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The Human Life Science Phenomenon of "CCP Virus" 

Specifically Weeding Out the CCP Followers


SARS virus and "CCP Virus" target CCP people to induce massive necrosis response.

This is due to their warped immune system.

Warped immune system is due to their minds believing in the communist ideology.

According to the most frontier research data in the area of quantum physics, mind and matter are One.

That is, what people believes can manifest into matter.

Cells in one's body operate in the same mode as the whole body of this individual.

If an individual operates according to the operation mode of a communist, this individual's cells also operate in a communist mode.

When a virus enters the body, the immune system as the defense system operates like what the CCP Government is doing now, in those who are communists.

What is the result?

First the immune system not only fail in its job to help the body, but instead try all possible ways to ignore it, pretend everything is great, allowing the virus to penetrate all over the body, then suddenly launch a lockdown response, leading to massive necrosis of a large amount of cells in a short period of time. Necrosis further produces strong signals of inflammation, inducing a cytokine storm, which leads to sudden death of the individual.

But for those people who do not follow the communist ideology, the immune system operates totally differently.

When a virus attacks, the system immediately is alerted with precision and starts to launch an immune response with Rationality!


A perfect immune system operates according to the characteristics of the universe, 真善忍 (Zhen-Shan-Ren: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance), as pointed out by Falun Dafa Teachings in the book of "Zhuan Falun: Turning the Law Wheel":


"This characteristic, Zhen-Shan-Ren, is in the microscopic particles of air, rock, wood, soil, iron and steel, the human body, as well as in all matter."

In a normal immune system, macrophages sample the virus and deliver the obtained information to the T cells. The T cells work effectively to call upon the B cells to prepare antibodies to neutralize the virus. The B cells effectively prepare the antibodies that are highly specific to the virus. The antibodies effectively bind to the virus to prevent the virus from infecting the cells. Then cells specialized in cleaning up the virus come in to end the entire show.

Here is what you see in such a perfect immune system of a true practitioner of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance:

(see scientific data here:

In English:

In Chinese:

Truthfulness is being practiced by all the immune cells to assure the immune response is specific, since if not, the immune response harm the innocent self good cells, a phenomenon known as autoimmune diseases.

Compassion is being practiced by all immune cells through unconditional cooperation among the cells to work together for the well being of the whole body, since if not, no effective immune response is possible, with the T cells refuse to listen to the information of the macrophage, B cells refuse to follow the instruction of the T cells, and no antibodies effective or specific to the virus can be produced on a timely manner, thus the virus can easily take over and infect many many cells, and ultimately the body totally collapse.

Forbearance is being practiced by the immune system, manifesting into a phenomenon called Immune Tolerance.

Immune responses are important to protect the body, but lack of immune tolerance together with lack of immune specificity are the key foundation of death caused by SARS and the "CCP Virus".

CCP ideology manifests into human conducts of Deception and Violence.

These two characters are the cause of all deaths associated with "CCP Virus".

Thus, the "CCP Virus" precisely means:

A Virus that Makes the CCP Followers Perish.

So here is the panacea for all good people in the world:

Stay Far Away from CCP

Eradicate the Poisons of CCP Ideologies of Deception and Violence in the Mind and Heart

Sincerely Repent for Having Directly and Indirectly (Including Stay Silent) Participated in the CCP's Persecution Towards Followers of Divine and Beg the Divine for an Opportunity to Rectify the Wrongs

Recite Nine Magic True Words:

真 Zhen 1 Truthfulness

善 Shan 4 Compassion

忍 Ren 3 Forbearance

好 Hao 3 Good

法 Fa 3 Law

輪 Lun 2 Wheel

大 Da 4 Great

法 Fa 3 Law

好 Hao 3 Good

From Dr. Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.


The Whole Elephant Institute

March 24th, 2020

Flushing Office

The Whole Elephant Institute



SARS病毒和"CCP病毒"特異性地在淘汰中共的追随者, 通過诱导大规模的細胞坏死反应。











一個完美的免疫系统是根据宇宙的特性來运转的,就如法輪大法中指出的,"我们这个宇宙也是一样,有银河系、其它的星系,也有生命和水,这个宇宙中的万事万物,这是物质存在的一方面;可是同时它也存在着真、善、忍特性。任何物质的微粒中都包含着这种特性,极小的微粒中都包含着这种特性。" (《轉法輪》

當病毒進入一個正常人的身體時,巨噬细胞对病毒进行采样,并将获得的信息传递给T细胞。 T细胞有效精准地通知B细胞。B细胞有效地制备对病毒高度特异的抗体。抗体有效结合病毒,以防止病毒感染细胞。然后由专门清理病毒的细胞來清理戰場,免疫大戲精彩收場,人體徹底康復。








免疫反应对于保护身体很重要,但是缺乏免疫耐受性和缺乏免疫特异性是SARS和“ CCP病毒”导致死亡的关键基础。














Dr. Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.


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