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On Cancer
One afternoon, on July 28, 2010, while I was working in the office of the Whole Elephant Institute, the office phone rang. The same call was made twice before but did not leave any message. So I decided to pick it up. It was a young girl, who introduced herself as a representative from the Stanford Who’s Who and would like to ask me some questions before she decides whether I shall be admitted into the Association. I gave her the OK to go ahead.
“So you are the Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute?”
“How many years of your work experience in working for the Whole Elephant Institute?"
“I registered the Whole Elephant Institute in 2005, five years ago.”
“So what is the Product of the Whole Elephant Institute?”
“The Whole Elephant Institute is being set up as an Institute of Education and Research. I am a persecuted scholar. I used to work as a cancer researcher. Because of my research work touched the topic of the practice of Falun Dafa, a practice of mind-body-spirit, which has been the target of persecution by the Chinese Communist Government in the past eleven years, I became a target of persecution as well here in America, in the past eight years.”
“Oh,  my God. This is so unbelievable.” Alisha was shocked by my words.
“I know. For me, I was simply fulfilling my promise to the general public as an honest scientist to find a solution of health. Upon personal experience of the great health benefit of the practice of Falun Dafa, I decided that it is important to understand the science behind the health benefit phenomena. So I worked with another scientist to carry out research, obtained amazing results, and then published the results internationally and also gave some public speech. After one of such a speech at Harvard University, my speech was translated into Chinese and published onto a Chinese newspaper, which caused intellectuals in China to respond strongly. Because of this, the Chinese Government started to systematically target me, with the intention to destroy me in order to silence my voice.”
“This is so terrible.”
“Do you know the persecution targeted over 100 million people and used one-fourth of Chinese National Income, in the past eleven years? Recently, a book called Bloody Harvest was published, by two highly reputable attorneys from Canada, to reveal their investigation on the murdering of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners by the Chinese Government for selling their organs to make profit in organ-transplantation.”
“Oh, my God !” Alisha cried out, with anger.
“History always repeats itself. At the time when the Jewish people were murdered in the concentration camp, there was a Jewish man who escaped from the Concentration Camp and managed to go to meet with the American President, President Roosevelt, and described to him what was happening. However, the President refused to believe in his words and quickly changed the topic. Today, when we tell the world the facts of an inhumane crime, which is much larger and extensive in scale involving methods of unimaginable cruelty, the world is so far too silent about it.”
“You are right. We do not know what is happening and we are being fed with so many commercials”.  To my surprise, Alisha hit an important point.
“Many people also think that what is happening in China has nothing to do with them. They think that their priority is to maintain their living standard, keep their jobs and feed their families first. However, I sometimes think, if you want to protect the interest of your family, then you first should have a safe home. If what the Chinese Communist Party already has invaded into your backyard and ready to destroy your homeland, then you cannot say that it has nothing to do with you.”
“I just remembered something. A friend told me that if United States enters into Martial (law), the soldiers coming in here will be from China. Do you think this is possible?” Alisha asked.
“In my experience, the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Government in America is very extensive. Gary Locke, the current Secretary of Commerce, went all the way to help the Chinese Communist Government to shut down my laboratory in Seattle, when he was a Governor of the Washington State. John Liu, the current Comptroller of New York City, secretly worked for the Chinese Government for over ten years and Flushing where he used to work as a Council Member, is turning into a backyard of the Communist China. In my efforts in working on resolving the hate crimes happening here since 2008, the police system, the elected officials, the District Attorney Office, the local library and business communities, are all heavily influenced and pressured by the Chinese Communist Party elements and appeared to be numbed up. Here in New York City, all major business corporations are doing business with China and hoping to take advantage of cheap labors in China to make profit. When we go to any store to buy something, like a gift for a friend, even brand-name products are all made in China. Everything is made in China. Why? Have you given it a thought why Chinese people can make so many things so cheaply?”
“Yes, you are right. Why?”
“Can any normal business operation compete with a communist system which has total control of an individual’s right of life and death, persecuting 100 million people, forcing innocent people into slave labors of less than 10 dollars of payment for a whole month of over 16 hours of daily work?”
“There is no way.” Alisha replied.
“Also, the US tax law is favoring the US businesses to move into China. So the Chinese Government’s influence manifests in many levels, even at the highest levels of US government.  You have Gary Locke works as the Secretary of Commerce and Hilary Clinton as the Secretary of State. The Chinese Government has been trying to build a nation-within-a nation for quite a long time. If the American general public is not empowered with the truth, then we cannot effectively protect our democracy and human rights. This is the reason that I am committed to use the Whole Elephant Institute as the platform to do public education.”
“I thank you for giving me all these important information. Would you please tell me about your education background?” 
“Yes, of course. I studied at the Shanghai Medical University between 1984 and 1988. I was admitted into the University of Florida in 1988, as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. In 1990, I followed my thesis advice, Dr. Gillian Small to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine to complete my research work and obtained my Ph.D. degree in 1992. Then I moved on to the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School to carry out my postdoctoral fellow. In 1995, I became an Instructor at Harvard and 1997 became the youngest Assistant Professor at Harvard.”“In terms of my research focus, I was studying a molecule, called TGF-beta. There is a large number of proteins that belongs to one family, the first one found by scientists was called TGF-beta, so the entire family is named by TGF-beta. These proteins are the critical regulators of the formation and balance of the entire human body, each in charge of the formation of different organs, such as the kidney, the liver, the heart, the lung, the muscle, the bone and the eye lens. Scientists noted that lack of specific factor in mice can cause the mice to be missing kidney, missing hard bone, missing the eye lens, and make the muscle doubled up. So in every way if we see our human body as a universe, these molecules represent Gods in the universe to be in charge of the formation and maintenance of the Universe.”
“Wha, this is so fascinating. Is there a book on the formation of human body, called like the Molecular Universe of the Human Body?”
“If you are interested in knowing more about this, you can continue to ask me questions so that I can help you to write up such a book. I think it would be our joint project!” I notice Alisha was happily giggling on the other side.
“I agree with you that the human body is truly fascinating. I guess the most advanced knowledge humanity has gained at this point, through the development of technology, is the molecular manifestation of life phenomena. The Tao School in China has for thousands of years talked about the human body to be a universe.”
“Right, Hu-Man means you are your own universe.”
“In this universe, there are countless of living beings and our spirit is the God behind all of these living beings. So we shall treasure our universe and always take responsibilities for our own universe.”
“It is so true.”
“When I was studying these molecules, I also see amazing correspondence of the life phenomena at the molecular level and that at the human society, as well as that in the universe out there that physicists have been trying hard to understand, such as the black holes and the many explosions of the stars.”
“This is really the most interesting conversation I have had. Please tell me more about this.”
“Let me use cancer as an example. You know caner tissues are usually very hot. You know why? Because a cancer cell is turning into a big furnace, with many proteins being consumed and life energy is being turned into heat. Like at the end of a universe, stars are being sucked into a black hole. The cancer patients, when they die, they are all so consumed, lacking any energy and the bodies look like skin and skeleton.”
“So scientists have been trying to understand what went wrong with the cancer cells. About over twenty years ago, in the 1980’s, there was quite a lot of excitement in the cancer research field, since scientists found a gene that is believed to be the cause of cancer. So it is called an oncogene. If the reason a normal cell is turned into a cancer cell is due to One Bad Guy, then we can easily fix this One Bad Guy and cure cancer, right? So the general public was very hopeful that scientists will soon find a cure for cancer. However, as scientists continue to research, another Bad Guy was found, and the third, then the fourth and then the fifth…There are simply too many things that can go wrong to lead to cancer, it appears. Ultimately, scientists finally claimed that the cancer cell’s entire genome is BAD. The genome of the cell is like the brain of a human being. If the genome is BAD, then the mind of the cell is not normal. The problem of the cancer genome is called Genetic Instabilities. That means the mind of the cancer cell is not stable and out of control. Or in other words, the cancer cell is mindless, MAD, and therefore the cancer cell is no longer controlled by the person’s main spirit. However, the cancer cells do have a spirit, apparently. The cancer cells appear to be extremely good at carrying out criminal activities: they gain the special power of hiding away from the police officers (the immune cells who are in charge of detecting external and internal enemies of the body), can break open blood vessels, enter the blood stream, travel everywhere, find places of richness for food and living, massively grow to invade into the neighboring lands and kill those who were normally there, make up products to numb up the immune system, and to lure cells to come in to form new blood vessels so that large amount of fresh blood can be delivered inside of the cancer cell mass to allow it to further grow and invade. There is a master-mind behind the cancer cells. But this mind has only one goal: to kill the normal cells and to conquer the whole body.”
I noted that Alisha was very silent in listening to these words. She was speechless. So I continued,“Do you see the analogy now?”
“What is the analogy?”
“Do you see how similar this cancer phenomenon is, to what we just have talked about, regarding Chinese Communist Party’s Infiltration into America? The cancer cells, in the human word, are like those Chinese people whose minds are totally controlled by the Communist Ideology: to deceive, to conquer and to kill. Behind such an Ideology was in fact the social Darwinism. Social Darwinism places man as no different from animals and justifies human selfishness, the lowest form of human quality, as the essential survival requirement, in ruthless battles among fellow human beings. The slogan of communism is the total destruction of the current existing normal social structure. During the “Great Cultural Revolution” in China, Chinese people are made to do the craziest things: husband can betray wife, children can betray parents, friends can betray each other, students can torture teachers, all traditional culture of China, especially human morality, was smashed into piece.  Chinese people’s rational minds were taken away. When Chinese people are lured into making a vow in front of the bloody flag of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese people’s mind is immediately possessed by the spirit of the Communism, which worships building an “earthly heaven” through revolution: kill. Such a human being would no longer follow the normal social moral rules and become like a cancer cell to the normal human society. Thus, China is turned into a gigantic social malignant cancer of the earth, by the Chinese Communist Party possessing the minds of the Chinese people. The blood vessels (Western Investment) lured into China are now sustaining the current existence of this malignant cancer and also support the malignant cancer cells (oversea Chinese Consulate, Chinese Student Associations, Chinese Community and Business Associations, Chinese Media) to metastasize into all over the world, numbing up the immune system (America) with CCP elements (hate propaganda), and destroying the social harmony and economy of the whole world. The cheap Chinese goods are like poisons excreted from the cancer cells to destroy world economy and make the whole world participate in its criminal activities. The consequence is: the whole world is sick! This is like what has been described in the Revelation of the Bible. The Evil Red Dragon is the Chinese Communist Party. The Head of the CCP is the Beast. When Chinese people make a vow towards the CCP flag, he beast’s mark is immediately stamped onto this person”.
“I think we are living in a time like what has been described in the Revelation: we are given a chance to choose: between conscience and the superficial self-interest. God is watching everyone of us. Someday the Final Judgment will come, and no one can escape from such a Judgment. Some people ask me: Dr. Wang, you are a scientist. How come you sound like a priest? I said to them: Yes, I am a true scientist. I am simply speaking truth. Religion is a science, and is a higher form of science, the science of the spirit. I want to empower the general public with Truth Knowledge, so that the general public is immune to lies. Let us take a look at the reality: with the advancement of science, we see the pharmaceutical companies are making more and more drugs, while human beings are having more and more diseases; the study of human health is based upon the study of animal models, totally severing human spirituality from the cause and cure of human diseases; human beings consider themselves no different from animals, believing that human beings are evolved from Chimps, while modern science in fact not only has not proven its validity, but have plenty of sound evidences to disprove it. Human beings are fundamentally spiritual beings. Then human diseases are certainly linked to human behaviors and human spirituality. When people do bad things, they have to face consequences. This is a spiritual law. If things are not yet discovered or understood by modern science, it does not mean that these things are not real. What is real science, what is fake, let us look at things with our rational mind and we can gradually find the truth”.
Alisha said, “You are right.”
“So you can see, the cure of a cancer is not to simply get rid of several BAD Guys. Just like the issue we are facing about the current situation of China: we cannot make China change into normal, simply by getting rid of several corrupted key officials. When a person suffers from cancer, the person goes to the doctor and says: cut this cancer out; use radiation to zap the cancer cells; use the chemotherapy to poison the cancer cells. Yes, the cancer cells can be killed. But soon somewhere else comes out new cancer cells. The cause of the cancer is not eliminated by killing the cancer cells on the human body. It is that possessing spirit, which can soon possess other normal cells. This is the reason why scientists call the war against cancer to be the “Never winning Vietnam War”. The Fortune magazine has shown that the mortality rate of cancer, since the 1950s, when President Nixon announced the war to cancer, till fifty years later, despite the astronomical amount of tax dollars invested into this War, the result is a flat liner: total failure. Some brave scientists call the current cancer research to be a Super Fraud: since scientists already can cure cancer in animal models, but simply cannot cure cancer in human body. Some of the so-called cure is a fake phenomena: some people did not have real cancer to begin with , and the radiation itself created some artificial growth similar to cancer, and eventually chemicals were used to kill these man-made cancer. There are even many cases, that cancer patients were killed, by over-dose of chemotherapy. However, the general public is still given false hopes that scientist will one day find a cure for cancer through the old approaches”.
Alisha said, “Dr. Wang. If you do not mind, I want to ask you a personal question. My father recently has been diagnosed to have cancer and the cancer has been metastasized into lung and bone marrow. He is right now taking chemotherapy. They are giving him three weeks of chemo-therapy. Does this sound right to you?”
I know what Alisha is thinking about. She is wondering, if I said the chemo and radiation approach only takes care of the surface, but do not eliminate the cause, what she can do to help her Dad.
So I said, “If you send me an email, to, then I will start to send you some information that I have to help your Dad.”Alisha was very grateful.
I said to Alisha,“Let us go over some basics here first. Now your body has countless numbers of cells, right?”
“They are different in types, but they are all alive and they all work together in great synchronicity, right?”
“Since all living beings have a spirit behind them, then these cells all have a spirit, right?”
“Since the cells in such a vast number can work so well and in totally harmony, their spirit is most likely One, right?”
“So all the cells of your universe are controlled by one God, your spirit, right?”
“Does a cancer cell work with the rest of the cells of the body?”
“It tried to kill the rest of the cells and kill the body, right?”
“Is cancer cell alive?”
“Does cancer cell has a spirit as well? Of course, all living beings have a spirit. Then is the spirit behind the cancer cell the same as that is the normal cell?”
“Of course, not”
“Then we can conclude that there is a foreign Bad spirit has entered the body and now is possessing the cancer cells, right?”
“It wants to kill the healthy body, right?”
“Then do you want the cancer cells?”
“So first tell your father that those cancer cells are not listening to him and that those are not his cells. He does not want them.”
“All right”
“Then let us ask him a question: why the Bad Spirit enters your body, but not others who do not have cancer? There must be a reason, right?”
“If God is watching everything, why God, all Mighty and all Compassionate, allows the Bad Spirit to enter into your body to allow it to destroy you?”
“You are right. There must be a reason”.
“If a person has done things to take away another person’s life, then in the human world, there is a law to punish the wrong doer. So if you killed someone, then that someone would want your life, right? In this situation, debts need to be paid right?”
“So, is not possible that the cause of cancer involves some types of serious debts?”
“Right. Some people say, it is not possible; I have been always good to others and I have never harmed a life and I never have incurred debts in this life. I do not believe in past lives that kind of stuff, and there is no scientific proof for that kind of stuff. Well. Not believing or no current scientific proof does not mean it is not true.”
“You are right.”
“Is it possible that it is true that when one does bad things, the universe has a way to record it by accumulating a black substance called Karma, which is Ying in nature and can attract negative spirit, which then enters the karma field of the body to possess the normal cells to make a cancer?”
“It is possible”
“This is mentioned in the teaching of Falun Dafa, a book called Zhuan Falun. Although modern science has no capacity to detect the karma substance mentioned in the teaching at this stage, it does not mean that such a substance does not exist. You know why I delved into the study of the health benefit of Falun Dafa practice. I first read case reports of how practitioners of Falun Dafa experience complete healing of their chronic diseases and evenly cancer. I personally have interviewed some cases. I know that the healing effects of practicing Falun Dafa are facts. I now also understand the science behind this phenomenon. I shall communicate with you through emails.”
“Thank you so much, Dr. Wang. This is really very incredible” Alisha said happily.
Then she said, “It is apparent to me that you are a very accomplished scientist. So I have decided to include you in the 2010 and 2011 years of Stanford Who’s Who. Are you willing to do public speech?” I replied that I used to do quite a few and will be giving more in the near future. I told her that I would be happy to give a speech to the Association.
She then asked me, “What do you attribute your accomplishment to?”
I replied, “In every way, I attribute to the practice of Falun Dafa. In the year of 2000, I was encountering major crisis of health and family life. I could not sleep well; was having throat pain, coughing, stomachache. On the surface, it appears to be all minor issues, but it was tortuous enough to incapacitate me in my highly intellectual daily responsibilities. After I practice Falun Dafa, I first experienced total healing from all of these troubles. In the meantime, I experienced so much energy that I could do many things at the same time. For most people the brain has 70% or more is locked up. Just mastering one field of knowledge is such a headache and coming up with a smart idea is also hard. But after practicing Falun Dafa, the mind truly is much more powerful and free and open. Human wisdom truly corresponds to one’s spiritual level. In this regard, healing and fitness is really very minute aspect of the benefit of practicing Falun Dafa.”
Alisha told me that she lives in Long Island and also promise to keep in touch with me and come over to support my work at the Whole Elephant Institute.
I told her to go on the Whole Elephant Institute website to find the page on “Come to learn Falun Dafa”, where she can find all links to books, audios and videos of learning Falun Dafa.
Written on July 28, 2010