不得休息的主意识一失控,那没修好的人心立刻带着她往情中划下去了。带着悲愤,她想到了死,以死来唤醒艾伦的良知。在这样的人的情绪的指使下,她用刀子划开了手腕的皮肤。疼痛把她从那情绪中唤醒。“我是修炼人哪,我不能自杀”。可是当艾伦发现这事后,立即叫了警察并把她的父母及哥哥召来。她的家人愚昧的听信邪党的谎言,不但不为王彤文的遭遇而对邪党愤怒,反而为邪党说话,指责王彤文不该参与“政治”,说她是煉法輪功精神失常,硬逼她去看心理医生,并强逼她服药。当她拒绝服药时, 她的父親把藥摻在飯菜裡餵她吃。吃了藥出現手腳顫抖,呼吸困難現象,全家人守著她,不讓她看書學法,不讓學員見她。Just then, when she was no longer able to sustain the pain, Alan returned home and asked her to take a sleeping pill. Her mind was blurred then, and took the pill. Her heart of sentimentality towards husband and the motherly love for her son became such a burden that, under the sedative influence of the sleeping pill, she started to enter a state of hallucination. She imagined that someone was challenging her to show that she was not fearful of death. Then she was instructed that if she really wishes to change Alan’s heart, she could commit suicide to make Alan feel deep regrets so that Alan would be changed to understand her. She said to herself, “I am not afraid of death and I am willing to die to make Alan change his hate towards Falun Dafa. I would use my death to protest the persecution.” So she used a knife to cut open her wrist. The pain of the wound suddenly pulled her out from her hallucination. She realized what she was doing, “How can I commit suicide! I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.” However, after Alan found out about this, he immediately called in police as well as the brother and parents of Dr. Wang. Dr. Wang’s family members totally believed in the CCP’s lies and therefore when they heard what happened, they not only did not feel angry towards the CCP, but instead accused Dr. Wang for “playing politics” and claimed that she became mentally ill due to the practice of Falun Dafa. They forced her to see psychiatrists and forced her to take medicine. When Dr. Wang refused to take the medicine, her father mixed the medicine into her food and drinks. After taking the medicine, Dr. Wang started to experience terrible weakness of the legs and hands as well as heart and breathing problems. The whole family watched her 24 hours a day and did not allow the visits of fellow practitioners, nor allowed her to do Falun Dafa exercises with other practitioners outdoor. She basically was subjected to “family imprisonment”, a form of torture still happening in China, by transformed family members of the Falun Dafa practitioners towards their own love ones. In many cases, senior Falun Dafa practitioners died in their own home due to such a form of torture.

一天,她癱在床上不能動,靜靜的,她發現在生命最深層的地方有一個小芽在生長,她自動的背起《論語》,一遍一遍的背,漸漸的,手腳能動了,也能翻身下床了。Dr. Wang grew weaker and weaker and eventually could not climb out from the bed. She felt her life was almost over and the suffering was so severe that it was hard to endure. However, one morning, after a long night of struggle, she felt a small bud in the depth of her body was formed, and from the bud something magically started. She started to recite the Lun Yu in Zhuan Falun, automatically. Something amazing happened. Her dying body was activated little by little. She gradually lifted up her body and stood up! She was normal again! She was given a new life! Several months prior to all of the life crisis occurred, when she was about to go to bed after burning the incense in front of Teacher’s Photo, she was suddenly pulled down by an invisible force to return to the front of Teacher’s Photo. She felt a distinct need to recite Lun Yu in Zhuan Falun. She was pulled back three or four times that night before she finally recited Lun Yu in entirety without any mistakes. It was the ability of her to memorize Lun Yu that she finally walked out from this great tribulation. This is her experience of the most magnificent power of Falun Dafa. She found herself a true practitioner of Falun Dafa after she survived this experience, since prior to this experience, her first thought about everything as always about her own interest. But after this experience, her first thought about everything becomes that for the interest of others.

5月13日那天,是法輪大法日也是師父的生日,王彤文想無論怎樣都得出去。趁著下午家人都睡著了,她溜出家門,跑到集體學法地方,學員看到她回來都很驚喜。On May 13, 2003, Dr. Wang remembered that it was Falun Dafa Day! She decided that she must go to meet fellow practitioners to celebrate this special day. After she had this thought, everyone decided to take a nap in the afternoon. She immediately escaped out from the home and drove to the place in Seattle International District, where fellow practitioners always gather to study Zhuan Falun. Fellow practitioners were so happy to see her. They did not what a journey it had taken her to return!

之後,她堅持不吃藥,並參加溫哥華法會,參與戶外煉功、講真相,身心狀況馬上好轉,漸漸的能睡一點點。有一個晚上,她學完法覺得太累了,一躺下真的睡著了。Subsequently, she steadfastly refused to take any medication and also participated in the Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Vancouver. When Dr. Wang saw Teacher came to the Conference, she felt like a child returning to home. Teacher’s words were as if all said towards her and made her even-more clear-headed. Under the compassionate support of local Falun Dafa practitioners, Dr. Wang started to break through the family imprisonment and started to attend outdoor exercises and truth-clarification events. The local practitioners organized many parades. Dr. Wang learned how to make Lotus flowers from a senior practitioner, called Aunty Qing Ping. It was from then on, Dr. Wang fell in love with Lotus flowers. She made many of them and gave them out as a message of Compassion. One night soon after she stopped taking the medication, she was studying Zhuan Falun and felt tired and decided to lie down. She fell asleep for the first time after more than six months of sleep deprivation. In the following several months, her ability to sleep went from two hours to four hours and eventually became totally normal.

美国州长,研究所所长堕成中共帮凶 Governor of Washington State and Research Center Director in Seattle became CCP Accomplice Under Presure and Deception

2003年,王彤文儼然已是研究TGF-BETA的權威人士,被評為美國癌症協會的學者,給她一百萬美金經費做研究。這一年,王彤文在評定是否升級的研究報告,獲得許多外地專家學者高度的肯定,然而並沒有發表評定結果。In 2003, Dr. Wang was surely one of the leading experts in the field of TGF-beta research. She was elected to be the American Cancer Society Scholar and was awarded 1 million dollars of funding to carry out her research projects. This year, Dr. Wang also was up to promotion and her work received lots of encouragement and praises from the experts in the field. However, she did not receive an evaluation by the end of the year.

據所裡的秘書私下透露,華盛頓州長駱家輝派人跟所長關起門談了2小時,從此以後,所長對王彤文的態度急遽轉變,不讓她敎功、講真相。According to the information provided by Dr. Jerry Nepom’s secretary, Dr. Nepom was visited by a representative sent from the Governor’s office. They closed the door and discussed for about two hours. Since that meeting, Dr. Nepom’s supporting attitude towards Dr. Wang was changed. Back in 2002, when Dr. Wang first started to express her interest in carrying out the studies of the health benefits of practicing Falun Dafa, Dr. Nepom was the enthusiastic supporter. He took time from his busy schedule to help Dr. Wang to design the studies and expressed to her that he would bring any support to her during the studies. Dr. Wang also sent a letter to NIH (National Institute of Health) to express her intent of interest. A response letter was sent to her, stating that NIH is highly interested in such an effort and recommended her to form research partnership with clinical researchers. Dr. Nepom was always kind and insightful. The only reason Dr. Nepom would be negative towards Dr. Wang, from her perspective, was pressure directly from the Governor’s Office. Since that visit, Dr. Nepom also made a firm request to Dr. Wang in not allowing her to teach Falun Dafa exercises to colleagues or even mention about Falun Dafa in the research center. When Dr. Wang put out a poster with the information of about Falun Dafa, Dr. Nepom took it down himself. He said that he did not want to be sued by someone who considers it to be political.

研究所所長告訴她: “妳要做法輪功那套東西,你自己去办你自己的研究所好了”。所长要王彤文立即停职留薪一年,马上自找出路。2004年底正式解雇了她。当时王彤文实验室仍有40 万经费,被迫交还给美国防癌协会。In early 2004, Dr. Nepom called Dr. Wang into his office and said to her, “If you wish to continue your interest of research of Falun Dafa health benefits, you can set up your own Institute to do it.” Dr. Nepom requested Dr. Wang to terminate her job immediately and simply focus upon finding a new job, and assuring her that he would give her salary for the entire year. Dr. Wang refused and requested to work until the end of the year. During that year, Dr. Wang traveled to Orlando, Miami, Washington D.C., New York, Montreal, Athens and at least, at the end of the year, entered China on her own. It was during her visit at Washington DC that the idea of forming the Whole Elephant Institute was born. The idea was solidified after her journey to the Qinghua University in China. Her China trip was a test of her righteous thoughts. Throughout the trip, she played her role as an invited scholar from America and clarified the truth to the Qinghua University Students, professors and spoke openly at the Changsha International Academy Members’ Conference regarding the research data obtained by Dr. Lili Feng’s group on the studies of the white blood cells of Falun Dafa practitioners. She carried the research article and showed these results to not only the highly educated Qinghua University graduate students but also those who do not even understand a word of English. Those memorable moments of her experience in China, when she explained to the kind-hearted Chinese people, including many of those deceived police officers at the Shanghai Airport Police Station, where she was held for over 12 hours, are the source of encouragement she carried with her when she returned to America. People are waiting for the scientists to reveal the truth! The general public places such a trust and hope towards scientists to help them to find out what is the solution of health and happiness in their life. Everywhere she went, she was first stopped by the police or security guards, but then after she told them that she is a scientist and showed them that scientists in America are studying this amazing phenomenon of practicing Falun Dafa, they started to listen with great respect. Many people told Dr. Wang, “Our country welcomes scientists like you to come back! We need you!”Some professors secretly handed her their contact emails and asked her not to forget about them and make sure to come back to China to help them. Dr. Wang decided to focus upon the development of the Whole Elephant Institute to continue her journey as a life scientist.

兄长父母堕为中共帮凶 FamilyMembers Became the CCP Accomplice Under Pressure and Deception

2005年,她的父母又跟中國當地政府聯繫上,並匯報了王彤文的情況。當地政府許諾給王彤文一些好處,要他們設法逼王彤文回國。王彤文的哥哥託人偽造文書,證明她精神不正常,生活不能自理,因此法院判決她的一切由哥哥代管。哥哥把她的銀行帳簿撤空,房子低價賣掉,斷絕她的經濟來源。While Dr. Wang was clarifying the truth in China the Wuxi City CCP government called her Mother immediately to order her to return to China. The local government then made her parents to commit a crime in America. The parents called her elder brother Jianxin Bao from the Washington University and ordered her to find a way to bring Dr. Wang to China. Jianxin Bao then asked his personal friend, Amelia Gallitano-Mendel, to write a diagnosis, claiming that she considered Dr. Wang to be suffering from “severe manic depression” and that all of her losses in Seattle were caused by such a disease. Such a fake medical diagnosis was then used to obtain “Legal Guardianship” over Dr. Wang and all of her assets. In the absence of Dr. Wang, the Seattle court awarded the Guardianship to Jianxin Bao, who immediately cleaned up her bank, confiscated all of her personal properties, and sold out her house cheaply to handed all of her financial resource to the hands of the Seattle Court. In the past several years, Jianxin Bao allowed his lawyers and later the Seattle Guardianship Service to gradually drain all of the money from the sale of the house, and finally even the retirement fund.

在王彤文的记忆中,她的兄长在童年时的一个早上,曾告诉她一个奇怪的梦:他梦见观音菩萨来到他的面前要来接他走,突然父母一个手里拿着镰刀一个手里拿着釜头对着他冲过来要杀了他。在2001年,兄长来西雅图看望她时就学炼法轮大法,可是,不久后,当他回中国看望父母时,父母硬叫他不炼。2004年又因父母之命令,在法庭前造假迫害王彤文。那个童年的梦不正是这三十几年后的写照嘛。In Dr. Wang’s memory of her childhood, Jianxin Bao one morning told her a dream he had the night before: he saw Bodhisattva Guanyin came to his side to take him back to heaven, however, suddenly he saw the parents rushed into his room, one carrying a knife and the other carrying a hammer, and they were trying to kill him. At the time, he was only a teenager. In 2001, Jianxin Bao went to visit Dr. Wang in Seattle, where she immediately introduced Falun Dafa to him and showed him the exercises. He accepted with no reservation. However, soon after he returned to New York (he was then a postdoctoral fellow in Columbia University), he went back to China, where the parents forced him not to practice Falun Dafa. In 2004, under the order of the parents, Jianxin Bao directly committed a crime against Dr. Wang, and killed his future. Who would think a child’s dream would foretell the fate unfolded almost thirty years later.

(五) 走在神的路上Walking on the Path of Divinity


While Dr. Wang was almost being lured back to Seattle, when the parents called her to “urge” her to return to Seattle to take care of her family house, claiming that Alan was trying to force the house into a foreclosure in order to get child support, Dr. Wang felt that something was not right. She told Alan to take over the family house for him and Noah. Meanwhile, the warm-hearted practitioners in New York kept on asking her to stay to carry out various local events, especially the Chinese New Year Show promotion. In April 2005, a magic arrangement was played out in front of the Flushing Library to continue a stretch of predestined relationship. The circle of Dr. Wang’s life was about to be rounded. A man of golden heart was awaiting for her there and he soon took her home, made her the Wife, and helped her to bring a beautiful girl into the world: little Lotus Blossom Weiss was born on March 22, 2006, at Dr. Wang’s new home in New York. The home belongs to Mr. Herman Weiss and Ms. Mariam Weiss. Dr. Wang brought a little Lotus flower into the Weiss’ family. The predestined relationship was once also a target of Dr. Wang’s side of the family. However, nothing was able to break such a predestined bond.


在法拉盛的街上,過去兩年多來,常常可以看見一位慈愛樸素、黑髮及臀的小母親推著輕便的嬰兒車參與法輪功的活動,告訴人們法輪功的真相,那就是傑出的尖端生命科學家王彤文和她的小女兒蓮成。現在3歲小蓮成蹦蹦跳跳的跟着妈妈到处走,小小的孩子也会大声的说:法轮大法好,真善忍好,不许打好人,把坏人赶走!On the street of Flushing, in the past two years, people can often see a young mother who is compassionate and dressed very plain, with long black hair hanging below her waist. She pushes a light and speedy stroller in which sits a beautiful girl. Together they are actively carrying out the public education efforts to let people know about the truth of Falun Dafa. This young mother is Dr. Tongwen Wang, a distinguished scientist of frontier life science. The beautiful girl is Ms. Lotus Blossom Weiss. Lotus is now three years old and she follows Mom everywhere, jumping and skipping. Such a young child already knows to call out: Falun Dafa is Good! Zhen-Shen-Ren (真善忍) is Good! It is not allowed to beat good people! Make the bad people go away!



Dr. Tongwen Wang, a cancer expert, has already walked out from the part of her career which involves the research of animals in a hope to find a cure of cancer in human beings. She stated, “The CCP evil specter is the cause of the malignant cancer of Chinese Communist Society. I am interested in the eradication of this social cancer, and in assisting heaven’s will to totally disintegrate this evil specter of Communism, thereby saving Chinese who are still being controlled by this evil specter.”


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Honors and Awards:

1988-1992 Scholarship in Medicine, University of Florida


1997-1999 New Investigator Award (NICHD)


1997-2000 Claflin Distinguished Scholar Award (Massachusetts General Hospital)


2003 American Cancer Society Scholar



Methods and Compositions for enhancing cellular response to TGF-b ligands (patent number: 5,912,224)


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2003           Invited speaker in Gordon Conference, Polyamines, Connecticut College

2004           Invited speaker at Asian Health Forum in Washington DC

2004           Invited Speaker at WSEAS Conference in Miami

2004           Invited special session host for WSEAS Conference in Greece

2004           Invited speaker at the First International Forum For Academy Members; Changsha, PR China

2006           Invited Speaker for the NYSSAMT, New York Hospital Queens, Flushing, New York



1997                 Non-exclusive consultant for Origene Technology Inc.

1998-2000       Non-exclusive consultant for Dept. of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease at Pfizer

2005                 Scientific Consultant for Biologene Inc.


Articles for the general public:

A Life Drama of Immune Cells Seen Under the Microscope

An ancient cultivation practice Falun Gong improves neutrophil functions and causes system-level gene regulation

A Wake Up Call from the Microcosm

Future Science: The Science of Consciousness

What is required for safe usage of biopharmaceuticals?

A commentary on the Judiciary Committee Hearing on June 23, 2004


A Self Portrait for the public

Born amidst the horrific “Culture Revolution” that destroyed all traditional culture and values in China, which is known as the Divine Land where people used to believe in God, Buddha and Tao, Tongwen spent most of her childhood with her grandparents in a very under-developed village called Wen Ling at the southeast part of Mainland China. There, she was immersed in the simple beauty of the nature and the innocent smiles of the villagers. The bitter hardship of the village life became the magic seasonings for the young spirit to learn the true sweetness of inner spiritual life. When school years called her back to the city, the dreams of the villagers for better life and better health went with her and gradually become part of her own. When Cancer took the life of her grandmother, the direction of her career was solidified in her heart. With a simple wish to “Cure Cancer” as a doctor, Tongwen entered the Shanghai Medical University in 1984 when China started to open her door to the Western World. However, by the end of the fourth year in the Medical School, she experienced the total helplessness, as a doctors-to-be, in face of Cancer patients. She turned her direction towards the West and was accepted into the Anatomy and Cell Biology graduate program at the University of Florida in 1988. There, Tongwen was led, by many kind hands, to enter the field, where ardent efforts are made to understand the basic physical components of life, the Cell. The reductionism-based intellectual journey began, from the human body, to organs, tissues, and finally to the level of the Cell. In choosing her thesis focus, Tongwen took one step further and decided to look at the “dance” of the molecules. Her thesis work focuses upon the gene regulation mechanisms, using yeast as a model system. Upon completion of her graduate work, Tongwen decided that she was ready to apply the knowledge she gathered to face the problem of Cancer. She then moved to Boston and started her postdoctoral training, under the direction of Dr. Patricia Donahoe at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The focus of her interest was on a family of proteins called the Transforming Growth Factor-beta family, which are critical inhibitors of cell divisions and whose abnormalities are frequently associated with Cancer. The goal of her work is to solve the molecular mysteries behind the biological functions of this powerful family of proteins. Upon delving into the intracellular dimensions and communicating with the proteins through physical instrumentations as the mediators, a story gradually unfolded. The twists and turns in every discovery she made were interwoven with the twists and turns of her life events in the world of Science and the growth of her inner spirit. A journey into the cell finally is connected with a spiritual journey into the nature of consciousness. The search outwardly for the “Cure” of Cancer is turned into a spiritual journey to search inwardly for the “Cure” of self-delusions and the shadow nature of the world we live in.

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