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Shen Yun 2012

http://www.ShenYun2012.comHeavenly music... breathtaking dances... enchanting landscapes... and timeless legends...Shen Yun Performing Arts presents colorful and exhilarating performances of c...

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Shen Yun is here!


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New Tang Dynasty Television Special Report


The Epoch Times Special Report


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The Whole Elephant Institute



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Shen Yun Performing Arts



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2012 World Tour



A Great Success!


Shen Yun 2012 Finder:



Dallas, TX Dec 16 - 18 ON SALE NOW


Ottawa, Canada Dec 19 - 23 ON SALE NOW


Houston, TX Dec 21 - 27 ON SALE NOW


Hamilton, Canada Dec 26 - 27 ON SALE NOW


Waterbury, Connecticut Dec 26 - 30 ON SALE NOW


Austin, Texas Dec 29 - 30 ON SALE NOW


Worcester, Massachusetts Dec 30 ON SALE NOW


San Francisco, CA Jan 3 - 8 ON SALE NOW


Montreal, Canada Jan 5 - 8 ON SALE NOW


Philadelphia, PA Jan 6 - 8 ON SALE NOW


Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada Jan 10 - 11 ON SALE NOW


Los Angeles (Costa Mesa), California Jan 11 - 12 ON SALE NOW


New York, NY Jan 11 - 15 ON SALE NOW


Toronto, Canada Jan 12 - 15 ON SALE NOW


Los Angeles, CA Jan 13 - 14 ON SALE NOW


San Diego (Escondido), CA Jan 19 - 22 ON SALE NOW


Providence, RI Jan 19 ON SALE NOW


Mississauga, Canada Jan 19 - 22 ON SALE NOW


Boston, MA Jan 20 - 22 ON SALE NOW


Detroit, MI Jan 26 - 29 ON SALE NOW


Atlanta, GA Jan 27 - 29 ON SALE NOW


Phoenix, AZ Jan 27 - 29 ON SALE NOW


Augusta, GA Jan 31 ON SALE NOW


Eugene, Oregon Feb 1 ON SALE NOW


Cincinnati, Ohio Feb 3 - 4 ON SALE NOW


Vancouver, Canada Feb 3 - 5 ON SALE NOW


Raleigh, North Carolina Feb 7 - 8 ON SALE NOW


Seattle, Washington Feb 7 - 8 ON SALE NOW


Fort Lauderdale, Florida Feb 10 - 11 ON SALE NOW


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Feb 15 - 16 ON SALE NOW


St. Louis, Missouri Feb 18 - 19 ON SALE NOW


Denver, Colorado Feb 22 - 23 ON SALE NOW


Nashville, Tennessee Feb 25 - 26 ON SALE NOW


Rochester, New York Feb 26 ON SALE NOW


Little Rock, Arkansas Feb 27 - 28 ON SALE NOW


Tampa, Florida Mar 3 - 4 ON SALE NOW


Memphis, TN Mar 6 - 7 ON SALE NOW


Minneapolis, MN Mar 9 - 11 ON SALE NOW


Indianapolis, IN Mar 13 - 14 ON SALE NOW


Toledo, OH Mar 17 - 18 ON SALE NOW


Washington, DC Mar 21 - Apr 1 ON SALE NOW


Frankfurt, Germany Mar 30 - 31 ON SALE NOW


Madison, Wisconsin Apr 4 - 5 ON SALE NOW


Stockholm, Sweden Apr 4 - 6 ON SALE NOW


Calgary, Canada Apr 8 - 9 ON SALE NOW


Edmonton, Canada Apr 10 - 11 ON SALE NOW


Melbourne, Australia Apr 10 - 15 ON SALE NOW


Canberra, Australia Apr 17 - 18 ON SALE NOW


Chicago, Illinois Apr 19 - 22 ON SALE NOW


Chattanooga, Tennessee Apr 24 ON SALE NOW


Columbus, Ohio Apr 26 - 27 ON SALE NOW


The Whole Elephant Institute

Follows Shen Yun Around the World

Shen Yun

Performing Arts

Arrives At



America, Columbus City



Ohio Theatre


39 East State Street, Columbus, Ohio


April 26 & 27, 2012


Hotline: 1-888-974-3698



America, Dayton City



Benjamin and Marian Schuster


Performing Arts Center


1 West Second Street, Dayton, Ohio


May 1, 2012


Hotline: 1-888-974-3698



America, St. Petersburg

Mahaffey Theater

at the Progress Energy Center

400 First Street South, St. Petersburg , FL

May 5, 2012

Hotline: 1-888-974-3698 (Ticketingbox)

813-438-2112 (Local)

Australia, Sydney


Capitol Theatre

13 Campbell Street, Haymarket, Sydney, NSW

April 26-May 6, 2012

Hotline: Ticketmaster: 1 300 723 038

or Presenter : 02 9146 4929

America, Philadelphia


Merriam Theatre


250 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA


May 8 & 9, 2012

Hotline: 215 475 4492

Box Office : 215 893 1999

America, Honolulu



Blaisdell Concert Hall


777 Ward Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii


May 8 & 9, 2012


Hotline: 1-808-792-3919; 1-800-954-3000

America, St. Antonio


Lila Cockrell Theatre


2000 East Market Street, St. Antonio, Taxas


May 8 & 9, 2012


Hotline: 1-800-235-1020



America, Buffalo


Shea's Performing Arts Center


646 Main Street, Buffalo, NY


May 11, 2012


Hotline: 1-800-745-3000



A Spetacular Show!



Two Most Amazing Shows at


Marion Oliver McCaw Hall


Seattle,Washington 98109


February 7 & 8, 2012





American Scholar:


Totally Intoxicated by the Beauty of the Shen Yun




at McCaw Hall in Seattle


By Dr. Lotus King Weiss

Today Seattle has been blessed with the most beautiful

Shen Yun Show ( I have ever seen.

I was totally intoxicated. Every time when I watch Shen Yun Show, I always have such a feeling of sweetness in my heart, like I was fallen in deep love when I was a young college student in Shanghai, almost thirty years ago. The excitement of the heart, when the fire of spirit is lit up, by a magic power so mysterious, activates every nerve in this physical body, producing a shocking wave, so wonderful, beyond all possible means of expression. The sweetness flows from the heart to my tongue and lips, turn into a sweet taste so gentle, but lingering. Now I understand why so many people tell me that Shen Yun Show is extremely powerful in healing the Soul.

I arrived in Seattle about one week ago. That day the weather was somewhat damp and cold. The following day, I experienced the typical Seattle “rain”, so delicate, gentle, almost like the mist produced by gardeners for their beloved flowers. Amidst the rain, I was standing next to the poetic Green Lake, with four Wing-shaped elegant Shen Yun Flags, on which displayed the Shen Yun artists jumping in the air images, which immediately attracted many joggers’ attention. I made many new friends that day, when they came over to request for additional information about the Shen Yun Show. That day I also walked along the stone paths between the homes standing at the side panels of the Green Lake, carrying about thirty large and colorful Shen Yun Show flyers, made house-to-house delivery to the home owners. I felt very much like being a Chinese Santa Claus. That day, my harvest was bountiful: I felt the heart beat of Seattle people, producing such a warm song of longing for more knowledge of the authentic Chinese culture.

So, during my first day of community outreach effort in Seattle, as the Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute, the American Cancer Society Scholar, I feel so much at home in Seattle. I frequently thought about the Indian Chief Seattle, and recognized in my heart the strong connection between the spirit of this amazing Indian Chief and essence of the teachings of the Dao School, which is one of the three schools of spirituality of traditional Chinese culture. I taught many of my new friends the Tao School Teachings of “Nature and Man are One” and the Confucius’ teachings of “Kindness, Loyalty, Etiquette, Wisdom and Faith”. I told them that the Shen Yun Show is the world premier Classical Chinese Dance Show, which is an ancient form of art with several thousands of history, and many acrobatic and gymnastic jumping, flipping, tumbling actions are all derived from the Classical Chinese Dance art format. I proudly announced that the Shen Yun Show has been touring all over the world, reviving the authentic Chinese traditional culture, which has been almost totally destroyed by the Chinese Communist Government. I explained to my new friends that the reason the Chinese Communist Government had to destroy the traditional Chinese culture is because the Communist ideology totally goes against the traditional Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is created through a splendid history played out on the land of China to teach humanity the most important Truth of the goal of human life: to cultivate human spirit to reach perfection and thereby returning to one’s True Self. The Communist ideology, called “a Wondering Specter”, first appeared in Germany, invaded into China during the early 20th century, delivers a message of the goal of human life to be gaining the total control of Nature such that human beings dominate the earth to create an “earthly heaven.” where human spirit will forever stay and enjoy “happiness”. The former points out a path of constantly working on oneself to let go human desires to reach spiritual perfection, while the latter points out a path of constantly working on fighting against the Nature to ultimately conquer nature for the satisfaction of human desires. Under the banner of bringing happiness to people, the communist system always encourages greed and produces uncontrollable corruption of its people, therefore leading to endless struggles among people who are driven by human desires, the source of all forms of human sufferings. From this perspective, the communist ideology is evil and deceptive: the banner of bringing people happiness is used to lead people to endless sufferings, through the encouragement of enlarging the worst character of human beings: selfishness. Opposing to the ideology of communism, the traditional Chinese culture has lay down the foundation for humanity to understand the concepts of Cultivation, a path which allows humanity to let go all forms of human selfishness, and ultimately go beyond the limit of humanness, reaching a state of divinity, which, according to traditional Chinese culture, is the true state, and the home state of spirits of human beings.

For me, a previous hard-headed modern science follower, spending all of my efforts dissecting human body to its most fundamental building blocks, the molecules, and killing myself with stress due to cut-throat competition among fellow “modern science followers” wearing the glorious hats of “Life Scientists”, was put in front of the critical choice between two opposing paths, around Christmas in 1999. One was to use my bright mind to drill into the Treasure Mine of Knowledge to obtain the “Lord of Ring”: an ultimate solution for human sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death, by continuing my efforts in the modern life science field, which has been promising the general public to replace the role of God with the power of developing biotechnology to such a degree of cloning human beings. The other one, which I was not aware of in terms of how to start and where it would end, was a cultivation path for my Returning to my True Self. That is, one path would be to conquer Nature, while the other path would be to be to become One with Nature. Now looking back, I was facing a choice of Life v.s. DEATH of my spirit. The former leads to totally self-destruction, while the latter leads to the new birth of my true self. The former leads me to be a malignant cancer cell of the Universe, while the latter leads me to become a normal cell of the Universe, a cell of God.

I remember clearly, that the moment of choice was dawn upon me so suddenly, during the darkness of night, when I was suddenly pulled out from my comfortable dreams. When I opened my eyes, staring into darkness, I was presented with a question, delivered to me in such a voiceless form clearly understandable by my mind, “What justify your existence in the Universe?” I felt, at that moment, that I was in front of The Judge, who can see through my soul. I knew I could not lie. So my bright mind was useless at moment, since it became totally blank in face of such a question. The consequence of not knowing the answer of why I can continue to exist in this Universe was shown to me immediately: I felt a powerful pull, which was dragging me down to a place of unimaginable darkness which can be summarized with one terrifying human term: Destruction. In total desperation, an answer was squeezed out from the depth of my being. It says, “I am a Mother, and I am a Wife”. The invisible Judge released me immediately from being subjected to destruction and immediately placed me onto a path, which ultimately lead to the cultivation path of practicing Falun Dafa in the Spring of 2000.

My choice of practicing Falun Dafa, an ancient art of cultivation practice deeply rooted in the traditional Chinese culture, led me into an incredible journey in the past twelve years. The cultivation path led me from the verge of being totally destroyed in the atheist pursue of controlling Nature by out-smarting Nature, to the birth of a Lotus Blossom, so beautiful that the old dying body of mine was transformed into the body of a True Mother, and the body of a True Good Wife. When this transformation is completed, I am embraced by Seattle and blessed by the most beautiful Shen Yun Show at MacCaw Hall of Seattle Center.

That magic sweet feeling of my heart, to the sweet taste on my lips and tongue, brought by the first Shen Yun Show in Seattle, urged me to write these words down, for my new friends in Seattle, in this beautiful house by the water in the University District, of my hosting family of Jenny, Michael and little Sarsha. In the sweetness of the dark night, I sing this song for you:

My Home


Beyond the Three Realms

Fa is Like the Sweet Dew

I Cultivate by Mountain Spring Side

In Front of the Old Lantern

I Know the Truth

In Compassion

I Look at Sentient Beings

Colorful Cloud Says


I am Truly Free

Deities Can Not Reach

My Realm of


The Chinese version of this song was created by a Falun Dafa practitioner, and was sung to me by Dr. Zhiping Kolouch, who has been the General of the Shen Yun Promotion Team here in Seattle. At that time (in late 2002), I was taking my most serious test, as a cultivator, to be determined whether I was becoming a true cultivator, or still would live as an ordinary human being controlled by human desires. I was experiencing excruciating pain of my human heart, when all of my human subjects of “happiness” were taken away from me. Zhiping was trying to show me a state of true happiness of a true cultivator, the kind of true happiness that is again and again delivered to the audiences throughout the Shen Yun Show, by the beautiful dancers and singers, and the incredible musicians, who miraculously harmonized the sound of the classical music instruments of both the West and the East. I believe the happiness from cultivators’ heart is the cause of this lingering sweetness in my heart, so intoxicating, and made me fallen in love again and again, to the Shen Yun Beauty.


I send my best wishes to all of my new friends that I met in this Seattle trip and hope one day you also will experience this magic feeling of being intoxicated and fallen into an eternal SWEET LOVE.

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http://www.ShenYun2012.comA 30-second Taste of Shen Yun. An unforgettable experience - a world of beauty and awe!Heavenly music... breathtaking dances... enchanting landscapes... and timeless le...

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