The Whole Elephant Institute - 2015 Chinese Charter Schools
洪扬中国传统文化之精髓 - Company Message

Announcement of the Upcoming Opening of
Four New Public Charter Schools
in New York City Chinatowns
The Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute, Dr. Lotus King Weiss, here announces to the general public of the New York City the good news of four upcoming new Chinese Charter Schools:
The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School
The Lotus Chinese Charter School
The Confucius Chinese Charter School
The East-West Clear Wisdom Charter School
Details information regarding these upcoming schools, in terms of school design, proposed school sites, students enrollment will be updated and posted on 

Please send your inputs so that we can incorporate them into our final proposal.
Please send your feedbacks to:
Dr. Lotus King Weiss




The Whole Elephant Institute Bilingual Training Center

To demonstrate to the general public in the community the power of Chinese-English Bilingual Education, the Whole Elephant Institute established the Whole Elephant Institute Bilingual Training Center since the end of August 2015. 
Below are sample voice recordings from the bilingual lectures offered on this platform, which has been offering bilingual lectures for about two hours per day, Monday to Friday, since the end of August to now, to near 500 students daily on the following subjects:

Monday: 美国公民考试一百题 American Citizenship Test 100 Questions and 托马斯 潘恩 Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" 常识

Tuesday: 九评共产党 Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

Wednesday: 创世记 启示录"Creation" and "Revelation"  in the The Holy Bible 圣经

Thursday: 老子 Lao Zi's Dao De Jing 道德经

Friday: 纪伯伦 Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" 先知

Current ongoing lectures are recorded in voice files and text files, which are posted on "Blog" section of the Chinese Charter School Founding Group home website: