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The Whole Elephant Institute


Spread the Traditional Chinese Culture


Pave a Path of Holistic Study of Mind-Body-Spirit

The Whole Elephant Institute: 

Use Real Science Based Upon Human Morality to Thoroughly Investigate the True Origin of the CCP Virus Through Legal Means!



Greetings from the Whole Elephant Institute!


So far, there are two important papers from real scientists. They bravely stood up to tell the truth and proposed that the true origin of the CCP virus is likely to be man-made. One of them proposed the most likely origin of the CCP virus: produced in a biological research laboratory controlled by CCP.

到目前为止,有两篇来自真正科学家的重要论文,他们勇敢地站出来講真活,提出中共病毒的真实起源很可能是人造的,其中一篇提出中共病毒最可能的起源: 在中国由中共控制的生物研究实验室中產生的。

Dr. Meng-Li Yan.pdf 

(PDF — 6 MB)

Four Inserts.pdf 

(PDF — 3 MB)

However, the current "mainstream" international biology research communities are taking the opposite position: papers published in the leading life science and medical journals are following the "red baseline" of "politically correct" to align their thinkings within the fame-work of fake news and fake data released from the CCP controlled media and CCP controlled "scientists" regarding the origin of the virus. 


Thus, the Whole Elephant Institute here invites great Truth Warriors in the legal field to join force with Truth warriors in the life science field to work on this important project:



The Whole Elephant Institute: Use Real Science Based Upon Human Morality to Thoroughly Investigate the True Origin of the CCP Virus Through Legal Means! 



Let us start by this report:


Dr. Meng-Li Yan.pdf 

(PDF — 6 MB)

Below are honest discussions among the scientists in relevance to the 

"Novel Furin Cleavage Site" in the S protein of CCP Virus:


With Trust-Love-Respect,

Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.


The Whole Elephant Institute





"The Whole Elephant Institute: On Facebook Community Standards"


The Whole Elephant Institute received a warning today from Facebook 

because of a post published yesterday:

(This post is now disappeared)


The reason is: "Your post didn't follow our Community Standards".

全象學院在此邀请臉書社区彻底审查此帖子,然后就当前的“ 臉書社区


The Whole Elephant Institute here invites the Facebook Community to thoroughly review this post and then give your feedback to Facebook regarding whether the current "Facebook Community Standards" is honoring the rights and protecting the peace and health of the Facebook Community. 

臉書社区成员Cindy Li女士发表了以下评论:

Facebook Community Member Ms. Cindy Li made the following comments:


"Human beings need to raise questions if they want to progress. If they just settle for the known situation, they will not think, and there will be no new answers and progress. If one considers human beings shall not raise questions when they can not offer the answers at present, then the answers may never appear. For example, only when human beings start to raise the Three Key Questions: "Where am I from?" "Why am I here?" "Where am I going?", and then embark onto the path of cultivation practice 修煉, then human beings will be able to find the answers to these questions. Don't always label those who raise key questions as being lost in wild imagination or making things up, or the so-called "Conspiracy Theory". According to such logic, aren't the Three Key Questions most Wild and Unthinkable?"


The Whole Elephant Institute was founded by Dr. Tongwen Wang, a persecuted frontier modern life science researcher who became a target of the CCP persecution simply because of her following the fundamental ethics of a genuine scientific researcher to carry out high standard scientific research to understand the health benefits broadly reported by the community of Falun Dafa practitioners:

然而,中共设法渗透到美国以关闭她的研究实验室(通过华盛顿州州长駱家輝(Gary Locke), 又破坏了她的家庭(通过美国家庭基金会),并且几乎能够完全使她徹底失去發聲的權利並消失(通過對她父母和兄弟洗腦,给她贴上“精神病”的标签):

However, the CCP managed to infiltrate into America to shut down her research lab (via the Governor of Washington State Gary Locke), break up her family (via the American Family Foundation), and was almost able to silence and disappear her completely (via her own parents and brother to label her to be "mentally ill"):


The current American society is filled with fake news and false information due to many years of the poisonous infiltration of Communist Ideologies at all levels. Human morality and traditional values are being casted out from people's hearts. Scientists must follow Truth, but many of them nowadays are also following power, money and lust and desires so that genuine discoveries challenging the old paradigm dominated by those who are now in power with money or deeply corrupted by CCP are not able to be even published in mainstream scientific journals. 


Dr. Meng-Li Yan's efforts to reveal an important scientific Truth are now being viewed by current mainstream scientific community and those in control of old paradigm to be "Dangerous" instead of being honored and supported. 


The Whole Elephant Institute here requests those who are genuinely interested in finding the Truth to make a strong stand to support Dr. Yan's efforts of exposing the Truth as a scientist with morality and conscience. 


Regarding the origin of the CCP virus (Wuhan Pneumonia), let the true scientists be empowered to stand up and work together to reveal the Truth. 


At present, CCP controlled fake scientists are using fake data to mislead the entire international scientific community and causing major drawback and much waste of time, resource and efforts in the scientific research of the true cause of this global pandemic that has already claimed so many precious lives! 

因此,全象學院(Whole Elephant Institute)昨天发表了该帖子,呼吁法律界与真正的科学家站在一起,以完成这一紧迫任务:由于找不到答案的原因所在,不再是纯粹的现代科学研究的问题,而是因為那些故意隐藏真实科学数据并故意误导人们的人的存在。结果很简单:

For this reason, the Whole Elephant Institute published the post yesterday to call upon the legal community to stand up with the true scientists to fulfill this urgent task: it is no longer an issue of pure modern scientific investigation since the cause of not finding the answer is those who are intentionally hiding the true scientific data and intentionally to mislead people. The consequence is simply:


CCP Lies American Dies


Anyone who places a role in blocking the efforts of exposing CCP lies is in fact an accomplice of the CCP crimes:


Crime Against Humanity


So if the Facebook Community Standards are blocking people's path to Truth, Facebook must be warned immediately to rectify the wrong. 


The Whole Elephant Institute sends best wishes to Facebook and consider it the very responsibility for all Facebook Community Members to work together to safeguard the future and health of Facebook.


With Trust-Love-Respect,


Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.


The Whole Elephant Institute


September 17th, 2020