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Good News:  
(Shen Yun is here!) 
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Shen Yun Performing Arts 2011 (HD) 45sec
http://www.ShenYunPerformingArts.orgHeavenly music... breathtaking dances... enchanting landscapes... and timeless legends...Shen Yun Performing Arts presents colorful and exhilarat...
Anyone who is interested in Chinese Culture
Shall Watch
Shen Yun Performance
To Some people, Chinese Culture Means Chinese Food
To Some people, Chinese Culture Means Chinese Kungfu
To Some people, Chinese Culture Means Chinese Language
Upon Searching Deeper in Heart
Will Find an Intimate Connection with Chinese Culture.
There is an Explanation
to this MYSTERY
Shen Yun Performances
 to you
by Bringing You Back
into the 5000 Years of Chinese History
with the Highest Level of
Stage Performing Arts
Chinese Dance
The Moment
When Shen Yun Leads Your Heart
the Home of Soul
Your Tears of Happiness
Sweet Dew Drops
So, Get Ready for This Most Amazing Experience!
See News on 2011 World Tours of
Shen Yun Shows:
The Whole Elephant Institute  
Sends Best Wishes  
Shen Yun Performing Arts 
2012 World Tour  
A Great Success!  
-------------------------------- Shen Yun 2012 Ticket Finder: 
Dallas, TX   Dec 16 - 18  ON SALE NOW
Houston, TX   Dec 21 - 27  ON SALE NOW
New York, NY   Jan 11 - 15  ON SALE NOW
Mississauga, Canada   Jan 19 - 22   ON SALE NOW
Boston, MA   Jan 20 - 22  ON SALE NOW
Detroit, MI   Jan 26 - 29  ON SALE NOW
Atlanta, GA   Jan 27 - 29  ON SALE NOW
Phoenix, AZ   Jan 27 - 29  ON SALE NOW
Tampa, Florida   Mar 3 - 4   ON SALE NOW
Toledo, OH   Mar 17 - 18  ON SALE NOW
Washington, DC   Mar 21 - Apr 1  ON SALE NOW
Special Scholarship Program from
the Whole Elephant Institute
High School Students and Teachers
the Shen Yun Performances
Interested students should send an assay
on the topic of
"I Love Chinese Culture"
to the Whole Elephant Institute
through email:
The elected Scholars of the Whole Elephant Institute will be invited to
The Shen Yun Performances
The Recipients’ Home City
The Scholars elected will be
invited to
participate in
Education and Research Projects
the Whole Elephant Institute 
Detailed information about our projects can be read at
For more information, please call us at 201-206-3080
Would You Like to Sponsor
Our Scholars?
The Whole Elephant Institute
to become
the Whole Elephant Institute Scholars
We thank you for your generous support!
Thank You
for Donating to the Whole Elephant Institute Scholarship Program!
Ms. Sally Wang and family: $ 593
(contributed to 6 tickets of Shen Yun Show for six scholars at the Classical High School at Providence, RI, on June 26, 2010)
Ms. Lili Chen's entire family assisted Dr. Wang's trip to Providence, RI
Ms. Suzie Choi's family: $ 300
Sponsor ten high school students out from 100 high school students of Classical High School for next years' Shen Yun Show
Ms. Defang Wang and friends: $300
(to support the Scholarship Program)
Alan: $100
(to support the Scholarship Program)
Annoucement of the Recipients of the Whole Elephant Institue Scholarship Program
at the Classical High School, Providence, RI:
Mr. Scott Barr and team
Mr. Arthur Restrigian and team
Ms. Beth Bettey and team 
Below is the Letter from the Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute
Dr. Tongwen Wang                                                               
American Cancer Society Scholar
Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute
P.O. Box 541169,
Flushing, NY 11354
It is my great pleasure to offer you this special Scholarship from the Whole Elephant Institute.
Our Institute carries the mission of “Promoting the Essence of Traditional Chinese Culture; Open up a New World of the Holistic Study of Mind-Body-Spirit”. 
The Shen Yun Performing Arts Group is now bringing a renaissance of the best of the 5000 years of Chinese Traditional Divine Culture to the whole world.
As a scientist at the frontier of life science research, I always remind myself of the great expectation the general public has on me and that I shall deliver the best knowledge available to guide them to find a path of holistic health.
My fortunate encountering of an ancient cultivation practice, called Falun Dafa, over ten years ago, has taken me onto a most incredible journey. It is this practice that has given me the strength to walk a path of true Science that I would like to now introduce to the general public who has entrusted me with their tax dollars to carry out scientific research of finding a cure for cancer and for many other fatal modern human diseases.
The Whole Elephant Institute, as told from her name, is to guide the general public to learn a greater truth than what modern science can now deliver. The Truth of the universe, as all of us wishes to learn, would come from the spiritual return to our Original Truth Self, through cultivation.
As a new scholar of the Whole Elephant Institute, you will enjoy many upcoming opportunities of learning traditional Chinese culture, and also will be given the responsibilities to help to deliver the great wisdom and knowledge you learn from our Institute to more and more people in your life. Our Institute is interested in connecting with the Classical High School students in the upcoming school years to help them to learn the wisdom of the traditional Chinese culture, as well as exposing them to the most frontier and creative scientific approaches to study life phenomena. As posted on our website, we hope to receive your help in carrying out our first sets of scientific experiment to study the amazing health benefit phenomena associated with the Shen Yun Show. In the next year’s Shen Yun Show, I expect you to bring 100 new scholars from Classical High School to the Shen Yun Show. Let us work on this project together!
I thank Mr. Louis Toro from the Classical High School for inviting you to attend the Shen Yun Show and becoming our new scholars. I also thank Ms. Jingyun Wang, your future student, who has been the most passionate supporter of our Institute.
The scholarship fund for the Classical High School is provided by Ms. Sally Wang who is a mother of two lovely children. Her family lives in Queens, New York.
I am looking forward to meeting you at the Show!
Tongwen Wang, Ph.D.
Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute
Head Quarter Office of the Whole Elephant Institute:
144-25 33rd Ave
Flushing, NY 11354
Office Number: 201-206-3080
The Whole Elephant Institute Scholarship Program
The Whole Elephant Institute is now offering Scholarship Programs to Key Decision Makers and Educators of High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Graduate and Medical Schools to attend the Shen Yun Show.
The Scholars elected will be invited to participate in an innovative scientific study, which is inspired by the "water crystal" experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Chairman of the International Hado Membership (IHM).
Dr. Emoto carried out many scientific experiments using a novel approach of studying the impact of invisible energy field or signals onto the ability of water to form crystals, thereby decerning the quality of the signal to be destructive or healing.
In the "2002 Boston Future Science Conference" at Harvard University, the Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute, Dr. Tongwen Wang, was invited to give a speech, entitled, "A Wake Up Call from the Microcosm", (see "Publication in English" on this website), reporting for the first time to the general public the scientific data obtained by Dr. Lili Feng on the system-level molecular changes distinctively associated with the Falun Dafa practitioners who participated in the study.
From these data, Dr. Wang concluded that the ultimate solution for human diseases will not be from seeking outwardly, but from looking inwardly; not from "Conquering Nature" via out-smarting Nature, but from Returning to Nature and be One with Nature.
In 2004, Dr. Wang again brought these set of data to the Scientific Community in China at the Changsha International Academy Members' Conference. Because of her being out-spoken to the general public regarding the profound health benefit of the practice of Falun Dafa, the Chinese Communist Party grew very fearful of her scientific research efforts. In 2004, through the former Governor of Washington State, Mr. Gary Locke, pressure was put onto the Director of Benaroya Research Center, Dr. Jerry Nepom, who eventually yielded and asked Dr. Wang to leave her research position to "do it in your own Research Center"
(for detailed stories, please see "About Us" and on this website).
Dr. Wang met Dr. Emoto at the 2002 Boston Future Science Conference, and expressed interest in collaborating with Dr. Emoto to carry out experiments in furthering the studies of the profound health benefits of practicing Falun Dafa.
Below are the links of articles many Falun Dafa practitioners have written about Dr. Emoto's Water Crystal Experiments:
The Whole Elephant Institute welcomes the general public and the scientific community to join force in the following efforts:
1. Systematically gather scientific evidences of the great health benefits associated with the practice of Falun Dafa to report to the American general public as well as to the American Government, such that the land of America is immune to the attacks of hate propaganda spread by the Chinese Communist Party towards Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners. Such efforts shall effectively help to stop the infiltrated persecution of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners here in America;
2. Explore innovative research programs to validate the concept that human spirit shall be placed at the CENTER of all studies of human health
3. Establish a new funding approach for scientific research: funding comes from the public and benefits directly return to the public
Let us work together to pave a new path of holistic study of mind-body-spirit!