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Falun Gong Practitioners Systematically Murdered for Their Organs
Human Rights Working Group Submits Report to UN Regarding CCP's Psychiatric Torture of Falun Gong Practitioners  
( Not long ago, the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group ( submitted a report to the United Nations and world governments about multiple cases of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities forcibly administering harmful drugs to Falun Gong practitioners.
The report reveals the plight of twelve Falun Gong practitioners who were illegally detained in detention centers, forced labor camps and prisons in Qinghai Province, Hubei Province, Shandong Province and other places.
During their detention, these practitioners were subjected to forcible administration of harmful drugs and torture, which resulted in their organ's atrophies, disability, mental breakdown and even death.
Torture by administering drugs and psychiatric torture is one of the major methods the CCP has been using to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.
To make the practitioners subdue, the CCP makes use of concerted efforts between the hospital system and prison system to conduct this persecution, so that the persecution becomes even more covert and heinous.
The following is a very brief summary of the cases submitted to the United Nations:
Qinghai Province:
1. Ms. Fan, Lihong: 29 years old. While she was incarcerated at the Qinghai Women's Forced Labor Camp, Ms. Fan was sent to a mental hospital where she was force-fed with harmful drugs and tortured, thus passed away.
2. Ms. Li, Guixiang: While she was detained at the Qinghai Women's Forced Labor Camp, she sustained wounds all over her body, and thus had difficulty walking.
3. Ms. Li, Jing, in her 60s: While she was detained at the Qinghai Women's Forced Labor Camp, Ms. Li became muddle-headed, agitated restlessly, she grasped the wall and gnawed the table.
4. Ms. Wang, Shujuan: While she was detained at the Qinghai Women's Forced Labor Camp, the guards stealthily put toxic chemicals into Ms. Wang's bowl of soup. Just one sip of soup caused her mouth to foam and her tongue to become numb. Her hands, legs and feet felt cold, numb, and painful. Her body suffered serious damage and her legs still feel numb and very painful.
5. Ms. Zhang, Xuefeng: While she was detained at the Qinghai Women's Forced Labor Camp, Ms. Zhang was injected with nerve-damaging drugs, resulting in her mental disorder and death.
6. Mr. He, Wanzhu: While he was detained at the Qinghai Men's Forced Labor Camp, the guards surreptitiously poisoned his meals. As a result he had tightness in his chest and his mouth became numb.
7. Ms. Luo, Fang: While at the Qinghai Women's Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, after she was beaten and tortured, she was carried into the camp clinic, and was injected with unknown drugs. She became mentally disordered, gnawed at the table and crawled under the bed and table.
8. Ms. Li, Yuanping: While she was detained at the Qinghai Province Women's Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, after she was shocked by electric batons and seriously injured, Ms. Li was forced to take round white pills. Afterwards she had nausea, felt numb, tired and weak, and could barely walk. Her speech and movement were stunted, and her reaction time and memory declined.
9. Mr. Ping, Chunfeng, a staff member at Qinghai Normal University: While he was detained at Duoba Town Forced Labor Camp between 2002 and 2003, he told people twice that he was injected with poisonous drugs and his food was laced with poison, which caused him muddle-headed, Mr. Ping died in 2005.
Hubei Province:
Since March 2006, Falun Gong practitioners who were released from the Hubei Province Jail have mostly been sent to the Jianghan District Brainwashing Center in Erdaopeng, Hankou.
During this period of persecution, these practitioners experienced severe dizziness and agitation, tachycardia. Practitioners' resting heartbeat reached over 100 beats per minute; their physical reaction was not in accordance with their psychological condition (such as experiencing rapid heart beats while one's mind is obviously clear and not nervous), their faces were swollen and showed red spots.
Shandong Province:
1. Ms. Meng, Lijun: She was sentenced to 10 years in jail. While incarcerated at the Shangdong Women's Jail, she was injected with and fed nerve-damaging drugs, causing her to lose almost all her memory.
2. Mr. Jiang, Guobo: While he was detained at the Weifang Forced Labor Camp, he was subjected to drug harm. His food was mixed with harmful drugs that caused severe damage to his nerve system, blocked his bowel movement and urine, harming both his mind and body. On April 14, 2006, Mr. Jiang had symptoms of a serious heart attack and was at the brink of death. He was released on medical parole.
3. Ms. Lu, Xia: An employee from the Textile Factory in Mengying County, Shandong Province. On September 15, 2004, to prevent Ms. Lu from defending herself at a secrete trial in the Taishan District Court, Taian City, she was injected with drugs that caused her to lose her ability to speak at court. Later, before she was sent to the Jinan Women's Prison, she was again injected with drugs that damaged her nervous system. Her tongue was stiff, numb, she drooled and could not speak no matter how hard she tried.
Posting date: 3/22/2008
Original article date: 3/22/2008
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人权会主席拒中共 药物迫害法轮功学员联合国曝光
美国代表团:中共代表团欲操控发言内容 勿给这些无理要求赏脸
【正体版】【打印机版】     ad 【大纪元3月16日讯】(大纪元记者唐英瑞士日内瓦报导)三月十五日上午,在日内瓦第十三届联合国人权理事会议上,来自人权组织“联合国协会”圣地亚哥分会的代表陈师众先生发言,揭示中共对法轮功学员注射损害神经的毒药物,毁坏他们思考、坚持信仰和保持良知的能力。
在陈师众先生发言时,中共代表团成员故意搅局,谎称陈师众不是“联合国协会”成员,并以此为藉口强行打断陈师众发言。在人权理事会秘书处核实陈师众的身分准确无误后,中共代表团成员反覆质疑人权理事会秘书处、人权理事会主席的核实程序,被人权理事会主席一一拒绝。 期间美国代表团代表两度发言,要求人权理事会主席拒绝中共代表团试图操控大会发言内容的无理行为。
中共代表团故意阻挠 被人权会主席拒绝 在三月十五日上午会议进行期间,中共代表团以陈师众先生不是联合国协会的成员为由,试图阻止他的发言,同时要求大会主席、比利时驻联合国大使阿利克斯.凡. 弥尤文先生(Mr. Alex Van Meeuwen)责成秘书处核查。 秘书处经核查后报告主席,联合国协会是一个真实存在的非政府组织,陈师众先生是该协会圣地亚哥分会的一名成员。在弥尤文先生公布了核查结果并请陈先生发言时,中共代表团又以质疑秘书处的核查程序和所查阅的资料。 弥尤文先生驳回中共代表团的指控,并再次请陈先生发言。陈师众发言还未说完两句话时,中共代表团再次强行打断他,称他发言“不扣题”,并再次指责人权理事会主席不符合程序。 弥尤文先生再次驳回中共的指控,他说,人权理事会请陈先生发言符合程序:“任何与人权有关的发言都符合程序。”并请陈先生发言。
美国代表团:不要给中共这些无理的要求赏脸 中共代表团反覆打断陈师众先生的发言后,整个会议陷入停顿。美国代表团两度发言指出,中共代表团的要求是“完全不合理的”,并支持大会主席容许陈先生发言。 美国代表发言首先表示,中共代表团(就陈先生发言)对大会程序提出的指责是“完全不合适的”(Wholy inappropriate),人权理事会主席、秘书处所做的完全符合规则和程序。 美国代表说:“中共代表团在陈先生尚未发言前就对发言的内容表示反对,我恳请主席、秘书不要给中共代表团这些无理的要求赏脸(Not to entertain these inappropriate inquiries),而允许(陈先生)发言。” 此后,当大会主席弥尤文先生再次请陈先生发言时,中共代表团再度提出质疑。美国代表团代表就此再度发言表示, 中共代表团此举的目的是试图通过操纵程序来阻止陈先生的发言,他们实际上反对的是这位代表发言的内容,呼吁拒绝这种对程序的无理操纵。
中共阻挠导致更多人关注 由于中共代表团的阻止,陈先生的发言虽然被推迟了一个多小时,但却因此而吸引了更多的听众。有些人在听说中共代表团的阻挠后走进大厅观察事态的发展。 当陈先生最后终于再发言时,会议大厅里几乎满座。他在发言中披露了中共对法轮功学员注射神经毒性药物,毁坏他们思考、坚持信仰和保持良知的能力,而这些案例证据确凿,在联合国人权专员那里都有备案。 陈先生的发言收到很大反响,现场的很多人过来与他握手并向他索取发言稿与联系信息,想多了解中共迫害法轮功的事实。 image v 1.0
与会人与陈师众(中)索取讲演稿,大卫‧里特曼(David Littman)先生(右)(大纪元)大卫.里特曼(David Littman)先生是世界教育协会(Association for World Education)驻联合国的代表。他对于中共阻止陈先生讲话的做法表示不满。他说:“对此,我们的观点很清楚,所有的非政府组织只要是得到审核批准的,都应该有表达他们观点的自由。他们不应该受到任何一个代表团的质疑......现在就应该来处理这个践踏人权的问题了。”
中共对法轮功学员摧残心智的药物迫害 在本次联合国人权理事会期间:“法轮功人权”向大会提交了一份《中共对法轮功学员摧残心智的药物迫害》的报告。该报告揭露了中共利用损害中枢神经的化学品残害法轮功学员心智的罪行,收录了一千零八十八个健康的法轮功学员无辜受到药物迫害的具体个案,并列出了参与这些迫害的二百多家医院。 陈先生在接受本报记者的采访时说:“过去十一年来,中共动用了各种各样的酷刑来残害法轮功学员,试图迫使他们放弃信仰。这在联合国一些特别报告员的报告中不但已经有了大量的案例,而且是被联合国官方证实了的。中共当局对法轮功学员的迫害持续了十一年,这本身已经说明了一个事实:它使用最阴毒的酷刑来迫害法轮功学员但却没能使法轮功学员屈服。在这种情况下,中共就使用药物破坏中枢神经的办法来对付法轮功学员,以达到损毁他们拥有思考和良知的能力。根据我们掌握的情况,已有一百多名法轮功学员因为被强迫使用了这类药物而致残、致伤甚至致死。这仅仅是有记录的、能够通过各种渠道从中国大陆传出来的案例。实际情况要比这些案例严重得多。” 曾在一九八九年六月四日当天中弹受伤,至今还有一枚子弹留在腿上的张建先生在联合国会议大厅内旁听了陈先生的发言。他说:“中共对很多良心犯,如上访团体、维权人士、民运人士、包括法轮功修炼者进行打压,抓捕,把他们直接送到精神病院。中共对这些人是要在肉体上消灭、在精神上打垮、在名誉上搞臭,把中国所有有良心的人变成精神病患者。这种现象,包括法轮功修炼者,包括很多基督徒,天主教徒,包括一些其他的信仰团体,他们抓这些人的时候,首先把他们抓起来,却没有一个权威的认证。抓起来之后呢,才通知家属,有的连家属都不通知。这种行为是严重违反人权宣言的,把一个人正常的生存权力、生活的权力都剥夺了。”
附:陈师众先生在联合国人权理事会大会上的发言稿译文 联合国协会圣地亚哥分会重申支持世界人权宣言,并敦促人权理事会采取行动,结束中国(共)政府继续侵犯法轮功学员的信仰自由。 我们尤其关注,大量利用损害神经及其它有害药物迫害法轮功学员的案件。我们注意到最近提交的一份报告:在被迫害的法轮功学员中,已经证明超过1,000案例使用了这类有害的药物。 人权理事会的特别报告员和工作组写出的一份份报告中,记录了数千例中共当局对法轮功学员的野蛮酷刑和杀戮。特别报告员阿斯玛‧贾汉吉尔(Asma Jahangir)在其年度报告中指出:“文中所述及的酷刑及其残酷性和残忍程度都不是人类的语言所能描述的。” 在对法轮功学员肉体上的折磨未能达到让其放弃信仰的目的之后,中国(共)政府已经升级到把有害神经的药物使用到法轮功学员身上,因而直接破坏他们思考、坚持思想和保持良知的能力。骇人听闻的精神杀戮已导致数百名法轮功学员精神失常。还有许多法轮功学员被其它有害化学物质致瘫,致死。由于中国(共)政府封锁信息,人们担心实际的暴行更加广泛、更加触目惊心。 该报告还列举了曾参与给法轮功学员注射有害药物的两百多所医院。此外,在拘留所和劳教所的医护人员也提供有关的谘询并协助进行医疗迫害。联合国特别报告员诺瓦克(Nowak)教授在他访问中国后撰写的报告中指出:在中国,受到指控的精神酷刑中有8%发生在精神病医院。所有这些都突出表明了在中国普遍存在的医疗酷刑。此外,特别报告员贾汉吉尔和诺瓦克也一再要求中国(共)政府对于摘取法轮功学员器官的指控给与解释。所有这一切(的迫害)提出了一个严重的问题:医疗专业人员在侵犯人权中所起的作用。 最后,联合国协会圣地亚哥分会呼吁国际社会谴责发生在中国的精神迫害——药物摧残心智。对于此种迫害保持沉默等于是对人类良知和人性的蔑视。
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Brutally Persecute Pregnant Female Falun Dafa Practitioners
文/飛瀑 Article by Fei Pu
For a normal society, the love and respect to women is the most basic moral requirement for the citizens. Even in China, the law requires that detention, arrest and other similar oppressive methods are not applied to pregnant women, but instead to use methods such as waiting for trial, monitoring at home residence and other similar more forgiving and relaxed approach. However, in the process of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, the CCP breaks down the baseline for moral standard and disregard all legal regulations. The most inhuman aspect of the persecution by CCP is to directly target the pregnant female practitioners to barbarically treat these practitioners.
Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Jingfen Wu from the Handan City of Hebei Province went to her family house to visit her dying father in July 2008. Unfortunately, she was arrested and detained by the local police station. At that time, she was already four months of pregnant. The Detention Center refused to take her. The police officers of the local police station then colluded with the “Birth Control Office” and unlawfully took Ms. Wu to the hospital. Ms. Wu was put on handcuffs and shackles and was forcibly injected with medications to force abortion. Four days after she was subjected to forced abortion, she was taken to the Detention Center and later, after ten days of detention, she was forcibly taken to the Hebei Provincial Women’s Prison to be subject to two years of unlawful forced labor.
Ms. Liqing Zhang is a middle-school teacher of the Yantuanbao Middle School of Qian’an City in Hebei Province. She was arrested while she was teaching in the classroom, by the police officers from the National Security Office. During the unlawful detention, Ms. Zhang was about to drink some water, the Head of the local 610 office (an unlawful organization set up by the former Head of the Chinese Communist Party Jiang Zemin to persecute Falun Gong Practitioners, and the office overpowers all legal regulations), Yulin Yang, called her to go upstairs. After Ms. Zhang returned, she drank all of the water in the cup. Yang asked her, “Did you taste anything different in the water?” Ms. Zhang said, “No”. Yang said, “Don’t think you can be released just because you are pregnant. You cannot win against me.” Then Yang started to laugh. The second day, Ms. Zhang started to have vaginal bleeding. She was then forced to carry a sand bag to jog in the courtyard. Afterwards, she was forced to use cold water to wash clothes. Thus she was subjected to forced abortion.
Ms. Jinju Wang, a Canadian resident, a former basketball Champion, is sixty-two years old. She described such a case, “I know a Falun Dafa practitioner who was already seven months of pregnancy. She was put on the floor with a door placed onto her belly and four police officers stepped on her to force her to “Transform”.
Although the law in China has regulations to treat pregnant women with humanness, however, the CCP treat Falun Gong practitioners differently and totally neglect the laws and regulations. To the pregnant Falun Dafa practitioners, forced abortion has been carried out and then followed with unlawful forced labor. The intentions and methods applied to the pregnant Falun Dafa practitioners by the evil police officers are extremely despicable. The pregnant practitioners are not brutally tortured, but also subjected to the most evil form of humiliation.
In Mengzhou City of Henan Province, police officers subjected practitioner Ms. Juying Geng to forced labor and forcibly injected her with medication of abortion. While Ms. Geng was suffering from unbearable pain on the bed after the injection, several male police officers insisted to stay to watch being subjected to abortion procedure. They lewdly laughed at her, saying, “Aren’t you very pretty? We will watch you being aborted.” Ms. Geng was then given abortion under the eyes of these evil police officers and then taken to brainwashing center in Jiaozuo City.
Practitioner Ms. Gao Yumin from Beijiangyan District of Fujin City in Heilongjiang Province went to her elder brother’s home to visit her parents on September 19, 2007. Without any reasons, the Fujing City National Security officers arrested her and her brothers. At that time, Ms. Gao was already three months of pregnant. After being persecuted for twenty eight days, Ms. Gao’s health was worsening and was almost unable to see any things, suffering from severe blood loss. After she went into a coma, she was sent to the Fujing City Railroad Hospital for blood transfusion. The doctors found out that she lost pulse and her heart also stopped beating. Upon emergency rescue, it was found out that Ms. Gao’s entire belly was filled with blood and a dead infant was found within her uterus. Ms. Gao stayed in the hospital for eight days and were charged for ten thousand yuan, which she was forced to pay.
The horrific persecution cases are not limited to the above described brutality. The methods applied towards those pregnant women who were about to give birth are even more brutal. Some of the aborted children who managed to survive also did not escape from the fate of being murdered.
In March 2001, the Director of the Political and Security Office of the Hantai District Police Department of the Hanzhong City of Shannxi Province, Ma Ping’an, led some personnel from the Beiguan District Office and Zhangwanying Village CCP Committee Office to kidnap Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Hanyun, but filed. Under desperation, Ma Ping’an went to Lueyang County to shut down Ms. Zhang Hanun’s father’s construction field and also locked Ms. Zhang Hanyun’s husband onto the head board of the Jialingjiang Bridge. Using these methods, Ma forced the family members of Ms. Zhang to hand her to the police. Upon arresting Ms. Zhang, she was forcibly took into a local hospital to be subjected to forced abortion. At that time, Ms. Zhang was already eight months of pregnant and was ready for giving birth. The evil beings totally disregard this and continued to force her to be aborted. Because the infant was very big, they took apart the infant’s limbs and body and then extract the body part of the infant piece by piece. The brutality of the method was too painful to watch for those who were present.
Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Guo Wenyan from the Electric Power Plant of Yingchuan City was subjected to forced abortion after her arrest. Because the infant was already very big, the doctors were afraid to get into medical accident, the evil being forced her family members to sign a document. Unexpectedly, when the infant was aborted, the baby was alive and was even crying aloud. It was a baby girl. Her mother-in-law said, “She is alive, and please let us take her home.” However the “doctor” who has no human heart at all, immediately grabbed the neck of the infant girl, as soon as the baby girl’s crying sound was heard, to kill the baby girl through suffocation.
Such cases are countless during the eleven years of persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. What a great humiliation it is to the human civilization and women’s dignity! The miserable experience of pregnant Falun Dafa practitioners is a clear reflection of the crimes against humanity of the CCP.
自有人類文明以來,在正常的社會中有誰聽到過針對孕婦的暴行?人類的繁衍與發展離不開女性,而妊娠期間的女性是應受到所有人的關愛的。哪一個人不是母親生養的?不論他將來的發展如何,哪怕他日後成為一個惡人,可是在他在母親腹中的時候,仍然是受到世人的關愛的。可是在中國,在中共對法輪功修煉者揮起屠刀的時候,這些劊子手哪裏還有一點的人性?連孕婦都能這樣殘忍的對待,可見中共對法輪功修煉者的打擊是多麼的殘酷和沒有絲毫的人性與道德的底線。 人類對孕婦的關愛,從一個角度上講就是對自己母親的關愛與回報。任何一個有良知的人,在中共對孕婦的殘忍迫害中都沒有權利保持沉默,因為這是你做人的最低底線!
Since the beginning of the human civilization, who ever heard the violence and brutality towards pregnant women in any normal human society? The reproduction and development can not proceed without women. Women during pregnancy shall be respected and loved by all people. Who is not born from a Mother? Regardless of what kind of person a human being would grow into, even if this human being would grow into a bad person, when he is still in Mother’s womb, he shall be loved by world people. However, when CCP raised the knife of a murderer towards Falun Dafa practitioners, those murderers lost all humanness. If one can treat pregnant women with such brutality, then the brutality that the CCP has been using to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners is more than apparent. The love and respect humanity has towards pregnant women is a way of showing respect and pay back to one’s own Mother. To anyone who still has human conscience, you have no right to keep silence, in face of such brutality carried out by CCP towards pregnant Falun Dafa practitioners! Because this is the baseline for anyone to still be a human being!
United Nations Committee against Torture Reviews the PRC Government's Use of Torture: A Report from Falun Gong Human Rights Reveals the PRC's Lies
( From November 3 to 21, 2008, the United Nations Committee against Torture is holding the 41st session of the conference in Geneva. The committee will specifically review the PRC government's use of torture. Including Falun Gong Human Rights, nineteen human rights groups have submitted reports strongly condemning the Chinese Communist Party for promoting torture.
The Convention against Torture, which went into effect in 1987, is one of eight human rights conventions in the world. China became one of the signatories to this convention in 1988 and has the legal obligation to follow the rules stipulated in the Convention, such as preventing and stopping torture, punishing torturers, and compensating victims of torture. The UN Committee against Torture is the executive body of the Convention against Torture. All signatories should submit a report to the Committee for scrutiny every four years.
Because of the Tiananmen massacre on June 4, 1989, the PRC government did not dare to submit the first report in time. It finally did so in 1993. In 1996 and 2000, the PRC government submitted another two reports. During these three reviews, the committee repeatedly mentioned many severe issues such as 'reeducation through labor,' 'political prisoners,' and punishment using torture. In 2004, the Chinese government dared not to submit a report because the inhumane persecution of Falun Gong would receive much attention. Therefore it failed to deliver its 4th report. Because the committee continually pressed the Chinese government and prepared to complain to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the PRC government reluctantly submitted its 5th report for review during this 41st session of the UN Committee against Torture.
After the PRC government's report was published on the UN website, the world's largest human rights groups expressed enormous disbelief. A total of nineteen human rights groups submitted their own reports to condemn the PRC. In contrast, human rights groups submitted only 12 reports in total for the six other countries that were to be reviewed in this 41st session of the UN Committee. These appraisal reports that NGOs submit in response to the reports from different countries are called shadow reports, with the meaning of a shadow following the form. According to the Convention, the UN Committee against Torture will register these shadow reports and also use them as major references in conducting their investigation. At the same time, the UN Committee against Torture also proposed 11 pages of severe questions based on the 2008 report that the PRC government submitted. This information can be found on the UN website at:
Rumors written in ink can never conceal facts written in blood
Since 1999, when the PRC government publicly announced its intention to eradicate Falun Gong, Falun Gong practitioners have been suffering the most inhumane torture, and numerous persecutions based on torture. To this end, Falun Gong Human Rights and the Conscience Foundation officially submitted a shadow report to the UN Committee against Torture (
In its report, the Falun Gong Human Rights group clearly pointed out that "effective legislative, administrative and judicial measures" mentioned in the 2008 China state report are a tactic that the Chinese government continually uses to deceive the world. This "progress on paper" is only produced to cover up the deteriorating reality. The PRC government's deceptive tactic of progress on paper, repeatedly used over a long period of time, should no longer be met with praise or encouragement, but should instead be thoroughly exposed and criticized. It demonstrates unequivocally that the PRC government knows what international human rights standards are, how to answer questions on human rights correctly, how to establish a legal framework to protect human rights, and how to punish criminals who commit human rights violations; yet the PRC chooses to continue to violate human rights. These "effective legislative, administrative and judicial measures" are not progress because the PRC government never implements them. The PRC government can order up bad laws that infringe on human rights and, at the same time, empty laws for protecting human rights, which shows that the PRC government never follows any laws. "Effective legislative, administrative and judicial measures" are only an armor of lies to deflect and deceive international scrutiny of China's deteriorating human rights condition.
In its report, the Falun Gong Human Rights group also presented indisputable facts to verify the PRC government's brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Since the year 2000, the Falun Gong Human Rights group has been systematically submitting cases of the PRC's violations of Falun Gong practitioners to the UN Special Rapporteurs on Human Rights. The UN Special Rapporteurs have sent thousands of interventions to the PRC government about those cases. Over 1000 cases involved Falun Gong practitioners who were persecuted to death. Although the PRC government consistently represented that those Falun Gong practitioners died naturally, it nonetheless acknowledged that these victims always died in police custody. This proves the accuracy of the information. Since 1999, approximately one thousand Falun Gong practitioners who have suffered torture have escaped China with scars on their bodies. In addition, there are thousand of overseas Chinese whose family members have suffered torture due to the PRC government's persecution of Falun Gong. The Falun Gong Human Rights group has, over the years, arranged many of them to meet with the UN Committees and with officials from various governments. Considering that only a very small percentage of Falun Gong practitioners have managed to escape China or have overseas connections, these victims not only are direct witnesses of the PRC government's torture of Falun Gong practitioners, but their number also reflects the scale of the persecution.
The PRC government's instructions to torture Falun Gong practitioners
The report states that the PRC government promotes the persecution as part of a nationwide policy. This policy is unconstitutional and doesn't have any procedural basis. The PRC government banned Falun Gong in July 1999. Only in October 1999 did the Chinese national legislature pass a "law" to legitimize the persecution. The Washington Post satirically noted in an article on November 2, 1999, that "When [China's Communist leaders] found themselves without the laws they needed to vigorously persecute a peaceful meditation society, the Party simply ordered up some new laws. Now these will be applied - retroactively, of course... By these standards, Stalin was a scrupulous observer of civil rights."
The PRC government publicly claimed that the purpose of banning Falun Gong was to eradicate Falun Gong completely. However, in order to deceive the world public opinion, it also declared that only small numbers of Falun Gong practitioners were punished "not because they practiced Falun Gong, but because they engaged in illegal criminal acts." Since 1999, millions of Falun Gong practitioners have been incarcerated. All have been offered a simple way to get released: just renounce Falun Gong and you are free to go. Can people who have engaged in "illegal criminal acts" be released just by renouncing their "illegal criminal acts?" The PRC government claims that it has won a fundamental victory in the campaign against Falun Gong and that 980f Falun Gong practitioners have been "transformed." Such propaganda shows the primary objective of the PRC government's campaign is not the "illegal criminal acts" but the "transformation" --coercing Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their belief.
The PRC government's instructions on promoting the torture of Falun Gong practitioners deliberately violate the Convention against Torture. Jiang Zemin brutally ordered, "No measure is too excessive against Falun Gong," and "destroy their reputations, bankrupt them financially, and exterminate them physically." The 610 Office instructions are that, "Beaten to death is counted as suicide." It gives rewards to those policemen who transform Falun Gong practitioners and also organizes activities where the police can share torture methods and torture equipment. Thus, with the PRC government's use of promotions and rewards, all levels of the government use all kinds of torture methods on Falun Gong practitioners, illegally detain Falun Gong practitioners, illegally set up "brainwashing centers" and "law education schools," send Falun Gong practitioners to mental hospitals to persecute them, don't allow lawyers to take cases related to Falun Gong and even persecute and torture those lawyers who defend Falun Gong. The PRC government clearly knows that, as a signatory, it has the legal obligation to abide by the Convention against Torture. However, its promotion of torture, using all kinds of methods, is a fundamental violation of the Convention against Torture.
The PRC government violates many articles of the Convention against Torture
Article 3 of the Convention against Torture prohibits any signatory from repatriating anyone back to the country that used torture. However, in August 2002, the PRC government instigated the Cambodian government to arrest and repatriate Falun Gong practitioners Xinyi Zhang and her husband Guojun Li, who had UN refugee status; in March 2007, it pressured the Russian government to repatriate Falun Gong practitioner Hui Ma and her daughter and in May 2007, Falun Gong practitioner professor Chunman Gao. In February 2007, 14-year-old Zhao Youran came to New York with a delegation to participate in a winter camp. She had been in contact with her uncle in New York, who practices Falun Gong. The head of the delegation kidnapped her in order to forcibly take her to a flight back to China. US customs agents rescued Ms. Zhao.
Article 4, 11, 12, 13 and 14 of the Convention against Torture stipulate that the signatory must punish the torturer, protect those who expose torture and compensate the victim. However, instead of punishing the torturers, the PRC government redoubled its persecution of those Falun Gong practitioners who expose the torture. Although the PRC government receives great international pressure and, on very rare occasions, has had to punish torturers, the victims are still tortured. On November 24, 2005, the police raped two female Falun Gong practitioners in their custody. This case aroused much international attention. At the time, the UN Special Rapporteur on the question of torture was conducting his visit to China. Falun Gong Human Rights immediately submitted this case to the UN committee. Because of the immense international pressure, the PRC government admitted the rape occurred and sentenced the rapist policeman Xuejian He to 8-years in jail.
However, the two victims were still persecuted. Even Mr. Ren Baokun, who helped the victims to file a complaint, was illegally sent to Reeducation through Labor.
The case of Ms. Gao Rongrong is particularly egregious. On May 7, 2004, two policemen used electric batons to shock Ms. Gao's face for seven hours, charring her face. When this case was exposed internationally, and Ms. Gao's charred face appeared on overseas websites, the "610 Office" ordered that Ms. Gao be kept in custody even if she died. On October 5, 2004, with the help of other Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Gao escaped. Instead of investigating the torture, the authorities issued a warrant for Ms. Gao's arrest. On August 30, 2004, the UN Special Rapporteur on the question of torture sent an urgent appeal to the PRC government concerning Ms. Gao. On March 6, 2005, the authorities captured Ms. Gao and on June 10, they tortured her to death. Several Falun Gong practitioners who helped Ms. Gao escape are still in police custody and are being tortured.
Article 16 in Convention against Torture stipulates that the signatory must forbid inhumane treatment. Nevertheless, with the cruelest methods, the PRC government is harvesting the vital organs from Falun Gong practitioners. The UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief and the Special Rapporteur on the question of torture sent a joint intervention on this issue to the PRC government twice, and requested that the PRC government to fully explain the source of organs for the sudden increase in organ transplants that have been going on in China since the year 2000 and the relationship to the persecution of Falun Gong.
The PRC government's promotion of torture breeds a culture of violence
The Falun Gong Human Rights report described how that PRC government is promoting torture to persecute Falun Gong, Tibetans, family church Christians, and dissidents. However, under a dictatorship that habitually uses and abuses torture, the whole society is the final victim. Verification exists that the kinds of abuse and torture that have been used on Falun Gong practitioners are now being used on the general public. For example, the policy of "brutal interception" is almost exactly copied from the interception of Falun Gong practitioners; "law education centers" are the same as "brainwashing centers" for Falun Gong practitioners; prohibiting lawyers from taking cases from petitioners, from people who have lost their homes to forced demolition, from people who have lost their jobs, from earthquake victims, and from victims of melamine-laden milk is the same as prohibiting lawyers from representing Falun Gong practitioners; hiring thugs is a parallel to violently beating Falun Gong practitioners on Tiananmen Square. Under the control of the PRC government, social conflicts are becoming more violent each day and the PRC government's promotion of torture is leading the way to solving social conflicts by becoming more violent each day. The PRC government depends on torture to intimidate its people and suppress dissident's voices.
The PRC government's promotion of torture and its reckless trampling of the law and justice are the basis for the spread of a culture of violence; the PRC's hypocritical claim of using the rule of law has made the public trust the system less and less. Children are becoming the most vulnerable to this culture of violence. The main casualties of the Sichuan earthquake were school children, the main victims of melamine-laced milk in the PRC were pre-school children, and there is also the issue of child labor and child sexual exploitation. However, voices for these victims are being suppressed, mainly through police intimidation and violence.
Suspending the PRC's right to membership in the UNHRC
Finally, the Falun Gong Human Rights report recommended unequivocally "to report the severe and deliberate violations of the Convention by the PRC government to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and to suggest to the UNHRC that it suspend the PRC's right to membership in the UNHRC."
The Conscience Foundation, together with the Falun Gong Human Rights group, will pay close attention to the UN Committee against Torture's review of the PRC government's torture and will continue its communication with related special rapporteurs and other UN working staff for any further information.
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Original article date: 11/10/2008
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